When it comes to a child’s education, parents want the best. They’ll seek every opportunity available so their children have every chance to become critical thinkers who grow up to become problem solvers that can change the world. In many cases, they can find that opportunity in an education business franchise such as La Piazza Academy. Perhaps it’s surprising to consider a pillar of childhood education as a franchise, but there are many ways in which the franchising model lends itself to the education model.

La Piazza Academy’s innovative mission and curriculum are what make it one of the best education franchise opportunities in the USA.

Why La Piazza Academy is the Best Preschool Franchise to Watch

Core principles

When our founders, Jessica Pinto and Nita Yeung, were seeking an educational home for their young children, they had very specific ideas about what environment would best suit their young learners. When they didn’t find what they were looking for in South Florida, they set out to create their transformative education concept based on their shared core principles.

Now, they’re ready to share La Piazza Academy as an education business franchise with investors who have the same vision as these principles:

  1. The Social Constructivism Approach to Education uses real-life problem solving to help children learn through shared experiences in a social environment. Through discussion with their classmates, they can voice new ideas and match them to existing knowledge, allowing them to adapt existing rules to make sense of the world around them.
  2. The Reggio Emilia Educational Philosophy is the approach that children are strong, capable citizens full of curiosity and wonder while still being competent in their learning. They possess a natural drive to understand the world around them and how it relates to them.
  3. Project-Based Learning (PBL) gives students the room to explore real-world problems and challenges in a dynamic classroom environment. Traditional school projects often take place at the conclusion of a unit. Project-based learning asks students to take on a real-world question and explore its potential solutions over a period of weeks. Such an example would be how best to design a farmstead. Teachers include grade-appropriate instruction within the project’s parameters, which helps the students meet academic standards. Students learn specific skills and content while working together, thinking critically, and often revising their work to fit changing information. When the project is complete, the work is publicly shared.
  4. The Socio-Emotional Wellness principle is based on the idea that we are part of a community, and as such, we have socio-emotional needs as individuals and as a society. La Piazza Academy nurtures the socio-emotional well-being of each child so they grow to become well-rounded global citizens. Through this concept, students receive guidance as they master major concepts, processes, and skills and build connections between ideas. They are also given room for self-directed inquiry and collaboration with their peers. It’s a way to teach children “how to think, not what to think” as we help them understand how best to become future leaders and changemakers.

These core principles have guided and informed our innovative curriculum since the start of La Piazza Academy, and will continue to serve us well as an education business franchise.

More Reasons our Education Business Franchise Is a Leader in the Industry

Language Program

Young children have a proficiency with language acquisition that begins with early childhood development through speaking, writing, listening, and even reading as they grow and learn. This will serve them in communication for the rest of their lives.

La Piazza Academy understands this proficiency is an asset for young children and has developed a language program beginning in pre-school that makes language acquisition as natural as possible for our students. This is something every La Piazza Academy education business franchise will offer.

Mandarin Chinese and Spanish are taught through stories, puppet play, dramatic play, cooking, art, dancing, and songs, so children acquire these languages much in the way they do English at home. The curriculum is fairly immersive and designed to maximize the children’s enjoyment of the languages.

Arts and Music Programs

Art Program (Atelier)

The Atelier program is part of La Piazza’s collaborative curriculum. Students begin by making imagined concepts come to life through art, and it’s a significant part of La Piazza’s commitment to connecting children with the world around them. The curriculum is led by Atelieristas with fine arts degrees, and the classes connect thematic units to the children’s interests.

Music is a weekly part of the learning experience at La Piazza Academy. Students sing, dance, and engage in breathing exercises that help them expand their appreciation of music. Along with these components, children learn to connect to the music through emotion.

La Piazza Academy Caters to Families of All Kinds

Many of La Piazza Academy’s current students come from families with non-traditional professions. They’re often musicians, actors, or other creative thinkers who’ve been world travelers and have unique experiences they’d like their children to have the opportunity to experience. They have often seen many different styles of education around the world, and as such, wish for their children to experience many different styles of learning. They can find what they’re looking for with La Piazza Academy’s education business franchises, and are happy to have their children attend our programs.

We encourage family participation in the learning process our little explorers engage in, and as such, have built quite the community with the families of the children who attend La Piazza Academy. Because of our commitment to the children and their families, we continuously assess our curriculum and update it as necessary to stay at the forefront of educational innovation.

How Can You Become Part of the La Piazza Academy Community?

Does all this sound exciting? Do you want to be a part of the best preschool franchise that is La Piazza Academy? We’d love to hear from you and get to know you! Here’s some initial information to get you started.

The initial investment estimate ranges between $599,300 to $1,368,000. This amount does include the $90,000 franchise fee, and we can provide a summary of the expenses that make up these numbers upon request.

There are two education business franchise models to choose from, the preschool model or the preschool + elementary hybrid model. Both come with their rewarding benefits that can be discussed in detail during the discovery phone call.

Franchise investors will receive comprehensive support from our franchise development team, including unlimited access to the team for any questions or help they may need. We begin with training at our headquarters Academy so our franchise investors understand everything they need to from the very beginning.

We also provide full access to our proprietary operations manual as a reference guide for the education business franchise. Investors will have pre-opening assistance with their La Piazza Academy, as well as on-site start-up assistance and training for their staff members.

We continue our support for each La Piazza Academy education business franchise with ongoing advertising support, field support, and continuing training as necessary to keep each Academy at the forefront of the education standards their families and students expect.

Each La Piazza Academy receives visits from the franchise development team at least four times per year at their location, as well as continuous open communication with the franchisor.

Become part of the La Piazza Academy Community. Contact us today to learn how you can begin creating the global citizens of the future!