Thanks to your hard work and drive, you’ve had a rewarding career, and you’re ready to use the business tools you’ve developed over your lifetime to find a franchise for sale by the owner and hopefully turn it into your dream business.

You’re not alone in your ambition—franchising is predicted to add over 800,000 jobs and contribute more than $477 billion to the U.S. GDP in 2021 alone. Across the country, motivated business-minded people find businesses for sale by the owners and, after careful research and due diligence, become part of franchise teams. You’ll find people investing in new franchises for sale by the owners that offer products and services of every imaginable type.

This article examines one type of franchise for sale by the owner, the sandwich franchise, and walks you through the process you’ll undergo in your journey from interested inquirer to franchise owner. Our look at the franchising experience gives you an idea of what to expect as you explore sandwich franchises.

You’ll see how investigating businesses for sale by the owners in Colorado moves naturally into your research into the business and market, and we look at the parts your prospective franchise’s Franchise Disclosure Document and Discovery Day play in your franchise selection. We’ll close with a look at a fresh, exciting opportunity for a sandwich franchise for sale by the owner available today.


Selecting the right sandwich franchise for sale by the owner starts with research. Doing a thorough review of the business sector and your potential market are crucial moves for anyone looking to take advantage of a business for sale by the owner in Colorado.

Begin your research with an examination of the sandwich franchise as a whole. Ask yourself, “How does the sector look, and is this a good time to find a small franchise business for sale by the owner near me and invest in a sandwich franchise?” A quick review of recent trends shows that sandwich and sub franchises grew by 3.6% in 2021, making this a favorable moment to investigate sandwich franchises for sale by the owners.

This is also the time to examine the market where you’ll establish your new franchise site. Are there customers for your sandwiches? Does the region include growing urban centers? If you complete your research with confidence that you’ll have a popular product and a strong customer base, you can continue to the next step in your process.


You’ve done your review and found that this is a good time and location in which to buy a sandwich franchise for sale by the owner, so now you can move on to the matchmaking phase of your franchise journey.

It’s important to determine whether you and the franchise are good fits; you’ll represent the franchise brand, and you should agree with their business philosophy and corporate culture. This process is a two-way street, of course—the franchisor must be as comfortable with the fit as the investor.

You and the franchisor will have the opportunity to size each other up during several crucial steps in your franchise investment experience. Do a close and thorough review of the Franchise Disclosure Document to understand the financial obligations and expectations of both the franchisor and franchisees. And attend the sandwich franchise’s Discovery Day, which allows you to meet with members of the senior leadership to learn whether you’re a good match for each other.


You’ve taken the time to do a complete and comprehensive review and know that you want to proceed with finding a likely sandwich franchise and beginning the process. “But,” you next ask yourself, “is there a sandwich business for sale by the owner near me in Colorado?” Yampa Sandwich Co. is looking for people like you.

At Yampa Sandwich Co., we believe in bringing a sandwich-shop philosophy with a laid-back Colorado feel to people across the state. We started with a single shop in Steamboat Springs, and we became an immediate favorite. Our goal is to find like-minded entrepreneurs and make them part of our team as we grow.

Our approach combines our dedication to providing our customers with superior sandwich experiences with continual investment in our communities. A Yampa Sandwich Co. location is a center of local culture—we thrive on the buzz and energy of the people, and we work to maintain spaces that encourage creativity and a sense of kinship.

If you’re ready to get the next stage in your business life started, and you share our approach to customers and community, we might be a perfect match. Contact us, and discover whether the next sandwich franchise for sale by the owner that you encounter might be the start of your new business.