When you’re looking to become a franchise owner, it’s usually best to work with the pros. That’s the approach we take at The Buffalo Spot, and it’s helped guide development of our brand’s chicken wing restaurant business plan since the beginning.

Every bit of our industry know-howknowhow, and dedication to our franchise team, go into building a chicken wing restaurant business plan designed for expansion both today and in the future.

1. Find the Right Market for Your Chicken Wing Restaurant the Product

A chicken wing restaurant business plan comes about through years of experience in the field observing and learning the business. The key is to identify the essential elements that go into practically every growing brand, and combine them into a new franchise that takes the best of what’s been and makes it their own.

It’s a smart way to build a new business, and it highlights the importance of market selection when starting a wing franchise.

Establishing your Chicken Business in the Heart of the City

At The Buffalo Spot, we recognize how critical it can be to find the right territory and location. It’s why we place a high priority on connecting every owner with the market best suited for their services.

Each location we open is situated where the action is, and is carefully chosen for maximum impact and visibility. We believe in getting our meals in front of as many people as possible and make that a primary goal of our chicken wing restaurant business plan.

2. Build a Menu that Reflects Current Trends

Running a modern fast-casual brand requires foresight and perceptive thinking. That starts with the ability to identify the most promising trends, and to tailor the franchise’s approach to incorporate them in the future.

Any chicken wing restaurant business plan with staying power needs to understand the preferences of the market they serve. It’s a way of operating that’s helped The Buffalo Spot develop a menu that speaks to our customers and gives them the kinds of meals they crave and return to enjoy again.

Classic, Yet Contemporary: Making a Hot Statement with Your Chicken Wing MenuA Timeless Menu of Classics that’s Hotter than Hot

Buffalo wings have been a favorite of guests across the nation for decades. The Buffalo Spot has centered our chicken wing restaurant business plan around the cuisine, and highlighthigh light it across our menu.

Our customers love our wings and sauces, and that’s just for starters. Our thick, rich shakes and unforgettable sides are in demand and in step with the times, and help keep our guests happy, satisfied, and coming back for more.

3. Offer Something Different from the Usual in your chicken wing business

What do customers look for when they set out to pick a place for lunch or dinner? Many of them have two main objectives: to find familiar food they know and love, while enjoying something new and out of the ordinary at the same time.

It can be a delicate balancing act when creating a chicken wing restaurant business plan to give proper attention to both of these priorities, but it’s essential for developing a franchise with long-term prospects. We’ve built our brand around the concept at The Buffalo Spot.

Home of the World-Famous Buffalo Fries!

We know that our guests prefer a blend of the familiar and the novel, and it’s shaped our menu from the start.

We take an innovative approach to the traditional menu — guests get the classic flavors and dishes they’ve loved for years, alongside beloved innovations like our World-Famous Buffalo Fries. That departure from the typical wings menu helps keep us aligned with the tastes of our customers, and has been a critical part of our overall fried chicken restaurant business plan.

4. Back Up Franchise Owners with Robust, Ongoing Support

In our modern commercial environment, a chicken wing restaurant business plan should no longer be a blueprint for solo operation. Today’s owners have to wear multiple hats, and are often the face of the brand as well as the front lines of the franchise.

That can make brand backing more crucial today than ever before. Having solid franchise support can give an owner peace of mind that they’ve got a network of experience and knowledge behind them every day, for any issue that arises.

 A Team of Experts on Your Side

When a new owner joins our brand, they immediately get the combined expertise of a team of franchising professionals with the dedication and background needed to provide substantial, meaningful support. Whatever the concern, we’re there with our owners to deal with it.

From site selection, to build-out and staffing, to Grand Opening and beyond, we work to give our owners what they need, when it can do them the most good. We want our franchise owners to have the tools for growth, and are standing by to lend a hand.

4. Partner with The Buffalo Spot to Create Your Own Chicken Wing Restaurant Business Plan!

Getting started as a franchise owner is a team effort. And The Buffalo Spot has created a team dedicated to getting you up and running as quickly, and smoothly, as possible.

We know the business from decades of experience, and are ready to put our knowledge to work for you, with a national network of support and a reputation for quality that’s made us a hit with a growing pool of loyal customers.

Want to get more details on The Buffalo Spot’s plans for the future of the industry?

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