There is nothing more fulfilling than starting your own seafood franchise and being the master of your destiny. Working with a strong franchise brand is one of the best ways to achieve satisfying financial independence.

When you join the Sho Express family, you are expanding upon an established business model in the seafood restaurant franchise industry. We have done the hard work for you which gives our operators an advantage over independent restaurant owners. The best part is that there is no prior business experience needed, because we provide the tools you need to get started and keep going.

A Changing Food Landscape

Americans are making healthier choices concerning their food. The average family is less interested in a greasy bag of burgers and fries. Instead, many are turning to fantastic seafood options – particularly from the country of Japan. Selling Japanese food in the United States has blossomed into a 260 billion dollar industry.

Asian food is the fastest-growing cuisine in the United States. People love the delicious flavors and healthy options. Sho Express has created a successful formula by turning this love into a versatile menu that is sure to please even the pickiest of palettes. As a result, this is a perfect time to invest in this well-respected Japanese seafood franchise restaurant.

Sho Express is a Japanese Seafood Franchise Brand You Can Trust

In 2014, Sho Express saw an opportunity in the food market and opened its first location. The seafood restaurant opportunity offered a new fusion of Japanese food with American influences. We created a successful business model and expanded to nine different locations in three states in just a few short years. Along the way, the founders combined four great brands under one umbrella including:

  • Kitaro, Bistro of Japan
  • Kabuto, Japanese Steakhouse
  • Shogun Express
  • Shogun Bistro

As their latest endeavor, our team has been able to create a trusted brand in the seafood restaurant franchise market. They are committed to providing amazing food and a fantastic customer experience. That means franchise owners can be confident that they are operating under an established name with the highest standards and a commitment to quality.

Why Sho Express for Seafood Franchise Restaurants?

Sho Express recognizes the importance of offering delicious food in a casual and friendly environment. They realized people no longer wanted bland food court sushi. This Japanese seafood franchise understands the needs of the modern consumer. People want good quality healthier food in an atmosphere that is welcoming to the whole family.

Our restaurants have a large selection of menu options and friendly customer service that keeps people coming back for more. This seafood franchise is a great option for dining out with kids, meeting friends for a fun night out, or picking up a good lunch in the middle of a busy day.

Sho Express is a Great Franchise for the Modern Lifestyle

This seafood restaurant franchise might pride itself on a fun, family-friendly atmosphere, but we never lose sight of the bottom line. The company focuses on combining delicious food – customers love to find tasty fresh sushi alongside fantastic hibachi favorites – with a versatile business model.

Our model also offers very convenient dine-in, take-out, and drive-thru options to suit busy lifestyles. The seafood franchise format has done well in Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, and Tennessee. Our success in the seafood franchise market is allowing us to expand even further and add new members to the Sho Express Japanese seafood franchise family.

Sho Express Supports and Guides You as You Get Started

We are a seafood restaurant franchise that is committed to you from day one.

  • We help with market research to select the best location in your local market for your seafood franchise – keeping your financial needs in mind.
  • Our seafood franchise owners are provided with top-notch training so you can be confident about your business.
  • Our team of experts makes sure that you have access to best practices for operations, technology, accounting, marketing, and more.
  • We assist with training and how to best onboard new employees.

You are never alone, and we stand beside you as you start your Sho Express seafood franchise. Our expertise will help your business hit the ground running.

Operating a Seafood Franchise Gives You an Advantage in the Industry

Our team helps you with more than just marketing and operations. Our good reputation gives us solid purchasing power in the seafood franchise industry, and we pass on these savings to all our franchise owners.

We also have a research and development team that helps to keep our locations offering innovative and fresh menu items. The industry research and development help guide your business to the top of your preselected local market.

Contact Us for More Information About This Exciting Opportunity

We understand that you have any questions. Visit our website for more information about how a Sho Express seafood restaurant franchise opportunity could be right for you. Download our free e-book to learn all about the fast-growing Asian-American cuisine market.

Sho Express is looking to expand our seafood franchise restaurants to the Midwest and the Southeast. We fully support franchise owners in every step toward opening your own location from the minute you sign the franchise agreement, including assistance in sales, research and development, training, and marketing.

This is a terrific opportunity to be part of a growing brand that understands the tastes of the modern consumer. Being a part of the Sho Express family gives our franchise owners access to a new American dream.