1. Slice House

Slice House, founded by award-winning pizzaiolo Tony Gemignani, offers a unique franchise opportunity for those passionate about quality pizza and excellent customer service.

With the U.S. pizza industry thriving, and sales reaching $46.3 billion in 2020, owning a Slice House franchise offers a chance to join a motivated family of professionals. The total investment ranges from $406,300 to $1,147,600, with a minimum liquid capital requirement of $250,000.

Franchisees benefit from multiple revenue streams, including dine-in, delivery, carry-out, and stadium kiosks, while receiving support in site selection, training, vendor relationships, marketing, and more.


2. Gambino’s Pizza Franchise

Gambino’s Pizza franchise offers a popular and profitable opportunity to own a community-favorite pizza restaurant. With an investment ranging from $224,300 to $604,800, including a $25,000 initial franchise fee for a single unit, Gambino’s Pizza provides an affordable entry into the booming $46 billion US pizza industry.

As a franchise owner, you’ll receive comprehensive training and support, exclusive access to proprietary recipes, and guidance from an experienced leadership team. Embrace the chance to build a successful pizza business tailored to your local community with Gambino’s Pizza.


3. Plaza Pizza Franchise

Plaza Pizza Franchise offers a unique opportunity to own a traditional, authentic pizzeria with a history of serving homemade, thin-crust pizzas for over fifty years. As part of this esteemed franchise, you can benefit from a wealth of experience and an optimized brand that ensures customer loyalty.

The total investment required ranges from $254,060 to $381,064, with a minimum liquid capital of $150,000 and a net worth requirement of $450,000. With Plaza Pizza, you’ll receive comprehensive support and training, allowing you to serve delicious, authentic pizzas and grow a successful business in the thriving pizza takeout industry.

Bohemian Bull

Rise of Pizza Franchises

The modern pizza franchise was born in the mid-20th century when companies like Domino’s began expanding rapidly.

Major pizza franchises include well-known names like Domino’s, Pizza Hut, and Papa John’s. These franchises have been around for decades and have a strong presence in the market.

Benefits of Owning a pizza franchise

Brand Recognition

Owning a pizza franchise means benefiting from the brand recognition that comes with an established company. This makes it easier for customers to trust your products and services.

Operational Support

Franchisees receive support from the parent company, which can include training, marketing assistance, and ongoing operational guidance.

Purchasing Power

Franchisees often benefit from lower costs on ingredients and supplies due to the parent company’s bulk purchasing power.

What are the challenges of owning a pizza franchise?


Pizza franchises face stiff competition from other pizza chains, local pizzerias, and various food delivery services.


Finding the right location for your franchise can be a challenge, as it needs to have high visibility, easy access, and sufficient parking.

Quality Control

Maintaining consistent product quality across all franchise locations is crucial for brand reputation, which can be a challenge for some franchisees.

What are the costs of a pizza franchise?

Initial Investment

The initial investment for a pizza franchise varies widely, depending on the brand and location. This can include franchise fees, equipment costs, and build-out expenses.


Franchisees typically pay ongoing royalties to the parent company, which can be a percentage of sales or a fixed amount.

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