The childcare industry is a diverse landscape with various types of outlets for childcare and early education. A childcare franchise is very different from an early learning center, and here is why.


Daycare franchises provide childcare services while the parents or guardians work. These companies may provide after-school programs, daytime coverage, and even summer programs.

They typically provide children with activities to keep them busy. They also feed them at mealtimes and may provide rest periods such as naps or story time. Although they offer a valuable service to working parents, they provide little in the way of education. Some childcare franchises may offer children some educational activities and child development programs, but in most cases, they mimic babysitting.

The daycare industry is booming, with dozens of childcare franchise opportunities nationwide. New childcare franchises are opening all the time. However, they offer children a different foundation than an early learning center.

The childcare industry is saturated with childcare centers and franchise opportunities that you can buy into and start caring for children immediately. However, remember that you may have to be licensed by the state before opening a childcare business.

A daycare franchise will also take school-aged children, but some early education franchises focus on younger babies and toddlers. You can find a successful daycare franchise business to invest in with a little research. However, franchise owners who want to offer more should consider an early childhood education franchise.


An early learning center franchise is something much more than a daycare business. They offer early childhood education in a safe, secure, creative environment that allows the children to learn and grow at their own pace.

With either an early learning center franchise or a childcare franchise, you must pay an initial franchise fee, monthly royalty fee, and total initial investment. The franchise fee will vary based on the type of franchise you invest in.

The early childhood education industry offers a few franchise opportunities for new franchise owners to open their own preschools. However, not all early learning centers are created equal.


Unlike a daycare franchise business, Maple Bear Early Learning Center strives to be the highest quality education provider in the world. It continues to grow around the globe at a consistent pace as a very stable and resilient model.

Today Maple Bear has 580+ schools in 40+ countries and 60,000+ students worldwide.

Maple Bear USA Early Learning Center is high-quality and affordable for infants, toddlers, and children up to six years old. They pride themselves on providing bilingual immersion education based on Canadian methodology, philosophy, and best practices.

All Maple Bear Early Learning Center is clean, safe, and secure, with low student-teacher ratios for plenty of one-on-one attention. Students receive a high level of individualized attention, which exceeds state requirements.

Instead of just providing childcare, Maple Bear Early Learning Center encourages children to explore, play, discover, and learn in ways that fit their emerging abilities, interests, and skills. Children are also allowed to progress based on their own internal schedule. Creative thinking is one of the core principles at Maple Bear.

What makes Maple Bear different is its unique growth model based on high-quality education parameters from Canadian education methodology and its leading immersion language program (bilingual or trilingual), which has proven effective in many countries. Maple Bear offers a robust Spanish language program in the U.S. and may integrate other languages into each local community.

Maple Bear provides franchise owners with plenty of business, operational, and marketing support to build the most vital foundation possible for success.

Maple Bear’s Virtual Academic Directors oversee each school to ensure the Canadian-developed curriculum is implemented as intended. This ensures fewer issues and smooth delivery of high-quality education programs as they were designed for the success of each student.

More than 200 faculty members stay current on the latest research and improvements made to the Canadian education standards and quickly implement them into the Maple Bear curriculum.

Additionally, every year Maple Bear Early Learning Center undergoes an inspection to ensure optimal performance. The review covers safety equipment, building facilities, and classroom performance.


Maple Bear aspires to be the best foundation for success for every one of its students.

Don’t wait any longer if you want to impact children’s lives positively. Contact Maple Bear Early Learning Center today for more about this exciting franchise opportunity.