When you set out to find the best fitness franchise for sale, it’s important that you choose a gym franchise that moves with the times and recognizes that fitness is an evolving science.

The fitness industry is a powerful influence for positive change in communities across the country. A number of emerging trends in the industry have made exercise more accessible to people. This has led to an increased demand for modern facilities, new equipment options and a variety of services. Luckily, there is a large number of fitness franchise opportunities that can help you enter this exciting industry that continues to grow.

That’s why these fitness center franchises offer a time-tested blend of total-body workouts, community spirit, and the latest approaches toward health and exercise. They just might be the right option to help you in finding a gym for modern times.

Strength training franchise

Strength training is a type of fitness franchise designed to help people improve muscle strength and endurance. It typically uses weights or resistance machines as the main form of resistance, but bodyweight exercises can also be effective. There are many benefits to strength training, including improved bone density, increased muscle mass, better joint function, and reduced risk of injuries.  If you’re looking for a way to get fit and improve your overall health, strength training is a great option.  There are not many strength franchises, most of them are fitness franchises.

Strength training franchisees need to have a strong business model in order to be successful. There are many different ways to make a fitness franchise profitable. Some franchises may focus on selling memberships, while others may focus on selling products and services. Whatever the focus, the franchise needs to have a solid plan for making money.

There are many strength or fitness franchises to choose from, so finding the right one is important. 

Check our top 8 fitness franchises:

1. RiseUp Fitness franchise

  • Initial franchise fee: $50,000

  • Estimated total initial investment:  $233,683 to $359,427

Everyone is welcomed at RiseUp Fitness! This new fitness franchise opportunity is having a great growth trend for 2024 . RiseUp Fitness celebrates every member and puts an extra in helping them bond and cheer each other on, no matter their body type, fitness level, or goals.  New workouts are provided every day in classes like Cardio Pump, Power Surge, Bootcamp Shred, Total Fusion, and more

riseup-fitness franchise

2. Mayweather Boxing + fitness franchise

  • Initial franchise fee: $25,000

  • Estimated total initial investment: $199,850 – $566,300

Mayweather Boxing & Fitness is a fitness franchise that offers boxing and strength training classes for kids, parents and aspiring athletes. Floyd Mayweather, himself a professional boxer for over 20 years, reveals his training methods in this company’s classes. The company also provides franchise opportunities.

mayweather franchise

3. Ninja Nation Kids Gym Franchise Opportunity

 Ninja Nation provides kids’ gym services promoting confidence, health, fitness, and fun for the community. Ninja Nation offers two types of franchises: Complete Package (Arena + Mobile) and Mobile Only.

Ninja Nation believes in a kid’s fitness franchise that makes healthy habits fun and will have a positive impact on families.

Interested parties must review the Franchise Disclosure Document for additional information.  Kids gym franchise

Ninja Nation Kids Gym Franchise Opportunity

4. NinjaTrix

  • Initial franchise fee:$49,500

  • Estimated total initial investment:$224,600 to $381,500

NinjaTrix is a kid’s fitness franchise program that combines martial arts, parkour, and gymnastics to teach physical fitness and agility. NinjaTrix offers an exciting and rewarding opportunity for enthusiastic and community-minded business professionals passionate about working with and coaching children.

The franchise program includes expert leadership, comprehensive training, ongoing support, access to curriculum and support centers, equipment, inventory assistance, community outreach, and networking guidance. 

kids fitness franchise

5. Volofit FRANCHISE

  • Initial franchise fee: $125,000

  • Estimated total initial investment:  $360,200 – $517,200

Volofit Franchise is the first boutique fitness studio built from the ground up to deliver optimal, whole body fitness with a premium customer experience. We focus on making you healthy, strong and confident in every aspect of your life by offering unique functional HIIT group classes that are completely different each day. Volofit offers something new everyday for any member looking to find their perfect workout!

volofit franchise

6. Anytime Fitness FRANCHISE

  • Initial franchise fee: $3,150 to $42,500

  • Estimated total initial investment:  $98,430 – $523,824

Since 2002, the Anytime Fitness franchise has been helping people achieve their fitness goals by providing access to 24 hour club locations and a variety of services. The company’s mission is to help its members improve their quality of life by promoting health through exercise. It also offers an opportunity for individuals to open any time fitness express centers, which are smaller in size that offer one-on-one training sessions with no long term contract requirements.

Anytime Fitness franchise

7. Orangetheory Fitness FRANCHISE

  • Initial franchise fee: $54,950 to $59,950

  • Estimated total initial investment: $563,529 to $999,121

Orangetheory Fitness is a global fitness franchise with more than 1400 studios around the world. The brand was founded by two personal trainers, Dave and Adam, who set out to create one of the most scientifically backed and effective strength workout programs in the industry. Orangetheory has since grown into a leading health and wellness company that offers unique workouts for all ages, abilities and goals—all while providing an incredible member experience that’s designed to keep people coming back day after day.

Orangetheory Fitness

 8. Planet Fitness FRANCHISE

  • Initial franchise fee: $20,000

  • Estimated total initial investment: $1 million to $4.1 million

Planet Fitness is the fastest-growing fitness franchise in the U.S., with more than 2,000 locations and counting. Planet Fitness member satisfaction has been rated at 95% or higher since 2000 by an independent consumer survey company. The brand continually strives to provide a clean, friendly environment that’s welcoming to people from all walks of life – no matter their fitness level or experience.

Planet Fitness franchise

Find a Fitness Franchise for sale with potential

The best way to do this is by choosing a gym franchise that has been around for a few years. This allows them to have a proven track record of success and stability. You don’t want to buy into something new and untested; instead, you want to invest in something that has already proven itself.

Fitness Franchise Opportunities for Today

Help your customers get and stay fit the way the champs do. Mayweather Boxing + Fitness franchises offer inclusive, high-intensity fitness workouts that combine boxing, cardio, and strength training. Franchise owners have the opportunity to access multiple revenue streams. It could be a savvy investment for anyone looking to invest in a gym concept with strong customer approval and results you can see.

Perhaps you’re interested in a fitness model that leverages technology and community to help give their customers comprehensive, customer-focused training that emphasizes mutual support and motivation. Volofit is a new fitness boutique developed by Novus Fitness, the company behind Tough Mudder. With a proven concept and a pool of Tough Mudder customers, this fitness center franchise could be the right move for a potential owner with a belief in the power of exercise.

Fitness and flexibility

Whether you choose to invest in Mayweather Boxing + Fitness or Volofit, you’re joining a team of passionate and dedicated fitness franchise professionals who support the brand and want to help you succeed.

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