Getting a new business off the ground can be incredibly challenging. This is especially true in competitive industries like the food service industry. Consumers who have already developed food preferences are less likely to patronize restaurants they know nothing about, and new business owners don’t always have the know-how required to come up with exceptional menus and market their food successfully.

One of the best ways for new business owners to ensure business growth is to look into opening a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) franchise instead of starting from scratch. They’ll still need some start-up capital and a little experience with managing the restaurant’s daily operations, but opening a franchise has many benefits.

  1. Established Brands

Opening a QSR franchise means that business owners can take advantage of the company’s established brand standards. A good franchise company will ideally already have solid procedures in place to follow. The company should have established business methods, and its representatives will be happy to provide new franchise owners with branded marketing materials, menus, and other necessities that can help make it easier to get off the ground. After all, when a business owner opens a new franchise location, the entire company gets more exposure and everyone wins.

It’s important for business owners to find a QSR franchise that will appeal to both local diners and their own tastes. Someone who enjoys eating healthy food at home isn’t going to feel very good about opening up a fast-food restaurant that only serves pre-packaged burgers, for example. That’s where Shawarma Press comes into play, a franchise that focuses on the provision of healthy foods and Mediterranean cuisine.

  1. Training and Operational Support

Although it’s preferable for business owners to have at least some experience working in the food service industry, it’s not an absolute necessity because Shawarma Press will provide training to new franchisees. Business owners won’t just be able to learn the ropes when it comes to running a restaurant, they’ll also learn about this franchise company’s established methods for attracting new patrons, providing customer service, and keeping the restaurant running smoothly.

As the new franchise gets off the ground, business owners will receive a ton of support, including reference materials, marketing assistance, and even real estate and construction assistance. The key to opening a QSR franchise is ensuring that customer experiences remain consistent across all locations. Shawarma Press assists new business owners with design layouts for construction, equipment and furniture purchasing, and joining their established network of vendors.

The franchise owner can expect to receive ongoing support. When the company puts out new marketing materials, franchisees will receive templates so they can print them. They’ll be able to update their menus, create promotions, and get help with budgeting from the grand opening on and will be kept up-to-date on industry and franchise developments.

If anything goes wrong, franchise owners can expect assistance then as well. Independent restaurant owners who are having trouble adequately marketing their goods or keeping new restaurant patrons coming back for more are left to sink or swim on their own. Franchise owners have a much stronger safety net.

  1. Purchasing Power

Independent business owners don’t have the backing of a well-established franchise owner. Franchise companies often negotiate deals with vendors that can substantially decrease the cost of purchasing everything from food to equipment, supplies, and even uniforms. That means not only can new franchise owners expect to get off the ground with a little less investment capital but also that they can expect to continue taking advantage of the franchise company’s purchasing power.

Shawarma Press offers help finding optimal sites and negotiating real estate deals. If the franchise will be opening in an existing commercial building, business owners will also get help with finding contractors, negotiating prices, and ensuring that the property will follow the franchise’s established branding guidelines on opening day.

All that help with negotiations and networking allows business owners to maximize efficiency and minimize the need for initial investment capital. Finding the right property and ensuring that the build-out goes smoothly will also ensure that customers will recognize the franchise’s brand and increase the chances that they will stop in and try the new restaurant.

  1. Potential Growth

The average American household spends more than $3,000 per year on eating out, and much of that money is spent on fast-food. While most families treat eating out at an upscale restaurant as a special treat, workers and students alike will stop to grab a quick bite at a QSR restaurant much more often. In fact, the Mediterranean QSR industry is seeing such a fast growth in popularity that it’s predicted to be one of the top food trends in the US. That’s a big reason why Shawarma Press is a great opportunity.

Restaurant franchises offer a lot of room to grow, as well. When a restaurant owner opens a new franchise location in a town that was previously unaware of the chain, it gives him or her the chance to see how locals will respond. As customers enjoy the food and brand awareness grows, restaurant owners can easily expand their existing facilities or invest in opening a second franchise in a different part of town.

Unlike service franchise employees, restaurant employees don’t require specialized skills. This makes it easier for QSR franchise owners to find and train new employees. The percentage of American workers with experience in the restaurant industry also makes it easier for franchise owners to expand to new locations when the opportunity arises.

  1. Risk Avoidance

Opening any new restaurant requires taking on a risk, but starting a QSR franchise tends to involve less risk than getting a completely new business off the ground. With the help and support of an already established franchisor, new owners don’t have to work alone to grow their business. When questions or problems arise, the franchisee can go directly to the franchisor to find the answers instead of trying to figure it all out on their own.

Open a Shawarma Press Franchise 

Opening a QSR franchise can be a great move, even for entrepreneurs who don’t have a history of working in the restaurant industry. When compared to opening other service industry franchises, it can provide a lot of benefits and offer more room for growth. Compared to opening a brand-new restaurant, it is easier to open a QSR franchise since the roadmap to a successful opening has already been written.

Franchise owners can expect to pay less in start-up costs, get hands-on help from the franchise company, and already have a solid base of loyal patrons lined up when they open their doors for the first time. Whether they’re bringing a popular franchise to a new town, or opening up a second location in a city that already loves the brand, they’ll be likely to grow in the restaurant industry.

Want to get started in the restaurant industry, but not interested in serving customers unhealthy, unappetizing, and unoriginal meals? Shawarma Press franchises have an established menu of healthy options, including Mediterranean recipes and fusion foods and an esteemed reputation for excellence. Get in touch today to discuss options for new franchise owners.