We live in a fast-paced world where it seems like everything is on-demand. Practically anything can be delivered directly to our doorstep, inbox, or an office.  With such a demand for convenience and service, we asked ourselves “What would it look like to apply some similar FuelFox system used by existing organizations to the fuel industry?” The answer to that question is FuelFox, a modern, revolutionary fuel delivery franchise that’s centered on adding value to our clients, innovative technology, customer service, and reliability.

Transforming and Modernizing Fuel Delivery Franchises

FuelFox has its roots in a vision to reimagine the fuel delivery industry. Beginning in 2018 with a single truck and user-friendly app, FuelFox originally focused on conveniently delivering fuel directly to customers at key locations like office buildings, shopping malls, and gyms. As the business took off, businesses with large fleets requested service, leading to exponential growth. By delivering fuel directly to consumers, FuelFox fuel delivery franchises are disrupting an entire industry.

Direct-to-Client Fuel Delivery Made Easy

A FuelFox fleet consists of a variety of delivery vehicles with capacities ranging from 200 to 5,000 gallons of multiple fuel products, including gasoline, diesel, DEF, and more. This enables a FuelFox fuel delivery franchise to meet a wide range of needs, and by delivering fuel directly to our clients, we help them focus on what they do best. Additionally, by delivering fuel directly to vehicles, we’re helping reduce emissions and the carbon footprint of our clients.

Innovative Technology Designed For Customer Success

Every FuelFox fuel delivery franchise utilizes our patented technology which makes us one of the most advanced oil and gas franchises on the market. Our proprietary technology systems provide real-time data access for our clients, helping them make better-informed decisions.

  • Track fuel usage and expenses;
  • Streamline scheduling and operations;
  • Improve budgeting processes;
  • Manage maintenance more efficiently.

Customer-Centricity is the FuelFox Way

Customer service and satisfaction are not just lip service with a FuelFox fuel delivery franchise, they’re a priority. We’re not just a gasoline franchise or diesel franchise, we’re a partner focused on building lasting relationships. Our word is our bond and we’re known for going above and beyond to ensure that our consumers receive impeccable service every single time.

Reliability and Trustworthiness For Peace of Mind

Every FuelFox fuel delivery franchise knows that if we don’t show, your vehicles don’t go. Our commitment to understanding client needs and consistency in fuel delivery means that we have a 99.9% service rate. This means that our customers can rely on us to keep their business operations going smoothly.

A Fuel Delivery Franchise For Practically Every Need

From the humble beginning of a single fuel delivery truck, FuelFox has grown to service many industries and communities. By delivering directly to consumers with varying situational needs, FuelFox reduces fueling-related downtimes and the need for on-site fuel storage.

  • Event Management: Fuel delivery for multi-day events is necessary for keeping generators and event vehicles running without disruption.
  • Emergency and Disaster Response: When emergencies or disasters strike, reliable fuel delivery is critical for first responders, emergency vehicles, and essential services.
  • Fleet Management: Businesses that rely on fleet vehicles for day-to-day operations need consistent fueling to minimize downtime and maximize productivity.
  • Construction and Infrastructure: Heavy machinery, equipment, and other vehicles used on construction and infrastructure project sites need consistent fueling to keep everything on schedule.
  • Corporate Campuses: FuelFox fuel delivery franchises help ensure corporate fleet vehicles keep running to ensure smooth intra-campus transportation and operations.
  • Agriculture: Farming depends on timeliness and having machinery fueled and ready to go when it’s time to sow, cultivate, and harvest.

The FuelFox Advantage

In addition to being a great fuel delivery franchise, FuelFox offers a number of other advantages to our customers. From our modern fleet of fuel delivery vehicles to training requirements to customized reporting, and risk mitigation, a FuelFox fuel delivery franchise provides numerous benefits to customers.

  • Modern Delivery Fleet: Every FuelFox delivery vehicle is well-maintained and equipped with spill kits and vehicle cameras.
  • Safe and Secure Fuel Delivery: All FuelFox Ambassadors are required to have a Commercial Driver Licence and Hazardous Material Handling endorsements.
  • Saving Time and Money: FuelFox fuel delivery means fleets are always ready to go and that drivers no longer need to waste valuable time refueling, thus maximizing their hours of service.
  • Fuel Tracking and Reporting: Our patented technology provides real-time customer data access to help maximize efficiency and fuel consumption.
  • Competitive Fuel Pricing: FuelFox leverages OPIS AAA fuel pricing to provide the best bang for the buck and save customers up to $750 per month on fuel costs.
  • Risk Mitigation: Fuel delivery from FuelFox means that the days of worrying about fuel card fraud, hassle, and cost are a thing of the past.

Fuel Your Dream of Being a Fuel Industry Business Owner

If you have aspirations to be a business owner and want to be part of an industry-changing fuel delivery franchise model, FuelFox is the way to go. FuelFox will deliver an outstanding fuel delivery franchise by providing exceptional support, in-depth training, and operational guidance along with a nationally recognized brand name. To get rolling with a FuelFox fuel delivery franchise, fill out the inquiry form on our website and we’ll reach out to you about putting you in the driver’s seat of your own FuelFox fuel delivery franchise.