Have you always wanted to be your own boss? Starting your own business can be rewarding, especially when you get into an industry that allows you to be creative, active, and provide an in-demand service for your clients – like the painting industry.

If you’re looking to break into franchising, house painting is a great option for several reasons. First, the cost of entry is relatively low when compared to similar industries, and owning a franchise means you don’t have to start from scratch. All you have to do is follow the franchisor’s blueprint.

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Here’s why the Ohio Painting Company is the ideal low-cost franchise to invest in.

Outlook for the Painting Industry

Homeowners will always need an expert painter to help them transform the look of their homes. Older houses will need a modern upgrade once in a while, and evolving trends require a refresh to the latest color palettes and decor styles.The growth of the construction industry also creates demand for painters to provide the finishing touch for new residential, office, retail, and restaurant spaces.

That’s why opportunities for growth roll on at a steady pace in the painting industry, and the low franchise cost included with The Ohio Painting Company franchise creates a lucrative opportunity. Independent painters, consolidated companies, and emerging franchises contribute more than $37 billion to the U.S. economy each year.

Starting your painting business by buying a low-cost franchise means that you’ll be able to take advantage of growing demand and start seeing a return on your investment more quickly.

Franchising vs Starting Your Own Business

So you’ve made the decision that you’re ready to be your own boss. Next is to consider whether it’d be more advantageous for you to launch a startup from scratch, or to buy an established franchise.

The beauty of the franchise model is that the foundation for the business has already been established. Franchises are larger businesses with resources that are generally out of reach to start-ups but allow franchisees the freedom and independence to run the business themselves. A low franchise cost combined with a robust industry outlook makes a painting franchise like the Ohio Painting Company an ideal business opportunity!

Here are the advantages of franchising:

  • Brand recognition. A franchise company already has an established brand that resonates with the public.
  • Transparent up-front costs. Laws regarding franchises require the franchisor to be forthcoming about all fees and expenses involved with buying and maintaining their franchise, making it easier to manage your business finances and understand the profits that you will make.
  • Marketing support. Franchise businesses have a proven marketing strategy to reach consumers in various markets in order to ensure your success. By buying a franchise, you’re also buying a proven marketing strategy to help raise your company’s profile.
  • Training assistance. Franchises generally provide all the necessary training so that you can get into the industry even without previous experience.

When it comes to up-front investment, the Ohio Painting Company is a very enticing option for investors looking for low-cost franchise opportunities. For as little as $95,030, franchisees can own a piece of a company that is a leader in its field.

Consider it in painting terms: Buying an The Ohio Painting Company franchise is like painting a wall that has already been prepped, sanded, and primed – all you have to do is apply the fresh paint in whatever shade you think would best suit your space.

A Smart Investment

The most challenging part of starting your own business is the initial investment of time and money needed to get started – with no guaranteed timeline for turning a profit. Buying a low-cost franchise like The Ohio Painting Company helps alleviate that stress by providing franchisees with a proven, successful business model and marketing strategy.

Owning a franchise means that you’re never going into business alone. Instead, you’re buying into an established business model, a library of resources for training and industry expertise, and a network of other franchisees to help guide you through your business venture.

Why Invest in a Low-Cost Painting Franchise Like The Ohio Painting Company?

Of all the low-cost franchise opportunities, why invest in The Ohio Painting Company? Besides the growth opportunities provided by the painting industry and the low cost of entry, the Ohio Painting Company prides itself on being a values-driven company with a commitment to customer service.

The mission of The Ohio Painting company is to provide:

  • A family-oriented company that welcomes every franchisee into The Ohio Painting family!
  • Top-tier customer service that meets the award-winning, executive-level standard that has helped The Ohio Painting Company brand itself as the best and first name in service.
  • Excellent work quality is ensured by the high level of training provided to franchisees and the latest painting technology.
  • Commitment to courtesy driven by a faith-based background that encourages humility and gratitude for clientele.
  • Integrity to always do the right thing even when no one is looking – that means never cutting corners or providing anything less than complete customer satisfaction with every job.

Ready to get started with a low-cost franchise? Fill out an inquiry form to learn more about The Ohio Painting Company!