The U.S. is home to an aging population and is expected to see a 47% increase in the number of Americans ages 65 and older over the next 30 years. That’s creating a new and increasing demand for home health franchises to support seniors and others who need daily care assistance.

  • Consider focusing on a non-medical care franchise
  • Operate an assisted-living placement franchise
  • Look into home hospice franchises
  • Run a live-in companion service franchise

There are home health franchises designed to aid clients with every aspect of their home care, each one filling an essential need and serving a growing client base.

1. The Top Home Health Franchises: Focus on Non-Medical Care

Only some of the leading home health franchises specialize in medical support. Many brands play critical roles in their clients’ home health through hard work and taking care of the tasks that might get missed.

A home care franchise centered on non-medical services can be an invaluable aid to clients. It can provide much-needed assistance with daily concerns, both large and small, and allow clients to focus their energy on more central matters.

Cleaning, Chores, and Assistance with Daily Life

A non-medical care team tackles the home issues that need tending, no matter the client’s health concerns. They keep the home clean; tend to laundry, dishes, and other light housekeeping; and provide the kind of support seniors need to age in place.

Competition for non-medical home care can be challenging in some markets, so do your research and review your local market before choosing non-medical care service ownership.

2. Operate an Assisted Living Placement Franchise

The assisted-living landscape has transformed in just a few decades. Traditional nursing homes are no longer the only option for people facing health issues; today, clients can choose from a wide range of targeted care choices tailored to their needs.

A growing number of home health franchises are working to address those needs and assist clients who could use an honest advocate to help them navigate their care journey. An assisted-living placement franchise can be the right solution for these concerns.

Connect with a Network of Providers to Help Every Client Find the Right Living Situation

Operating an assisted-living locator service gives owners a big-picture view of the different home health care franchises offering care. It allows them to guide clients to the home care that serves them best and provide them with ethical, honest care.

And an assisted-living placement service has the opportunity to develop a network of providers and other home health franchises they trust and work with regularly. That helps them serve their clients to the best of their abilities and supports continued franchise expansion.

3. Top Home Health Franchises: Look Into Hospice Care

The conversation around end-of-life care is changing. Having a loving, nurturing, supportive environment filled with familiar faces is increasingly recognized as beneficial to a patient, and there are more options today to help make that happen than ever before.

Home hospice care can provide clients with the intense level of care they need to spend their days at home. They can offer services ranging from routine visits to continuous medical care and make the client’s comfort their priority.

Compassionate, Ethical Services for Quality End-of-Life Care

Hospice care is designed to provide palliative care that works to reduce patient pain or discomfort. Hospice workers specialize in nursing care, are medical and mobility equipment experts, and often act as counselors for the client and their loved ones.

Because hospice care is such intimate and intense work, potential franchise owners should be versed in the medical field to operate a business in the industry. It’s also critical to hire and train only the most qualified candidates to help ensure every client gets the best possible care.

4. Run a Live-In Companion Service

Many patients dealing with illness or aging turn to home health franchises for assistance, not because they need medical care but because they can no longer manage some of the everyday tasks of maintaining a home. They want a helping hand they can count on.

A live-in companion franchise can be the ideal solution to serve this large and growing client base. Running a companion franchise places owners in an industry expected to expand in the future, and it can deliver a critical service and help clients remain comfortable in their homes.

Provide 24/7 Care to Support Home Living

A companion service helps clients with all of life’s daily activities, from personal assistance, transportation, errands, meal preparation and scheduling, and light housekeeping. More than that, they can provide comradeship and be a friendly face that’s on the client’s side at all times.

As with non-medical care franchises, companion services are growing in popularity nationwide as more clients age and need assistance. Check your local market needs before choosing this industry.

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