Going into the children’s entertainment business for yourself can be a giant, life-changing decision, and one of the most exciting professional adventures you’ve ever experienced. It is certainly less daunting when considering investing in a franchise versus a start-up, but there’s still plenty of forethought to be done. Having a keen understanding of the industry you are thinking of working in is crucial. It’s like skiing. You wouldn’t ski down a hill if you weren’t sure it was safe to do so, or at least aware of the possibilities.

When it comes to kids’ gym franchises, it’s important to research the industry as a whole, who the target market is, and if they are willing to pay for your services. Does the concept have staying power? If so, why? There are plenty of ways to research an industry, in addition to the due diligence you will do as a prospective franchise owner.

The Kids Gym Franchise Industry

First, let’s look at the current and projected numbers for the kids’ gym franchise industry.

  •   The market size of the kid’s gym franchise industry is $574.7 million
  •   The Children’s Entertainment Center market is growing at an annual rate of 8.4%
  •   The youth sports industry grew by 55% in 2022 and is worth more than the revenue created by the NFL or NBA (Whoa!)

Parents Spend Money on Their Kids

When thinking about a kids’ gym franchise opportunity, it’s important to think about things that kids like, but also about who is responsible for making those activities happen, and whether or not they see value in them. When you have the interest of the kids, and the willingness of the parents to fulfill that interest, that’s where the consumer magic happens. Luckily, kids and parents are always looking for something to do. Maybe that’s because kids who start participating in sports early have 40% higher test scores, 7-8% higher lifetime earnings, are 15% more likely to attend college, and maintain a significantly lower instance of obesity. It’s hard to find an industry for kids with more health benefits than that!

  • 83% of kids, ages 6-17, participate in extracurricular activities.
  • 56.1% of kids take part in sports lessons after school or on weekends, and that number is projected to jump to more than 63% by 2030.
  • Participation in sports helps preschoolers develop physical skills, get regular exercise, make friends, have a blast, learn about teamwork and how to play fair, and improve self-esteem. Kid’s gyms are an excellent option for this.
  • One in ten parents will shell out $5,000 per kid for summer activities, and 80% of parents will spend up to that amount.
  • 87% of parents hope the investment in their child’s activities will lead to future income for their child, so consider it an investment.
  • 30% of parents say sports activities are their child’s activity of choice.

Fun is Where the Money Is

Above all, a thriving kids gym franchise is one where kids can’t wait to come back, and where the parents feel comfortable bringing or leaving their children for classes or camps. Kids just want to have fun. This is important to parents too, but parents want the benefits for their children that physical activity brings. They find all of this at a quality kids’ gym franchise.

Kids Gym franchise Opportunity

Opening a kid’s gym or entertainment center is a big undertaking. The difference between going it alone or joining a franchise network is night and day. With a franchise, the guesswork is minimal. Franchise systems are designed for duplication, with an outline for every aspect of the business: buildout, design, construction, operations, training, marketing, vendors and supply relationships, initial inventories, curriculum, personnel, and so much more.

In regard to expenses, with a franchise, you will have access to financials, fully understand your initial investment, and be able to validate all of it by talking with franchisees already in the network.

Big Decision Big Reward

When you make the decision to go into business for yourself by taking advantage of a kids’ gym franchise opportunity, rest assured you will be providing important, valuable – and FUN! – services that families want.

Shredder Ski is a Great Option When Considering a Kids Gym Franchise

If you are considering investing in a kid’s gym franchise, we at Shredder Ski invite you to inquire about our franchise program. We offer a combination of all that has been discussed here: positive industry forecast, popular market, and a culmination of kids’ entertainment, sport, classes, and summer camps, all wrapped up into one. Plus, our franchise offers multiple revenue streams because it appeals to any age group, starting with the very young Shredders, all the way up to adults. We offer individual classes and summer camps that are a blast for our campers. Check out our website and download the free E-Book about how investing in a Shredder Ski School franchise may be exactly the right move you have been waiting for.