So, you want to be in the pizza business? Own your own pizza franchise? Is that a good idea you think to yourself? Would owning my own pizza shop be a little slice of heaven?

Absolutely to all of the above! A pizza business is a great investment!

A few reasons why we think you should own your own pizza business franchise!

  • Of the $51 billion growth expected in the worldwide pizza business through 2026, 43% of that growth will be in the United States alone!
  • Technology continues to fuel pizza sales, making ordering pizza online easier and more convenient.
  • 13% of Americans (over the age of 2) eat pizza on any given day.
  • The size of the food delivery market, where pizza remains near the top of the list year after year, continues to boom!
  • A highly-efficient pizza franchise like Gambino’s Pizza provides a pizza franchise owner an opportunity to achieve higher than industry average profit margins.

Yes, we think a pizza business is a good investment!

Are you the right person for the right pizza franchise business?

We think you just might be, but here are a few questions to ask yourself as you research pizza franchise business opportunities.

  • Do I mind hard work? There’s no magic to it. Success owning a successful pizza shop is great tasting food plus process plus hustle.
  • Do I love pizza? Do you truly love it? Because you’ll be around it a lot!
  • Do I like people? Not kidding! You’ve got a team of employees to lead by example and a community to serve. Little leaguers, soccer moms, parent teacher associations, football bros and the guy who lives just 2 blocks from your pizza shop who orders the same pizza and wings every Thursday night. They’ll all be counting on you.

If a pizza franchise business is really a good investment, a lot of the answer is going to be up to you.

You know what, we think you’re up to the task!

We all see tons of pizza commercials? Is there room for another pizza shop franchise owner?

True, there are quite a few pizza shops in the United States.

In fact the market size of the pizza restaurant industry, measured in revenue, in the United States, is market size of the pizza restaurant industry.

According to recent data from GrubHub as reported in a Reader’s Digest article, a good old fashioned cheese pizza is still the 4th most popular food ordered in America and in the last 5 years, the market size of the pizza restaurants industry has grown faster than the economy.

Is a pizza franchise business really a good investment? Let’s keep slicing this up.

How much does business fluctuate in the pizza franchise business?

Ok, we’ll give chips and dip it’s due for the fall and even the Super Bowl, but even so, pizza remains a top food for takeout during football season.
Halloween has recently risen to the top of the #1 day for pizza sales in the United States.

It’s no surprise that New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are packed with pizza orders.
And, pizza-by-the-pool continues to be a perfect summer night all over America.

The pizza bros. Don’t forget the pizza bros. Their business alone during any given sports season might make a pizza franchise business a really good investment.

Every business fluctuates a little. Pizza lovers in the U.S. remain a constant throughout the year!

Do individual pizza franchises only offer a one-size-fits all franchise model?

Every pizza franchise will do business just a little bit differently. Based on history, successes and even what hasn’t worked, the most reliable and dependable pizza franchises will offer franchise owners their best model for success.

As a leading pizza franchise business founded in the Midwest and now expanding, Gambino’s Pizza offers two different pizza restaurant models.
Gambino’s Pizza’s traditional pizza restaurant model ranges from 1,800 to 5,000 square feet and seats between 85 and 120 people with the option of offering a buffet and salad bar.

Gambino’s Pizza’s delivery and pickup pizza restaurant model ranges from 1,500 to 1,800 square feet and seats up to 48 people. This model can also be co-branded to fit with another concept such as a convenience store or travel store.
A pizza franchise business offering you a really good investment opportunity will be one that has a proven track record for success.

How much will it cost to open my own pizza franchise business? How much can I make?

The price to open your own pizza franchise shop will differ based on the size of your store among other factors.

The estimated initial investment necessary to begin operations of a Gambino’s Pizza ranges from $224,300 to $604,800.

This includes a $25,000 initial franchise fee for a single unit agreement, or $55,000 initial franchise fee for the purchases of three units.
The average profit margin for a pizza shop according to most industry analysis is 15%. That said, there are plenty of pizza franchise business owners whose store achieve well above the industry average.

So, is a pizza franchise business a really good investment?

At Gambino’s Pizza we think a pizza franchise business is a great investment! In fact, we know it is. And, with over 50 pizza shops operating in the United States and growing, we know we have plenty of pizza franchise owners who think just like we do. And, we talk to them every day.

The term “investment” means something to us, as it’s what we’re committed to do for our franchise owners from the moment they purchase their first franchise store.

As a franchise owner we invest in you, your team and your business through a support process like none other in the pizza franchise business. Your success as a Gambino’s Pizza franchise owner is our #1 priority from the moment you sign your franchise agreement!

If you’re interested in finding out whether or not a Gambino’s Pizza franchise business is really a good investment for you, please contact us through this form at our website or by calling us at (316) 396-0551.