It’s no wonder that cupcake shops are so popular – they’re eye-catching, creative, and perfectly portioned for your customers. But with so many shops cropping up around town, a new bakery has to make sure they’re doing something to set themselves apart. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways that you can make your cupcake franchise pop and make your dreams of owning your own bakery a reality!

If you’re buying a cupcake franchise, you already have a marketing and business plan in place to support your shop. Franchises can provide excellent opportunities to get into the industry you’ve always wanted, without having to start from nothing.

But knowing the local market and what you can do differently is key to making sure that your cupcake franchise is successful. With so many different cupcake franchise opportunities, you can choose the best match for the local market and your own business ambitions.

Here are 7 creative ways to make your cupcake shop stand out so that you can have the hottest cakes in town!

Have a robust social media presence

Cupcake franchise opportunities are perfect for social media platforms like Instagram because they’re so visual – the luscious icing, the colorful sprinkles, and the tempting fudge drizzles all create perfect photos to post on all social media. You can either invest in your own high-resolution camera, or pay a photographer to take photos of your treats.

Social media can be a great way to advertise your cupcake franchise – including specials, new flavors, or unique designs. Cupcakes make for some great social media images, so use that advantage to promote your shop or your independent cupcake business!

Let your creativity run wild

Having unique recipes that your customers can’t get elsewhere will set you apart, so be creative with your recipes! Becoming known for one particular cupcake recipe can drive customers to your shop to find out what all the hype is about, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different ingredients.

Combine unusual flavors – think chocolate and chili, raspberry and basil, orange and ginger – to create something entirely new and surprising for your customers. Once you develop a signature cupcake recipe that brands you as a unique and bold baker, you will drive business from all over the region!

Offer catering and event services

Weddings, birthday parties, and corporate events – these large-scale orders can be an important revenue stream for your business! When looking at a cupcake franchise for sale, ask about event and catering services and how the franchise handles marketing for catering opportunities.

Some cupcake franchise opportunities are more focused on the smaller scale business – independent customers and counter service – while others will help their franchisees net bigger business opportunities. And event service doesn’t just mean larger, more profitable orders – it means more people at the events will be treated to a sampling of the treats that your shop offers!

Add a small cafe

A cup of coffee pairs perfectly with a sweet treat, so consider adding a small cafe to your cupcake franchise! As you’re opening a cupcake shop, consider the retail space that you have and how you can use it.

More space may mean more retail expenses, but they also mean you can set up some tables for in-shop dining, which opens opportunities to sell more food (sandwiches or other simple offerings, perhaps?) and drinks. Coffee has a high-profit margin as well, so expanding your offerings to include simple drip brews will make you more money!

Take your bakery on the road with a food truck

Food trucks are a hot commodity right now, and offer the chance for you to take your prep area on-site to events like street festivals or community get-togethers! A food truck will be cheaper in the long run than opening a second retail space, and the mobile nature of the truck means you’ll be able to position yourself in areas where you can do more business.

Imagine parking your cupcake truck in a busy downtown business district around lunchtime, as tired cubicle-dwellers are looking for an afternoon pick-me-up, or popping up at local farmer’s markets for hungry shoppers looking to support local artisans!

When looking into cupcake franchises for sale, ask about their opportunities for expansion, and whether that includes the potential for a food truck!

Opening a cupcake shop can be intimidating, but with a little creativity, you can give your own cupcake franchise that unique flair that sets it apart from other bakeries in the area. With so many cupcake franchise opportunities to choose from, you’re bound to find one that will suit your needs as a business owner, and allow you to be your most creative self!