In this move-ahead, business-first world, opening a food and drinks franchise with Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill can help a new owner move into a new phase in their life and career. It can be a smart choice for people looking to become their own boss, and lets service-oriented folks find a niche that’s tailored to their business approach.

So what is it about Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill that makes it such an interesting  beer bar franchise you may want to get to know more about?

Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill has worked hard to get where we are today, and it shows. We’re positioned in an industry with a record of growth and more expected in the future, our menu is built to deliver the kinds of meals our customers crave, and our focus on service and our owners helps us grow the brand.

We’re proud of the food and drinks franchise we’ve built at Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill, and we’re excited for tomorrow. Here are just a few reasons why.

An Industry on the Rise

The first thing a potential owner should look at when considering a franchise is the industry itself. Each industry is different, and it’s important to gauge the overall health of the field before taking any further steps toward ownership.

Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill is a food and drinks franchise operating in the larger bars & nightclubs industry, and that puts it in a favorable spot for future expansion.

Our drinks and sports franchise is part of a $27 billion industry that employs almost 400,000 people across the country. And the industry is projected to grow across at least the next five years, as per capita disposable income and consumer spending increase.

Those strong expectations can help prospective owners move forward with confidence and gives Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill the kind of foundation a beer bar franchise needs to focus on developing for the future.

A Menu of Favorites

Many people have a favorite bar they like to make part of their lives. And if you asked them what they love about that location, they might very well list the menu as a key reason they come back.

The food a games bar franchise serves can be as crucial as the atmosphere it creates, and is often a prime motivator for customer loyalty and brand growth. It’s one reason Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill is preparing to grow, too.

We take a simple approach when it comes to our menu: Make the food people crave, and ensure that every meal is full of flavor and satisfies.

From grilled food that comes out hot and delicious, to award-winning wings, to mouth-watering pizzas made to order just the way our customers like them by our expert staff, Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill works each day to create the meals that please and help spread the word about our amazing franchise. We love what we do, and it shows in every bite.

A Focus on Service

The modern world operates on a service-oriented model. With each day that passes, the customer becomes more central to many industries, and that includes sports and drinks franchises like Hotshots.

Service has become one of the key business drivers for bars. That could make Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill, with our focus on making each guest feel welcome and at home, a drinks franchise opportunity with promise.

At Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill, we make customer comfort and care our priority at all times, and it’s helped us grow.

Our 30-2-10 customer-service policy helps ensure that everyone who enters gets greeted at their tables within thirty seconds of being seated, has a drink in hand within two minutes of ordering, and has their meal within ten minutes. That’s the kind of care that can build a pool of satisfied customers, and it helps our owners establish their new franchise.

Drinks Franchise Opportunities are Owner-Centered Businesses

Industry health, craveable menu options, and a customer-first service policy can be crucial to a food and drink franchise’s potential expansion. Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill adds to the list with a franchise model that focuses on giving our owners what they require for growth.

We keep a close eye on costs across the board, from menu ingredients to a startup process streamlined to get our owners up and serving customers in their community as quickly as possible. And our network of vendors means our owners can enjoy increased buying power and get the best available rates for supplies and services.

Our owner’s care doesn’t stop with startup concerns, either. We have a training program for our owners and their teams, and make sure that knowledge base gets topped off regularly with scheduled visits to the franchise.

We’re there for our owners, and are ready to lend a hand whenever they need the assist. It’s part of the ongoing support we provide them, and an essential element in our franchise approach.

Open a Food and Drinks Franchise with Hotshots

Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill is built for modern times, with the tools for expansion and a team of dedicated professionals working to transform the industry and lead the way into the future.

We give our owners the support that can be crucial to brand growth, and our menu and customer service policies have helped us build customer loyalty.

Hotshots Sports Bar and Grill is a brand on the move, and we’re ready to expand into new territories.

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