The coffee market is a rapidly growing industry with approximately $30 billion in annual sales. As it grows, there are also many opportunities for franchising.

With a wide variety of coffee and drinks, there is something for everyone. Coffee franchises provide an excellent way for entrepreneurs to enter the business world by providing low entry costs and a proven business model that can be replicated across different locations throughout the country.

There’s a reason why coffee is the most popular beverage in the world: it’s delicious, invigorating, and easy to enjoy. But brewing the perfect cup of joe isn’t as simple as throwing some beans into a machine and turning it on—it takes more than just good timing and intuition.

Our Coffee Franchises selection is a collection of the most promising coffee franchise opportunities on the market. Each franchise opportunity represents a unique combination of management style, product offerings, and business model that can be customized to fit your goals as an entrepreneur.

Let’s take a look at our top 5 coffee franchises opportunities:

1. Aroma Joe’s franchise

Aroma Joe’s is a coffee franchise company that believes in fueling the modern world with positive energy. We serve personalized, social and energetic drinks to customers who want it personal and customized. They offers a wide variety of great coffees for you to tailor to your taste and has delivery people who are independent minded.


2. Just Love Coffee Franchise

Just Love Coffee Cafe is a growing coffee franchise opportunity that offers financial assistance to couples going through the adoption process. The company’s charitable branch, Just Love Adoptions, has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars towards giving children a good home and helping couples fill their homes with love. Find more about their coffee shops for sale in US


3. Dunkin Donuts FRANCHISE

Dunkin Donuts has become America’s go-to coffee and donut destination. With a menu of coffees, teas, baked goods, sandwiches and more—and with 12,000 locations around the world—it’s easy to find a Dunkin’ near you!


4. Corner Bakery Cafe FRANCHISE

Corner Bakery Cafe franchise is a restaurant franchise that offers exceptional menu items, such as salads, sandwiches, and breakfast items. They offer a unique neighborhood experience with each restaurant designed in the architectural style of its location.


5. PJ’s Coffee FRANCHISE

PJ’s Coffee from New Orleans is a global coffee franchise with an entrepreneurial spirit. They’re looking for passionate and motivated entrepreneurs to join their strong batch of franchisees. PJ’s offers good specialty coffee, espresso drinks, teas, bakery items, breakfast sandwiches, lunch sandwiches and salads.


6. Badass Coffee Franchise

f you’re a business-savvy coffee lover ready for a big venture, this is your chance. With an initial investment range of $401,500 – $778,000, Bad Ass Coffee offers an unparalleled opportunity to be part of a disruptive brand that’s making waves in the coffee market.

When you join Bad Ass Coffee, you become part of a supportive family. You’re never alone on this journey from opening your store to ongoing training and development. Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii delivers an authentic taste of the islands, featuring American-grown, premium Hawaiian coffee that embodies the Aloha Spirit. If you have business experience, a love for coffee, and a desire to be part of something extraordinary, this is your chance to step up. Apply, qualify, and embark on the journey to becoming a Bad Ass Coffee franchise owner.


Best coffee shop franchises

Our coffee franchise opportunities offer a selection of franchise choices aimed to reach every prospective owner, no matter your business philosophy or style.

Do you love working in a positive environment and custom-tailoring your drinks to meet each customer’s needs? Just Love Coffee might be your cup of… coffee. Or perhaps you dream of offering delectable baked goods along with your drinks, like Corner Bakery Cafe.

Whatever your taste, we’ve got a top of coffee shop franchises that might be right for you.

Why a coffee franchise?

There are plenty of franchises available for the savvy investor, of every shape and size. So what makes investing in a coffee shop franchise such an appealing proposition?

Coffee and the United States go hand in hand. This country runs on coffee, and we’re not slowing down: General consumption of coffee increased by 19% among the 25–39 age group since 2008, and gourmet coffee consumption in 18–24-year-olds went up by 23% during the same period.

With the country’s ongoing dedication to all thing’s coffee, a coffee shop franchise makes sense.

Top coffee franchise opportunities

If you’re preparing to shift your career into high gear and are on the lookout for a promising franchise, a coffee shop is a smart option.

Get to know our franchises, and you might be on your way to owning your own coffee shop franchise!


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