It’s 7:00 am. You are up getting ready for work. Your coffee machine beeps – time for your morning caffeine fix. You take a moment to breathe in the fresh morning air, and as you do, you sip your coffee. Ahh that first sip is always the best. After you procrastinate leaving to go to work, you think to yourself… “I’d love to own my own coffee shop.”

And now you’re here, finding more information about taking control of your future and becoming your own boss in an industry you thoroughly enjoy – coffee. If you are ready to get your coffee shop business ideas brewing, refill your mug, get comfortable, and keep reading.

The Coffee Shop Business Is Booming

In the US, the coffee shop industry is one of the most widely consumed beverages globally. According to Statistica, Americans average two or more cups of coffee daily, with 20% purchasing takeaway coffee. And while approximately 40% of coffee shop customers prefer to drink their coffee on the go, owning an establishment where these caffeine seekers can get their coffee is a smart business choice.

Choosing Coffee as a Business

 Starting a business from scratch can be unnecessarily complex, and a coffee shop is no exception. It can be even more challenging if you do not have a business degree or experience in the coffee industry. That’s where franchising comes in.

Investing in a franchise brand allows you to be in business for yourself, not yourself. The franchise business model has many benefits compared to starting a non-franchised business. With a franchise, you receive training and support on how to run your business successfully. You get ongoing guidance whenever you have questions or if issues arise. Your future customers will recognize your brand without even having to spend any funds marketing to them. Try doing that with a non-franchised business! If you’re serious about coffee shops, your future is in franchising.

Unique Coffee Shop Business for You

 We have the perfect business for you if you want a unique coffee shop idea. Just Love Coffee Cafe is a coffee shop franchise looking for motivated entrepreneurs to help expand the brand across the U.S. Just Love is a  great coffee shop because it is an award-winning business – it was named a finalist in the prestigious Roast Magazine’s Roaster of the Year competition.

Just Love Coffee Cafe is passionate about coffee. The coffee is small-batch roasted, and the beans used are sustainable and responsibly sourced globally. You can even find Just Love Coffee beans at select Whole Foods and Fresh Market locations! Here are more reasons that make Just Love Coffee Cafe a unique coffee shop idea:

Unique Menu

The unique characteristic of Just Love Coffee Cafe is the menu. Besides the delicious coffee, the menu is another important reason for pursuing this unique coffee shop strategy. Have you ever had a waffled omelet, burrito, waffled sandwich, quesadilla, or hash brown? Probably not unless you’ve eaten at Just Love Coffee Cafe before, where the menu is centered around waffle irons.

Unique Access

Just Love Coffee Cafe is for a wide range of people, from people on the move to people who want a leisurely breakfast or lunch. If you are meeting friends and want a full breakfast or lunch experience, dine with us! Our breakfast and lunch options are available all day, giving a welcome convenience to our beloved customers. If you’re on the move, there is also a grab-and-go selection at our shops.

Unique Culture

Just Love Coffee Cafe was founded on the vision and drive to give back. The brand raised nearly $100,000 in the first year to support families through their adoption journey. Just Love Coffee Cafe franchise owners are encouraged to give back to their communities. You would be a great fit for Just Love Coffee Cafe if you resonate with a giving culture and a heart to serve your community.

Now that your search for a coffee shop business has finished brewing, take that first sip of entrepreneurship with Just Love Coffee Cafe. Start today by contacting us on our website.