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Early childhood is one of the most crucial times of a child’s development.

Research has shown that quality early childhood education plays a vital part in building the strong foundation needed for elementary school and beyond. A quality day care franchise should focus on children’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical growth as well as fostering their independence, creativity, and individuality.

A quality franchise system should provide franchisees with the tools needed to replicate such a proven system.

KLA Schools Day Care Franchise: An Innovative Approach to Early Childhood Learning

At KLA Schools, our holistic and innovative approach to early childhood development is based on the Reggio Emilia approach — an educational philosophy based on respect, responsibility and community.

The KLA Schools daycare franchise system achieves this through a rich curriculum that emphasizes exploration and discovery in a supportive and enriching environment.

Our upscale childcare and preschool institution serves children from 3 months through age 6. Our academic activities focus on school readiness by diversifying activities so that they appeal to a variety of learning styles and developmental levels.

Rather than take a linear approach to teaching as many early childcare centers and preschools do, the Reggio Emilia approach focuses on holistic learning through a multifaceted curriculum wherein teaching methods, materials, and the environment are all carefully crafted to support the academic content.

A Day Care Franchise with a low teacher-to-student ratio

We achieve our approach through our very low teacher-to-student ratio and with the quality of our staff. Our staff’s education and experience is rivaled only by their enthusiasm for our students and their passion for teaching.

While it might take upwards of four years to train to become a high school teacher, the Reggio Emilia method can be learned in a short amount of time and by anyone who is open to learning. Our expert staff has decades of experience in teaching the Reggio Emilia method as well as providing ongoing support to franchisees as they seek to become the best educators possible by implementing it in their centers.

Expertly Designed Environment

Our day care franchise opportunities centers’ safe, secure, and child-focused environment have been specifically designed to stimulate learning using all of the senses.

Our Ateliers (art studios) serve as an extension of the classroom, with all materials and designed to engage all of our children’s senses and to cultivate a variety of developing interests.

Carefully selecting hands-on activities (which include materials such as clay, tiles, paper rolls, foam tubes, wire, and more) provide diverse tactile kinesthetic stimulation. This improves sensory growth and exploration as well as improving motor control and function- both key areas that are vital to a child’s physical and mental development.

The brightly colored indoor and outdoor play areas provide an outlet for creative play while fostering strong social development.

KLA day care center franchise outdoor play areas are designed to foster an appreciation of nature while our interior design was developed by world renowned architects and experts in the field of early childhood education.

We even have unique furniture called Play Soft and Play Solid that is imported from Italy specifically for KLA Schools. These construction specifications are a vital part of our brand standards and have been designed to communicate our ideals of creativity, quality, and growth.

Individual Experiences Foster Strong Growth

In addition to the innovative educational approach to early childhood education, what further sets KLA Schools apart is our focus on individuality.

We know that no two students are alike, but we also know that each child has potential as a competent, powerful, curious, and creative individual.

Our versatile curriculum is highly customizable and adapted based on the interests of each child through a guided curriculum and exploratory approach.

By emphasizing learning from an exploratory approach rather than a traditional “listen and repeat” approach of other early education franchises, students are better able to draw on prior knowledge and experiences to construct meaning for themselves that resonates deeper than with traditional methods.

This allows children to identify their own strengths and interests, which is crucial in building self-confidence and developing a strong sense of self while encouraging them to think deeper, to ask questions or themselves and others, and to then use this information to make informed decisions.

Just as we emphasize that our students draw upon their own experiences and prior knowledge on their journey towards lifelong success, we have also adopted the same approach with our franchisees.

We know that every franchisee will have different experiences, strengths, and challenges throughout their journey. Our corporate support center regularly solicits ideas from our franchisees as we seek to build a stronger brand together.

Efficient Operations Designed for a Diverse Market

day care franchise for sale should serve as not just a preparation for elementary school, but an incubator for lifelong emotional, mental, and social growth.

The United Nations’ Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) stresses that the importance of early childhood education cannot be understated, states that early childhood care and education should focus on the holistic development of a child’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical needs in order to build a solid and broad foundation for lifelong learning and wellbeing, but most importantly, nurture caring, capable, and responsible future citizens.

The United Nations and other early childhood experts also suggest that quality education should not be limited to or accessible by only the wealthy elite.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that our centers’ high ideals are reflective of high pricing. This could not be further from the truth, as our core family demographic is predominantly middle class. We strive to ensure that our early education and day care services can be accessible to all types of working families.

Through years of experience and a wealth of industry research, we have crafted an efficient system that delivers an exceptional early childhood educational experience at a price point that is affordable for many families.

We believe that every child deserves a solid foundation in life and our centers seek to provide that.


In conclusion

Despite our focus on individuality, we remain committed to fostering a strong learning community of children, teachers, families and franchise owners.

In the classroom, our collaborative group learning activities allow children to develop critical life skills such as compromise, reasoning, respect for others’ opinions, and teamwork.

This sense of community extends to our parent involvement programs which are designed to keep even the busiest parents engaged in their child’s learning and development.

As part of this philosophy and approach, our corporate support staff also focuses on collaboration within our franchise system as a whole.