One of the keys to franchise growth is to set up shop where a business has the tools to grow. The combination of entrepreneurial spirit and a hungry market can be a potent blend, and it can make a barbeque franchise in Texas the right choice for a potential owner.

  • A growing customer base
  • Business-friendly environment
  • A large and diverse market
  • A celebrated, home-grown cuisine

When you start a barbeque franchise in Texas, you serve beloved regional favorites to savvy customers looking for quality. It helps BBQ brand owners hit the ground running and can allow them to build their business.

1. The Customer Base is Growing

One of the first questions a prospective owner should ask when considering a restaurant franchise is whether the customers will be there. Every dining concept needs a steady and expanding base of guests to support the business, and it’s no different for a barbeque franchise in Texas.

And population is one of the central appeals of operating in the Lone Star State — it’s home to an enormous pool of potential customers, with more on the way every day.

An Expanding Population

Texas has seen consistent growth across all components of population change for decades. In just the past twenty years, the state saw a 43% jump in residents and now is one of only two U.S. states with a population of more than 30 million.

An owner of a barbeque franchise in Texas can be part of that growth and establish themselves as a daily destination for the millions of new residents making the region their homes. That kind of ready customer base helps aid brand development.

2. A Business-Friendly Environment

How quickly a franchise establishes and spreads can rely on various factors stimulating growth. One of the most critical is operating in a welcoming atmosphere that encourages business growth.

State and local governments play an outsized role in ensuring that every brand operating within their borders has a solid foundation for growth. It’s why a barbeque franchise in Texas can open with the confidence that comes from knowing the state wants them to expand and has designed the business climate to help make that happen.

Built to Support Franchise Growth

When you own a barbeque franchise in Texas, you do business with one of the lowest overall tax burdens in the country. The state has no corporate or personal income tax, which allows owners to put more revenue back into the franchise or build wealth.

And Texas looks beyond tax concerns to help its business owners grow. Its incentive programs and low business operating costs can be the ideal fit for a new franchise owner who could use an extra hand and assistance getting started.

3. One of the Nation’s Largest and Most Diverse Markets

When a person decides to move from employee to employer and become a franchise owner, they often do so with a “big-picture” view of what’s to come. Many future owners get into franchising because they have a vision they want to share with their industry and customers and get their brand into as many markets as possible.

Market size, variety, and diversity can be crucial to helping make that vision a reality. The more large cities in the region available for expansion, the greater the growth potential.

Dozens of Large Cities to Support Brand Development

Finding a market for the product can be a concern for some states. But Texas is different — it’s home to five major metropolitan areas with populations near or over 1 million and another 30+ cities with 100,000 residents or more.

Owning a barbeque franchise in Texas places an owner in the middle of the action, giving them access to a wide range of prospective customers and markets. It’s a formula that’s helped transform countless local brands into national names.

4. A Celebrated Regional Cuisine

Texans are proud of their state, from the music it inspires to its beautiful vistas and vast scope. They celebrate their past, present, and future, and nowhere is that pride more visible than in their appreciation and elevation of slow-smoked barbeque.

Barbeque is an essential element of the state’s heritage. Smoky, mellow flavor, fall-off-the-bone-tender meat, and sweet-and-tangy sauces have fed generations of Texans since before the state was founded, and it’s created a vast pool of connoisseurs looking for quality food.

Home of Barbeque

That can present an opportunity for a barbeque franchise in Texas. An owner who takes the time to find a brand with a deep understanding of the cuisine and years of experience creating superior dining experiences can become a valued institution and pillar of the business community.

For people in Texas, barbeque is a homegrown favorite and holds a special place in their hearts. A business that recognizes that connection with the cuisine and shares its customers’ love for it can be a recipe for brand development and help power franchise growth.

Own a Barbeque Franchise in Texas with Rollin Smoke Barbeque!

Texas can be the ideal market for top-quality barbeque, and that’s why we’re excited for the future at Rollin Smoke Barbeque.

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At Rollin Smoke Barbeque, we’re moving into the Lone Star State, and we’re looking for future franchise owners to come with us.

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