This could be a promising moment to look into franchise ownership. Our country is on the move, transforming into a modern economic engine with momentum for the future.

It’s an environment that could make owning a wing business franchise a smart option for many people.

We’re in a climate that looks to be favorable for franchise ownership, but before jumping in and getting started, it’s important to understand how to start a wings business.

Potential owners need to take a methodical approach to the experience; franchise ownership is often a significant milestone in a person’s life, and one that should get careful consideration and lots of groundwork laid ahead of time. And doing so can be a simple, step-by-step process!

  • Research the industry
  • Review the brand
  • Meet the leadership
  • Build, train, and open

Adopting a reasoned, systemized tactic when examining potential wing business franchise options can help future owners filter their choices and find the brand that fits them best.

1. Check Out the Industry

The first move any potential owner should take when looking into owning a wings business franchise is to review the industry as a whole.

Getting to know the overall field of players, and learning how the industry has fared in the past, are crucial starting points.

Future expectations are just as essential to ownership; dig into the industry and discover as much as possible before committing to further exploration. It’s smart business, and helps prospective owners get a feel for the ins and outs of the field.

Wings business franchises occupy a crossroads between the larger quick-service restaurant industry and the fried-chicken industry. It’s a sector with a solid history of growth, and that expansion is projected to continue in the coming years.

That record of consistent growth could position wings franchise owners for future brand development.

2. Research Brands

Once the industry has been thoroughly reviewed, the next phase of the ownership process is getting to know the brands within the larger field.

Every prospective owner has their own preferences and approach to business, and it’s essential to find the franchise that best fits their vision for ownership.

Look closely at the brands, and learn as much as possible about how they do business.

Pay particular attention to factors such as parent brands — is the franchise part of a larger umbrella corporation, and what is that brand’s overall approach to business? It’s a critical step that can guide future decisions on which franchise to select.

For example, The Buffalo Spot wing business franchise is part of the Encinal Brands franchise family, and that relationship informs our development.

All of the franchises under Encinal Brands focus on simplicity, quality, and scalability, with a business model that encourages growth.

3. Get to Know the Franchise

Brand selection should help narrow the choices down to maybe one or two potential franchises. And that lets prospective owners dig deep into the wing business franchise brand that interests them most.

Many brands will have Discovery Day events to let potential owners get up close and personal with the franchise’s senior leadership.

It gives all parties the opportunity to fully understand how a relationship might work, and whether they share a common business outlook.

Discovery Day is when future owners of The Buffalo Spot wing business franchises meet with Encinal Brands leadership, including our CEO and founder, Ivan Flores.

And it connects them with the team members who guide the overall vision for the family of brands.

Thanks to Discovery Day, both future owners and brand leadership can move forward with confidence that they’re entering a business relationship with potential.

4. Build Out, Train Up, and Open!

Up to this point, becoming a wing business franchise owner might seem like a series of meetings and a lot of dry research. But now, the fun stuff is about to start.

After finding the brand that best fits their approach to running a franchise, potential owners can then start the actual process of opening their location. It can be an exhilarating and exciting time, but the franchise can help new owners hit the ground running.

The Buffalo Spot knows that getting off to a good start is crucial, and we work side-by-side with our owners to give them what they need to establish themselves.

That includes site selection, buildout assistance, training for owners and staff, and help with Grand Opening and beyond.

At The Buffalo Spot, we want our owners to place their focus where it belongs: on serving delicious, high-quality meals and delivering superior customer care.

We give them the backing they need to let them do that; it’s one reason why we’re excited for the future of the brand.

Own a Wing Business Franchise with The Buffalo Spot

Opening a franchise can be a life-changing experience, and it should get the careful, detailed consideration that such an important moment is due.

Potential owners should take a step-by-step attitude to the experience. It’s essential for them to take a close look at the industry, find a brand that matches their outlook, meet and get to know the leadership, and get brand assistance with buildout, training, Grand Opening, and more.

The Buffalo Spot could be the right option for prospective owners looking at wings franchises. We’ve got a franchise model that emphasizes simplicity, guest care, and brand growth. And we’re part of the Encinal Brands family and share their drive, energy, and vision.

Want to learn more? Contact us today, and get your journey with us started!