Are you looking for an investment that helps people? What about one that stands out? Or perhaps you’re more interested in an investment opportunity that comes with a built-in, incredibly loyal customer base.

Do you love coffee and community?

A Just Love Coffee Cafe franchise opportunity has all of those things and more!

Just Love Coffee Cafe is the Franchise that Helps People

Just Love Coffee Cafe is much more than coffee and great food. We began as an online coffee roasting service designed to raise funds to help people who were expanding their families through adoption.

Adoption can be incredibly expensive. When founder Rob Webb and his wife Emily decided to adopt in 2008, they began talking to other couples in varying stages of the adoption process. These couples often discussed ways of raising money to fund their adoptions.

At the time, Rob was working for the family business, Webb’s Refreshments, supplying coffee for business clients. He’d always wanted to start a business that was about more than making money.

Meeting these families was the catalyst for Rob’s business aspirations. He developed a roasting business whose aim was to help raise money for families growing via adoption. Couples could set up an online storefront backed by Rob’s coffee roasting background and experience. Each sale through those storefronts would earn the couple money toward their adoption.

In the first month, the storefronts were so successful that Rob needed to recruit friends and family to help him pack the orders. To keep up, he hired a roasting master and moved into a larger space. It didn’t have a storefront, but Rob put a small coffee station to the side with drip coffees and muffins.

Soon, people began to trickle in. The demand grew. And grew. Before Rob knew it, he was opening Just Love Coffee Cafe as a viable business model.

But Rob has never lost sight of why Just Love Coffee Cafe started, and to this day, we still support adoptive kids and their families through our charity arm, Roots of Love.

Just Love Coffee Cafe is the Franchise that Stands Out

When we began with the first two locations of Just Love Coffee Cafe, we still needed a food program. We knew we wanted the menu to be Instagrammable with a unique spin on a typical cafe menu. People also want more food options than Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts.

Waffles are the perfect fit. They can be sweet or savory, and they’re beautifully photo-worthy. The waffle iron is also versatile kitchen equipment that can cook omelets, grill sandwiches, and perfectly toast quesadillas.

Plus, waffle iron cooking minimizes kitchen requirements, which keeps build-out costs for our franchise locations to a minimum.

Investment opportunity when looking to start a coffee shop or cafe business.

The total investment to own a Just Love Coffee Cafe franchise is lower than that of other coffee shop franchises. Beginning with a $39,000 franchise fee, total investment estimates range between $333,500 and $563,000, which is lower than the industry standard to start a coffee shop or cafe business.

Lower costs, combined with our full all-day menu that brings in a higher-than-average additional revenue for the industry, make a Just Love Coffee Cafe franchise a unique investment opportunity.

Just Love Coffee Cafe Attracts Loyal Customers

Remember that first bean roasting location that wasn’t a storefront and only had a small drip coffee bar off to the side? That was the beginning of customer loyalty at Just Love Coffee Cafe.

Despite the terrible location off a side street with no official signage and a difficult-to-navigate entrance, people found our specialty coffee. They loved its flavor, and they told their friends.

More people came in to try Just Love Coffee Cafe’s specialty blends. They loved our commitment to helping out in our community. They also loved our practice of sourcing beans sustainably.

It was this growing loyalty that drove Rob Webb to invest in a coffee shop with retail space that was comfortable and easy to access. People love us because they can get fair-trade, specialty coffees and enjoy delectable, Instagram-beautiful foods all day.

We don’t rush our customers out to turn over tables faster. Our patrons are welcome to sit, relax, and enjoy their food and drinks at their leisure while hanging out with friends, reading, browsing the internet, or doing their own thing.

Just Love Coffee Cafe locations are places people seem to want to stay to relax and hang out. Our customers can sit and discuss solving the world’s problems over a cup (or three) of specialty coffee.

Customers support us knowing they’re patrons of a business whose devotion to charity work is significant. Our franchise owners—who are like-minded in our pursuit of positive change in the world—choose what charities to support, so our philanthropic values span a multitude of causes to drive change for the better.

Just Love Coffee Cafe is a Unique Franchise Opportunity for Investors

Why is Just Love Coffee Cafe the unique franchise opportunity you’re looking for?

We care about people and we are compelled to make the world a better place through charitable contributions and passion for helping those in need.

Our coffee shops attract customers that become loyal brand ambassadors. Foodies love our simple, delectable, and photographically stunning menu items and the specialty coffee brews that started it all. People spend time with us because we make them feel at home.

We inspire investors like no other coffee shop, and it shows how fast we’re growing. We’ve added 30 Just Love Coffee Cafe franchise units in only 18 months and our projections indicate we’ll potentially double in the next year.

It’s an exciting time to get into the coffee business! Invest in a coffee shop by becoming a Just Love Coffee Cafe franchise owner! Contact us today for more information.