Owning a funeral home can be an intelligent option for business-minded people looking to take a leadership role in their community. That’s why knowing how to start a funeral business can be invaluable in today’s commercial landscape.

It’s best to break down how to start a funeral business into simple steps:

  • Review the funeral industry
  • Connect with the brand that works best for your approach
  • Get ready to open your doors
  • Put the word out about your funeral franchise

With patience and persistence, a prospective owner can find out how much to start a funeral business, link up with the right brand for them, and get established in the industry.

1. What Does the Industry Look Like?

No matter what business interests a potential owner, the first step should always be to get a lay of the land. It’s essential to find out as much about an industry as possible before investing time or capital into a brand to ensure that it’s positioned for long-term growth — it can be a crucial milestone in learning how to start a funeral business.

What sort of market does the industry serve, and does it have a history of growth? As importantly, are there expectations for more expansion in the future?

Solid Industry Expansion and Increased Growth of Cremation Services

A potential owner interested in finding out how to start a funeral business is looking into a business that’s shown steady growth for decades. The industry has a market size of almost $20 billion and an annual growth rate of more than 1.5% over the past five years.

That expansion is projected to continue in the years ahead as cremation continues to rise as the preferred funeral option. Price and convenience have helped make cremation a dominant force in the business and place brands focusing on cremation in a favorable spot for the industry’s future.

2. Which Brand is Right for Me?

After getting a big-picture view of the business and getting a better idea of how to start a funeral business, the future owner can start to get into the specifics of starting up. That begins with a review of the different funeral brands to find the one that best fits with the owner’s take on business.

Every franchise has its own way of operating and has developed business plans highlighting the brand’s approach to the industry. Look over each franchise disclosure document to learn how they work, what they expect from their owners, and other essential details.

Connect with the Franchise Team

One of the critical moments in understanding how to start a funeral business is the process of meeting with brand leadership. Sit down with the franchise’s executives for one-on-one conversations to discover how well you might work together as a team.

Once the new owner is comfortable moving forward, that same team swings into action to help them get set up. They aid the owner with territory, location, equipment, training, and any other issues or concerns along the way and assist the owner with preparing to open for business.

3. How Much Brand Support Can I Expect?

In just a few steps, we’ve moved from wondering what you need to start a funeral business to linking up with a brand and getting ready to open the new franchise’s doors. It’s an exciting time for a new owner, but they shouldn’t have to handle it alone.

The franchise should stand behind the owner throughout the startup experience and can be expected to have an outsized role in the Grand Opening. They know how to start a funeral business from years of experience, and their support can be invaluable to ensuring the owner gets off on the right foot.

Ongoing Training and Assistance

The brand acts as a knowledge base and seasoned guide for a new owner. They lend their expertise and provide a solid foundation the owner can rely upon, whatever the issue.

Owners should expect brand support with ongoing staff training on new industry developments, best practices, and more. It allows owners to keep the focus on franchise expansion and gives them peace of mind that the brand has their back and is there for them when needed.

4. How Do I Spread the Word About My Funeral Franchise?

The franchise is open and ready for business. It’s time for the owner to think about more than how to start a funeral business and consider the future.

Every business needs clients, and for the funeral home owner, that means spreading the word in the community and establishing a reputation for reasonable cost and reliability. Fortunately, it’s possible to specialize in the funeral industry and stand out.

How to Start a Funeral Business: Community Outreach and Affordable Services

Become a pillar of the neighborhood — support outreach programs, scholarships, and other ways to empower the community.

And stay affordable by focusing on cremation services. It helps keep costs down and lets your clients know you always have their best interests at heart.

Learn How to Start a Funeral Business as a Cypress Pointe Cremation Franchise Owner!

Becoming a funeral home franchise owner takes know-how and a community spirit. It’s at the heart of our brand at Cypress Pointe Cremation.

We’ve developed a new kind of funeral franchise centered around client costs and owner needs, backed by industry experts who understand the business from decades of service. We’re transforming the funeral industry, and we’re on the move.

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