In our on-the-go society, having a restaurant brand that only offers sitdown service can reduce the available market and leave potential revenue on the table. It’s important to be flexible enough to be a food delivery franchise as well. That’s why The Buffalo Spot fast food franchise puts a premium on creating meals that can travel and can be enjoyed at home as well as at our restaurant. Running our business as both a destination for quality dine-in experiences and as a food delivery service franchise has helped make us a brand to watch. It’s part of our dedication to our owners, and it gives them the potential for additional revenue streams and added customer engagement. Our approach to the industry puts us in a favorable position for future development, and much of that is thanks to the fundamentals that underlie our brand.

  • Menu
  • Business model
  • Leadership
  • Support

At The Buffalo Spot, we take our business seriously and have developed food delivery franchise opportunities based on our belief in the brand, the larger industry, and the owners who keep us operating every day.

1. Menu Design that Drives Restaurant Sales and Repeat Business.

What’s the key to growing a food delivery franchise? What grabs a customer’s fancy and turns them from a casual diner to a loyal guest who makes the brand their go-to choice for great meals? For many customers, having a menu that reflects a belief in flavor, starting with top-notch ingredients, and taking care with preparation can be the key to establishing long-term relationships. Menu can be a deciding factor for guests when it comes to restaurant loyalty, and helps establish a franchise as one dedicated to giving their customers the best, every time. The Buffalo Spot understands the importance meal choice can play in our food delivery franchise, and have worked to develop and refine a menu of customer favorites. From the tangy heat and spice of our world-famous Buffalo Fries, to wings and tenders that are made to order and served fresh and tasty, to hand-crafted shakes in the flavors our customers crave, we make each meal with us an adventure in flavor. Our menu has helped us create a pool of loyal guests, and has given our owners additional tools they can use to build their business and grow the brand.

2. A Strong Business Model is Key to a Successful Food Delivery Franchise

Ask any food delivery franchise owner what they rely upon most in their business, and it’s likely they’ll mention the brand’s approach and policies. A franchise runs on a blueprint for process, one that should be designed for the modern business landscape. Working with a solid franchise plan behind them can give owners a sense of security that comes from being part of a brand built for commerce in today’s world. It can allow them to take a big-picture, strategic view of the brand, and free them to concentrate on expanding the franchise. We recognize that a well-designed, time-tested franchise model can set the tone for the business at The Buffalo Spot, and we’ve used our own experience in the industry to guide our brand development. Every new owner with us gets access to a business model based on our years in the field, and is designed to be easy to open and easy to run. We’ve cultivated an approach that keeps our owners in mind at all times, with built-in potential for growth. It’s all part of the way The Buffalo Spot works to give our food delivery franchise owners what they need for daily operations and future expansion. Interested in QSR franchises? learn more here.

3. Why Strong Leadership is Essential for Your Food Delivery Franchise

The modern franchise landscape has begun to experience a seismic shift over the past few decades. Businesses have started to recognize the benefits of a guiding hand and a clear sense of mission and direction, and how a franchise family can power overall brand growth across the board. It’s part of the lesson learned from decades of franchise development — vision and drive can be crucial to a food delivery franchise, and a strong vision for what’s next from a central leadership figure can have an outsized impact on subsidiary brands. At The Buffalo Spot, our position within a family of franchises has helped make us a business on the move. We’re part of the larger Encinal Brands team, and we share with them an energy, belief in ourselves and our product, and an understanding of what’s needed to keep us on track to lead the industry and shake up the game. And that direction and view of our own place in the business comes from the mind of Ivan Flores, founder of both The Buffalo Spot and its parent company, Encinal Brands. With Ivan’s owner- and customer-focused way of working as our guide, we’ve created new fans wherever we’ve set up shop. The Buffalo Spot is proud to be associated with this exciting family of brands, and we’re ready to spread the word across the country.

4. Get Support for your Food Delivery Franchise

Every owner, no matter the business, wants to know that they’re not alone. Having dependable and experienced support behind them can be what they need to dedicate themselves fully to the brand, without concern that they’ll have to handle a concern by themselves. That need for robust support is always in focus for us at The Buffalo Spot, and we make it part of the everyday for our food delivery franchise owners. We support our future owners throughout the onboarding process, from the moment they connect with us to learn more. We’re with them to help them get the crucial information they need to help them make a decision, and shepherd them through their first franchising steps. Our owners get assistance selecting territory and location, building and equipping their new restaurant, and training up owners and staff. They can also leverage our ongoing marketing and social media campaigns to raise their digital profile. And The Buffalo Spot doesn’t stop supporting our owners once they begin serving customers, either. We’re there to lend aid when they need it, and have their backs every day.

Become a Food-Delivery Franchise Owner with The Buffalo Spot

The Buffalo Spot has built a brand designed for growth and runs with a clear vision for how to get where we want to go. We’re looking for future owners to come with us as we expand, and to share our journey with us. Want to get more details? Contact us today!