You’ve had a rewarding career, and you want to leverage the skills you developed through experience and hard work. Restaurants and other meal-based businesses are perennial favorites for investors, but fast food franchise costs might be higher than you want to deal with.

Probably you are asking questions like:

  • What is the cheapest fast food franchise to open?
  • Is owning a fast food franchise profitable?
  • How much are the fast food franchise start-up costs?

In this article, we look at the ways a prepared fast food franchise for sale might be the best move for your career. You’ll learn how assembled meals are winning over health-conscious customers, the likely reduction in costs that come with a prepared-meal service model over traditional fast food, and the flexibility you get when you invest in an assembled meal franchise like UpFresh Kitchen.

Fast food franchise costs shouldn’t drive you away from a potential investment. Our guide gives you the tools to help you make an informed and intelligent decision about your future.

Convenient and Healthy Low Cost Fast Food Franchises

Prepared meal franchises are modern takes on the traditional franchise model that recognize the changing country’s increasing emphasis on healthier options and convenience. Assembled meal production in general has seen steady growth for years, and the industry is projected to see continued growth for at least the next five years. It’s a smart choice for prospective owners who want a low cost fast food franchise.

One powerful reason why people are looking beyond the usual fast food in the U.S., and are willing to pay for quality products, is the country’s increasing recognition of the importance of ingredients and freshness. Customers want food that supports and supplements their efforts to maintain their health, and their attitude can translate to reduced costs for you.

Prepared meal franchises like UpFresh Kitchen target the new, health-aware consumer. These new-model franchises provide meals that give customers alternatives to the traditional franchise foods that are high in salt, fat, and sugar. When customers purchase assembled meals, they can often get locally sourced and fresh ingredients that work well with modern dietary needs.

The on-the-go nature of prepared meals also makes them a good fit for the fast-paced and jam-packed modern world. Customers appreciate the convenience prepared foods afford them and bring their meals to the gym, the office, or home for a delicious dinner. And the quality ingredients in those meals helps to make them the new go-to dishes for health-conscious customers.

Customers are paying more attention to their health and schedule than ever, and that makes the prepared meal model a smart option for managing your investment.

Low Overhead Helps Control Expenses

One way owners look to stay on top of their budgets is through their staff. Staffing your store with quality team members, who work to ensure customer satisfaction while maintaining a high volume of sales and food prep, can be a challenge. At the same time, keeping your expenses low is essential to your continued growth, and that means doing everything you can to manage staffing requirements. It’s a challenge that every franchise owner encounters.

A prepared food franchise like UpFresh Kitchen addresses the eternal fast food fresh kitchen franchise cost issue. Working with prepared meals gives you a larger prep window, and that allows you to operate with fewer team members.

It’s simple math—fewer employees translates to potential for lower overhead. Assembled meals help to give you the freedom to reduce staffing and apply the savings you see to other aspects of your business. That puts you in a better position to create happy customers and staff, which can have a positive impact on your growth potential.

Cheap Food Franchises Allow Flexible Business Model

The modern fast food landscape isn’t the same one that existed twenty, or even ten, years ago. Today, customers want increased options in how they can order, pick up, and eat their food. Delivery is growing in popularity, and the “grab & go,” “community cooler,” and meal-planning approaches are all here to stay as well

When you invest in a prepared meal business model, you join a sector that’s in a promising position to take advantage of these developments in quick-service meals.

Flexible business practices can lead to outcomes like less waste and a higher rate of product sales, which can translate to a reduction in overall fast food franchise costs, and an increase in happy and returning customers.

A prepared food franchise like UpFresh Kitchen hands their owners plenty of tools to help keep them growing. Your franchise provides you with the chance to develop several different revenue streams, such as catering, local storefront contracts, and delivery options. Diversified income helps to add resiliency to your business and could put you in a position to further develop your customer base.

UpFresh Kitchen is Fast Food Franchise Cost-Conscious

Our guide has looked at the way an assembled meal business can help to keep your fast food franchise costs under control. We’ve shown you how customers respond to fresh and locally sourced ingredients, the low overhead requirements that make prepared foods an attractive proposition to savvy business owners, and the flexibility you get from owning a prepared food franchise like UpFresh Kitchen.

When you join the UpFresh Kitchen franchise family, you become a member of a new and exciting approach to meals that can help you control your fast food franchise costs. Our approach gives you a business model that reduces staffing needs, and our weekly menus gives your customers the option for single meals or long-term planning.

The UpFresh Kitchen philosophy is to eat good and feel good, and we help to bring that attitude to our customers. If you believe that health and convenience aren’t mutually exclusive, and you want to help bring that belief to customers in your local area, you might be a perfect fit for our franchise.

Want to find out more and perhaps take the next step in your career? Contact UpFresh Kitchen’s experienced franchise team, and find out if we might be well suited to move forward together into the future of meal preparation and reduced fast food franchise costs.