In the wake of the pandemic, it was hard to predict how various industries would be affected heading into 2021. In 2020 the fitness industry, like many others, was hampered by extended closures, social distancing, and reduced occupancy limitations. However, the industry has bounced back from a very difficult 2020 and experienced a significant amount of growth in 2021 with all experts suggesting this trend will continue for many years to come. The US fitness market has grown 4.7% thus far in 2021 to see the total market revenue reach 35.3 bn (IBIS world) with estimates that it will reach 37.3bn in 2022.

For many Americans the pandemic reinforced the importance of fitness, nutrition, and achieving an ideal body weight. The Camp Transformation Center is the only nationally franchised brand currently focused on this specific niche within the fitness industry. Moreover, The Camp has been perfecting this business model for over a decade and we are the industry leaders within this niche. The competition whether it be a new startup, independent gym, or an existing franchise doesn’t have the capability of matching our proven systems and operations for many years to come. Simply put, The Camp will continue to innovate and lead this segment of the fitness market for the foreseeable future.

The Camp has awarded 19 new fitness franchise territories this year with our most recent being Tracy, CA. The franchise owners are Gia, Crystal, and Luis with the Tracy, CA location being their 3rd Camp together. One of the great things about franchising with The Camp is that our business scales quickly. Oftentimes franchise owners can open a 2nd location within 18 months or less of their first location opening. Our 2-week 80-hour franchisee training program will cover all of the skills, techniques, and systems necessary to run a successful Camp location from day one. Coupled with our strong pre-sale program many locations launch with positive cash flow early on. Additionally, our support team conducts ongoing weekly and monthly training to help with sales, operations, and back-office management.

The Camp has opened 7 new locations this year across 4 different states. Most recently two new franchise locations have finalized their leases and are poised to open at the beginning of 2022. These locations are in Santa Clara, CA and NE Dallas, TX. Currently there are 17 locations in various stages of development all of which are scheduled to open in 2022. The Camp is experiencing an unprecedented amount of growth this year and is allocating many resources to ensure continued growth throughout 2022, 2023, and beyond. With expansion like this now is the time to consider transitioning into a full-time fitness career. If you’re passionate about fitness and helping others institute real change into their lives, then we are the franchise for you.

The Camp TC is a full-service franchise system with dedicated staff to help you from start to finish throughout the development process. Our team will guide you through the launch of your new location, help you grow your membership base, and sustain your business for years to come. To learn more about the franchising with Them Camp CLICK HERE to download our FREE franchise report and have one of our franchise development team members contact you directly.

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