The arcade franchise has seen a comeback in recent years. It’s a billion-dollar industry, with nostalgic adults loving arcade/bar combinations, and those same adults wanting to take their children to more family-friendly arcades. In addition, over 90 percent of kids play video games, making arcades a business that an entrepreneur for children’s entertainment should consider.

Flippo’s is a family fun center that incorporates the arcade franchise opportunities into the family entertainment franchise model. There’s a lot of great options and family fun at your fingertips with this franchise. Here’s why.


A Variety of Arcade Games That Transcend Generations

Flippo’s family entertainment center franchises have many different arcade games to choose from, with our gaming options constantly growing.

First, we have the favorites that one can enjoy with their entire family. Skee ball, air hockey, and claw machines are some examples of timeless classics that any arcade should have. In addition, we have arcade machines that people of every generation will love.

For example, Flippo’s has Mario Kart​​® as an arcade game. Whether you first played Mario Kart® on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System® or the Nintendo Switch®, it can be a thrill to reconnect with your favorite characters in a full console game.

We’re always looking for the latest arcade games, along with some throwbacks. Franchise owners need to be confident their arcades are well-maintained and stocked with the best of the old and the new — and Flippo’s is there to help.


Our Arcade Franchise Opportunities Let Customers Play Games for Tickets and Win Prizes!

Today’s arcade franchises tend to have games that allow customers to play for tickets. Many of our customer favorites are skill-based challenges that let them win more tickets if they get a high score at ski-ball or shoot enough baskets.

These tickets can then be exchanged for prizes. This concept can be a brilliant way for an arcade franchise owner to build a revenue stream. Kids and adults alike love to get a prize by playing games and showing off their skills. In most cases, winning enough tickets for a specific prize is not an easy feat, so offering the games can help create repeat business.

Prizes can range from items like candy or plastic rings to larger prizes like giant stuffed animals or electronics. Saving tickets for a bigger prize instead of spending them on a smaller one can be an excellent way to teach children about the value of saving, and it can give arcade franchise owners a reliable revenue stream.

Of course, if a kid does not want to play for tickets, we have plenty of games that are just for fun, too.


Arcade Franchise Opportunities Can be a Combination of Gaming and Physical Play

Often, parents want their kids to be more physically active. However, many kids want to play video games. Luckily, with Flippo’s, families don’t have to choose.

Our arcade is located in the heart of our indoor playground, which is a winding world of jungle gyms, slides, ball pits, and much more. As an owner of Flippo’s family fun center franchises, you’ll be the owner of a business that offers a fantastic combination of activities. Both kids and parents can enjoy the playground and then unwind with the arcade.

Not only that, Flippo’s has arcade machines that combine gaming and physical activity. One example is TimeFREAK. This game involves a player, alongside a potential competitor, racing to see who can hit the lit-up buttons the fastest. In addition, we have a Laser Maze Challenge. In it, children must navigate through a world of lasers, testing their physical and mental capabilities.

We also have Ball Blaster, a game where a child plays in a jungle gym and tries to avoid the balls shot by other players. Flippo’s is even home to a sports court, which can give children a place to play a variety of physical games.

With Flippo’s, you’re not just an arcade franchise owner. You’ll also own a family fun center for other activities kids, and parents can both enjoy.

No Need to Leave the Arcade to Get a Bite to Eat

As a Flippo’s arcade franchise owner, you’ll have a restaurant serving pizza, pasta, and desserts. However, we also have options for adults and those who have more refined palates, including sushi and beer.

Plus, we bake most of our food choices using a method designed to deliver fewer calories but more taste! Our food court is a place to dig into a full-fledged feast that everyone can love.


Our restaurant can be another way for you to grow your business. Not only that, but by having food, you can encourage visitors to stay longer.


Making Flippo’s The Place to Go for a Birthday

Another feature Flippo’s has is its birthday room. Parents can come to Flippo’s and reserve their birthday room, complete with a themed party, performers, and lots of playtime.

In addition to being a great place for birthdays, we also host parties for campers, field trippers, and other large groups of people.

The party room could help you grow your customer base as a Flippo’s arcade franchise owner.

Help Us Become the Place to Go for Family Fun

Flippo’s kid gym franchise is steadily growing, and you could be a part of it. We are looking for someone who wants a career that can give them the freedom to let out their inner child. Flippo’s is looking for potential owners who are good with children and have the tools to become a team leader, and you might be the person for the job.

If you’re interested in Flippo’s as an arcade franchise opportunity, contact us for more information. We’re looking forward to your response. You could help us take our franchise to the next level!