We’re part of an industry that’s been growing for years and is expected to continue that trend in the future, and we’re looking to continue expanding with new food franchises in 2022 and beyond.

How do we do it? What’s The Buffalo Spot’s secret sauce when it comes to our franchise development?

We owe our brand’s evolution to a number of factors, including four essential elements that help make us what we are today. These guiding principles have given us the direction and foundation we need, and aid us as we look to tomorrow.

  • Concept
  • Leadership
  • Technology
  • Support

It’s a set of beliefs that help The Buffalo Spot team work together toward a common purpose, with a clear understanding of where we’ve come from, and what we need to do to get where we want to be.

Every owner with The Buffalo Spot shares our approach to the work, and is a member of a team of professionals with the tools and drive to open new food franchises across the country.

What Concept should I use in a New Food Franchise?

Building new food franchises takes more than enthusiasm — it requires experience, an eye for commerce, and a deep understanding of customer wants and needs. That combination can help a brand find the concept that fits them and that appeals to their guest pool.

For The Buffalo Spot, the concept is the start of it all. We saw a potential position in the market we could serve and worked to create new fast-food franchises with those customers in mind.

Our signature world-famous Buffalo fries, spicy and with just the right heat, have become a go-to favorite our customers crave and return for again and again. And that’s just the start.

Our menu features the kinds of meals that made our reputation, including handmade shakes, wings and tenders, and salads, wraps, and sides. It’s all made with care and served up fresh and delicious.

We serve our crowd-pleasing meals in a bright, welcoming atmosphere that invites customers to come back for more, with a guest-first way of working that’s aided us in establishing new food franchises in communities all over the nation.

Leadership is the Secret to Grow a New Food Franchise

What’s the key to brand growth and creating new food franchises? For many businesses, it’s the leadership behind it all that can determine growth potential.

Having a clear vision for the brand, and an understanding of what needs to be done to make that vision a reality, often comes from the people who built the franchise from the ground up. It can set the tone for everything that comes after, and create guidelines and processes designed to aid expansion.

For The Buffalo Spot, that leadership comes from our founder Ivan Flores, and the parent company he built, Encinal Brands. As part of the larger Encinal Brands family, we get the direction and experienced management assistance our owners need.

Ivan established The Buffalo Spot and the other family brands to put his belief — that dedication to quality and authenticity can build new food franchises with customer loyalty and growth potential — into action.

It’s a take on the business that’s helped us establish ourselves as an industry disruptor, and positioned us for future brand development.

Embrace Technology for Your New Food Franchise

Every business, whatever the size or type, operates according to processes and systems built and refined over time to best suit the profession. New food franchises like The Buffalo Spot are no different when it comes to technology, and are often best served when they embrace those systems and make them their own.

Technology comes into play in many different ways when operating a new food franchise. Customer care, staff management, and meal ordering and preparation all have dedicated systems that have sprung up around them, with the aim of aiding in customer satisfaction and brand efficiency.

The Buffalo Spot recognizes the vital role these aspects of the restaurant business can fill in a franchise, and we’ve created a technology suite to provide our owners with tools to help them run their restaurant The Buffalo Spot way.

We have a rewards app to aid in building customer loyalty, online and mobile ordering and payment systems to streamline operations, and partnerships with popular delivery platforms to get meals to your customers hot, fresh, and fast.

And we never stop working to improve our toolkit. We stay on top of industry developments to help make sure our owners are always using the latest techniques and technology.

The Support You Need for Your New Food Franchise

Behind every brand, from old standbys to new food franchises with potential, is a support team helping to take care of potential issues large and small. Support can bolster a franchise, and when done effectively, helps owners face the day-to-day with confidence.

Meaningful support comes in many forms, too, from assistance with staffing and media to concerns about getting started in the business. It’s a part of the franchise model often invisible to customers, but they feel its effect whether they know it or not, and it can influence their dining choice.

At The Buffalo Spot, we know how important robust and ongoing support can be, and that’s why it’s such a crucial aspect of our brand.

We stand behind our owners from day one, with guidance through the franchising experience and experienced assistance to help see them through the process. We’re there to help them find their territory, secure their location, and build out their new restaurant. And we’ve got their back whenever they have need of our aid after they open their doors and start serving customers.

The Buffalo Spot believes in giving our owners the kind of peace of mind they need to focus on building a customer base and expanding the brand.

Learn How to Open New Food Franchises with The Buffalo Spot

The Buffalo Spot has a concept our customers love, leadership to help us transform the industry, technology to aid us in our journey, and enduring, experienced support behind our owners.

We’re preparing to expand into new territories, and we’re looking for potential owners to come with us.