As long as there have been snowy mountains, there have been people trying to get down them, or in some cases through them. Early skiers date back to the 1860s when gold prospectors took up residence near their mines. There was a mail carrier named Father John Dyer, and the only way to get the post to the prospectors was by wearing a 19th-century version of skis.

There were many attempts to develop ski runs throughout the Rockies for the next eighty years. Those slopes proved hard to get to, difficult to maintain and weren’t well suited to building shelters or amenities. It wasn’t until 1940 when Winter Park opened at the portal of the Moffat Tunnel that skiing became more easily accessible to the masses. The rest, as they say, is history.

The Billion-Dollar Colorado Ski Industry

Today, Colorado is the number one skiing destination in America with 28 resorts and hundreds of miles of terrain for skiers of all levels. Twelve million tourists ski their way through the state annually. All that shredding adds up to big business. The ski industry in Colorado is a $1 billion market.

Getting into the Action with the Best Franchises in Colorado

If you are exploring franchises for sale in Colorado, it makes sense that you might want to tap into the skier market. That might look like something different to different people. You could open a coffee shop at the bottom of a mountain. You could manufacture skis in a factory in Denver. You could open a hotel near any of the slopes.

The problem with all of those is they are somewhat seasonal. Any business that relies on the slopes to be open isn’t going to book your calendar year-round. For the manufacturer, they might be extremely busy in the off-season, but once everyone is skiing, they already have their equipment. Plus, 12 million people from out of state may have already purchased their equipment elsewhere.

Here’s Why You Should Offer the Best Ski Franchise in Colorado!

If people are already on the slopes, why would they come off the slopes to ski at an indoor skiing slope? Let’s break it down! Skiing is a huge, bustling industry in Colorado. The thing about sports is people love to get better at them, and if they really love them, they don’t want to stop doing them just because the snow stops falling. The same way baseball players go to batting cages in the off-season, to become better players! The same is true for skiers. Why not give them a place to practice their skiing, year-round?

Engage the Next Generation of Colorado Skiers

Indoor ski resorts are perfect for the next generation! The up-and-coming skiers who are eager to learn how to shred and get in on the action. Last season, one resort in Vail, Colorado hosted 8,000 youth skiers. Multiply that, on average, by 28 resorts and that’s nearly a quarter of a million young people on skis.

This is a tremendous target market for a franchise concept in Colorado!

Shredder Ski is One of the Best Franchises for Sale in Colorado!

Shredder Ski School has created a smart concept that takes advantage of Colorado’s gem of an industry, in a way that benefits everyone from the tiniest tots on skis, to seasoned adults in the off-season.

Shredder Ski School is an innovative indoor ski school that offers classes, camps, parties, and private lessons to anyone who wants to learn to ski or improve their skills. It’s a family favorite destination location for some and a home away from home for others.

Shredder Ski School’s franchise program can’t be beaten! They have a strategically designed franchise model, an awesome training program, tons of operational and marketing support, and a fun, indoor, year-round ski resort for all! The youth sport and family recreation industries are growing each year. When you combine those with a billion-dollar skiing industry, suddenly the idea of opening up a ski concept in a ski state like Colorado makes a whole lot of sense!