In the quest to expand your franchise, you want the best franchise marketing agency working for you, generating qualified leads that will turn into franchise awards. There’s no sense in wasting time or money with a franchise agency that can’t deliver the kinds of leads that convert.

Franchise development marketing is an art form, one that TopFire Media has perfected. With the expertise of some of the franchise industry’s top professionals, we have the knowledge, the creativity, and the edge over our competition to get the job done right.

What Does a Top Franchise Marketing Agency Do Exactly?

The entire purpose of hiring a franchise development marketing agency like TopFire Media is to generate the kinds of leads that result in new franchisees. This allows franchise brands to expand their locations and brand recognition over a state, region, or across the country.

The methods of achieving successful lead generation are where TopFire Media truly shines. We are the only franchise marketing agency to combine public relations (PR) with an already multi-faceted marketing approach to attract qualified investors. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. What does a franchise digital marketing agency do?

A Franchise Marketing Agency Needs a Multi-Channel Approach

Franchise marketing agencies such as TopFire Media combined marketing strategies like digital advertising, social media, website development, video production, email marketing campaigns, SEO services, and CRM automation to generate leads for potential investors to become franchisees. And as we said, TopFire Media adds PR services to this menu.

TopFire Media also offers local franchisees and other corporate brands additional packages for consumer and B2C marketing strategies to expand their brand image and improve their market share.

How Does TopFire Media Stand Above Other Franchise Marketing Agencies?

We’ve already mentioned that we add public relations to our repertoire of services and that we’re the only franchise marketing agency to do so. What else makes us unique?

We’ve been different from the start as the brainchild of three prominent franchise industry professionals. TopFire Media was developed by iFranchise Group’s CEO Mark Siebert, iFranchise Group’s President Dave Hood, and Matthew “MJ” Jonas, who would become TopFire Media’s President. The TopFire Media franchise development marketing agency was specifically designed as an all-inclusive, world-class service that offers digital marketing and public relations functions for expanding franchise brands because there was no one performing those functions together.

Our access to some of the industry’s leading experts with 200+ years of combined experience allows us to put our history, wealth of knowledge, and expertise into practice every day so our clients receive customized digital marketing and PR services from a franchise advertising agency unlike any other in the franchise world.

How do we know we’re a franchise digital agency unto ourselves? Because we’ve built a proprietary first-party database of ~45,000 single- and multi-unit franchisees who then inform the foundation for the look-alike audience in the advertising algorithms we use. When we market your franchise brand, it’s seen by 10 million potential candidates similar to people who’ve already become franchisees. The end result for you is more qualified leads and a higher close rate at a smaller cost per lead.

We’ve worked with franchise brands in almost every industry, including:

  • Restaurant
  • QSRs
  • Coffee
  • Fitness
  • Retail
  • Business Services
  • Healthcare & Senior Care
  • Home Services
  • Education
  • Health & Beauty
  • Accounting & Financial
  • Entertainment

Combine that with our digital marketing services, plus PR, and your franchise brand can get all of your franchise development marketing needs from a single franchise digital agency that has a proven track record and the awards to back it up.

TopFire Media has been named a “Top Franchise Supplier” for 5 consecutive years by Entrepreneur Magazine based on a survey of 750+ franchise brands. We have also been the recipient of multiple PR News Digital PR Awards over the years, as well as having received the Ragan PR Daily ACE Award.

Why Your Franchise Needs a Franchise Marketing Agency Like TopFire Media

As franchisors, you’re well aware that awarding franchises is more complex than your average deal in business. It takes dedication to develop the lead once it’s generated, and a level of commitment to closing the deal that requires an outlay of time and resources. Expending that energy costs franchisors precious resources, and so the leads you pursue must be worth your efforts.

Digital marketing for franchises needs specialists.

A digital marketing agency for franchises that doesn’t understand that is not going to do your franchise any favors. Luckily, TopFire Media knows franchising. In fact, the minds behind our franchise marketing agency have developed some of the most effective franchise expansion strategies in use by franchise marketing agencies across the franchise industry today.

The TopFire Media track record speaks for itself. Our laser focus on generating superior leads has garnered us a reputation for being one of the top marketing agencies for franchises . In order to keep that reputation, we must continue to deliver for our clients. So we keep developing new strategies to keep up with today’s savvy investor’s expectations, improve on our existing clients’ expectations, and offer continuing personalized services. That’s how you build a client base as loyal and long-term as ours.

If you’re ready to level up your franchise expansion, and you need a strategy to attract qualified leads that are more likely to become awarded franchisees, then you need TopFire Media. Let us customize a strategy that will grow your franchise brand like never before! Contact us today to get started.