The story of the founding of Marigold Academy is one born out of necessity and determination and an eventual newfound passion for making a difference in the lives of children. Marigold Academy franchise founders Jay and Kruti Shah didn’t initially seek to own their own childcare center.

However, in their detailed quest to find childcare for their twin daughters, the couple discovered their love for what would soon become a new and rewarding career path for both of them.

What were the founders looking for in an early childhood education?

In 2017, as two young, successful working professionals, Jay and Kruti were blessed with twin girls. As each had a desire to continue working, the couple set out to find a program that was much more than a daycare.

Jay and Kruti sat down together one night over dinner and created a short list of non-negotiable criteria for what they believed would be the right early childhood education setting for their children.

What was on the founders’ list of daycare criteria?

To be clear, the Shahs were not looking for “just a daycare” and did not set out to even own a childcare center. They were open to all types of pre-kindergarten programs. And, they eventually settled on their list.

◾ Find a program that was more than a daycare and one that would prepare their girls for kindergarten and beyond.

◾ Find a program with a family-oriented culture.

◾ Find a program with a philosophy and curriculum that would empower their children and one that seemed to do the same for its staff and the parents.

◾ Find a program that felt like it would be a home away from home for their girls.

Together, the couple researched locally-owned traditional daycare options and nationally recognized early childhood education franchise options in Pennsylvania where they lived at the time.

They found quality early childhood, pre-kindergarten programs, but not what they were looking for

While the Shahs found programs with either great curricula, positive learning environments, or quality caregivers, none of them had the “second home” feel they were seeking.

The couple was adamant that their daughters would not just be another number in a school.

After 6 months the Shahs realized their own passion for daycare and early childhood education. This led Jay and Kruti, neither of whom had experience in education, to purchase their first daycare in 2019, and it wasn’t long after that they purchased their second school.

In Marigold Academy, have they created an early childhood education franchise to match their list?

The Shah’s former business background and collective entrepreneurial spirit lead them to believe that the early childhood development model they were creating should be beneficial to children, families, and the community.

And, their decision to combine and rebrand their two schools, is how Marigold Academy has grown into an early childhood education franchise opportunity that is truly unique in the industry.

Today, Marigold Academy students are thriving.

Parents and families of Marigold Academy call it a home away from home, and students are experiencing the positive results of the Marigold Academy curriculum and the positive school culture that it has been committed to building since its founding.

What sets Marigold Academy apart as an early childhood education franchise?

There are several reasons that Marigold Academy stands out above its competitors:

◾ The founders are deeply committed to having a happy team of teachers and caregivers who work at Marigold Academy. The Marigold Academy teachers and staff are like family.

◾ Our classrooms are led by experienced educators passionate about children and early childhood education. We are known for kindergarten readiness, and our curriculums are designed accordingly and are age appropriate.

◾ The curriculum was developed over decades of experience and designed to develop positive social skills and values while allowing children to develop positive socio-emotional skills and learn about their world through age-appropriate play, projects, and activities.

◾ The Marigold Academy program is designed for small-group learning with large-group reinforcement whereby concentration capacities, self-esteem, and self-discipline are fostered through age-appropriate curriculums and creative experiences.

◾ We put heavy emphasis on diversity and celebrating and respecting different cultures and their values, more than any other program of our type.

◾ We strongly believe in parent engagement as a critical factor for a child’s development.

Marigold Academy stands out as an early childhood education franchise business opportunity

Like the Shahs, if you’re considering becoming an owner of a local Marigold Academy franchise, you can feel confident in the following.

◾ Our childcare franchise owners will have exclusive access to our teams and proven early education system.

◾ We offer our expertise, system, tools, and ongoing support to help you open your childcare center and assist you with day-to-day operations to become a successful business owner.

◾ We have already gone through this process and have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals as a Marigold Academy franchisee.

◾ And, as the owner of a local Marigold Academy location, you will be offering your children, their parents, and staff a “home away from home.”

For more information on how you can become a Marigold Academy franchise owner, contact us today.