When it comes to childcare franchise opportunities, KLA Schools are rich with opportunities and advantages. KLA Schools childcare franchises are perfect for entrepreneurs who have a passion for the future education of young children and are particularly great for potential franchisees who also have children of their own.

You may have been wanting to start a childcare business for some time, but the costs of a childcare business for sale can be prohibitive, which is where the advantages of owning a child care franchise come in. Not only can they be more affordable, but, when you franchise with KLA Schools, you get all the training and support you’ll need. What could be better than running your own business and being able to spend time enriching the lives of children every day, while being supported by a well-established system?

Getting the Timing Right

One of the most important considerations when it comes to investing in a franchise is getting the timing right. This means choosing a franchise opportunity that is going to be in demand, has a strong industry growth curve, and the potential to expand. KLA Schools childcare franchises meet all three of these criteria. Here’s how:

  • Strong industry growth: In 2019, the childcare market was valued at $53.4 billion. Its expected annual growth rate between 2020 and 2027 is 3.9% – robust growth for the long term.
  • Ongoing demand: Market growth in the childcare industry is being driven by the increasing number of working parents who need someone reliable and trustworthy to look after their child while they are doing their job.
  • Expansion potential: Our childcare franchise build-out costs are substantially lower than those of similar child day care franchises, and we have desirable territories available for growth. This makes KLA Schools a low-cost investment with potentially high rewards and ample opportunities to expand.

How Much Does It Cost To Invest in a KLA Schools Childcare Franchise?

Your total investment in a KLA Schools childcare franchise will depend on multiple factors, such as the location and size of the facility. To give you an idea, we approximate that our franchisees will typically invest between $475,000 and $2,119,750 in their new franchise. This investment will cover just about everything needed to get your childcare facility up and running, including:

  • One-time franchise fee: When you invest in a KLA Schools childcare franchise, you will pay a one-time-only franchise fee of $78,500.00 regardless of the location size of your facility. The purpose of this fee is to offset a percentage of the costs associated with readying your new childcare franchise for opening, such as your initial and ongoing training and the one-on-one business advice you will receive.
  • Location selection fee: Opening your childcare franchise in the right place is crucial for the growth of your franchise. Our site selection fee of $20,000 enables us to help you find an approved location to set up and run your childcare franchise. This procedure is invaluable because our team of real estate experts have access to demographic data about all the potential customers in your area. They analyze this data to help guide your decision on the best location for you to start your KLA Schools franchise. 
  •  Childcare franchise real estate: Your investment in the building for your KLA Schools location will start at around $187,500. This not only covers the lease on your facility, but also any retrofitting that may be needed to bring the site up to our high standards.

But these are just some of the factors included in your KLA Schools investment, we can explain more when we meet with you so that you can make an informed decision about a KLA Schools childcare franchise opportunity.

Beginning Your Childcare Business with KLA Schools

At KLA Schools, you can count on our expertise because our team has years of experience in the child care franchise industry. During this time, we have streamlined the franchise start-up process, which means starting your own franchise is designed to be easier than starting from scratch. We will guide you through the following stages once you have met our team and we have mutually decided to move forward.

KLA Schools Franchise Application

After our meeting, if we mesh well, you can commence your franchise application. Once completed, this will be passed on to our KLA Schools Franchisee Selection Board Members, who will review your application. Factors that will affect your pre-approval will include your financial resources, your education, your experience, and your preferred location.

KLA Schools Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

This comprehensive document details information about KLA Schools and the franchise system. For example, it includes the history of the company, information about its officers, required fees, your total estimated initial investment, and your obligations as a franchisee. Once you have read and signed the document, you will begin a 14-day waiting period, after which you will be able to sign the franchise agreement.

Franchise Document Review

During the ensuing 14 days, you are required to review the disclosure document. We recommend you do this with your lawyer so that you understand the legal issues related to owning a franchise. We will also go over the items in the disclosure, to make sure you agree to the provisions.

Credit and Background Check/Bank Prequalification

During this stage, we ask you to provide the necessary information to our credit and background check provider. This is so that everyone involved in the franchise process can be sure that you won’t have a problem acquiring financial support for your KLA School. It also means that you are most likely to be granted a license to operate your franchise. We will also give you the details of one of our preferred loan providers so that you can prequalify.

Discovery Day

This is one of the most important days of your KLA Schools franchise journey. You will travel to Miami, Florida, to experience a KLA Schools location in operation. You’ll also meet the KLA Schools Franchisee Support team and the Founder and CEO. If we all agree to move forward, the next steps include signing the Franchise Agreement and getting started on training and school launch activities.

Join the KLA Schools Family!

Do you want to find out more about becoming an industry leader in childcare franchises? Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you begin your journey along the rewarding path to owning a franchise childcare center.