If you are considering investing your time and money into buying a healthy QSR franchise, then you have come to the right place. QSR franchise ownership can come with several potential benefits. In this article, UpFresh Kitchen explains some of these benefits.


 What is a Healthy QSR Franchise?

Quick-service restaurants (QSR) are the dominant sector of the foodservice industry and a one-hundred-billion-dollar industry. Since their inception in the 1920s, quick-service restaurants have become one of the cultural icons of America.  Owning a quick-service restaurant franchise can be a great way to leverage this dynamic industry sector.


Think of the last time you went through a drive-through or purchased a bagged lunch from your favorite fast-food restaurant. This has become part of America’s food culture, and it’s one of the reasons why QSR franchises have been popular among investors as well.


The global fast-food market size was valued at $647.7 billion in 2019 and is estimated to reach $931.7 billion by 2027. Competition among QSRs is centered around innovating the market. Specifically, many of the companies pushing the boundaries of QSR are promoting a distinct health-focused approach, and they’re using technology to rise above the crowded field of competition.


Everyone needs to eat, so a large market exists for QSR franchises. Furthermore, many people are becoming more aware of their health. Over time, their buying habits might shift to healthier choices. For this reason, when you are researching QSR franchises, be sure to consider the nutrition and health aspects of the franchise menu.


Many customers are looking for a way to incorporate better eating habits into their daily routines. However, it can be difficult to find time to shop for and prepare nutritious food, especially when you’re working or going to school. Many people want, but might not seem to find enough time, to cook healthier foods—and healthy food franchises are doing their best to develop menus that meet those desires.


  Why Are Healthy QSR Franchises in Demand?

Healthy QSR franchises are on the rise –  lots of customers are looking for something new that’s also fresh and healthy. Customers love fast food, but many are looking for options that are lower in calories. Our ever-increasing health awareness is one of the reasons. Customers’ tastes often shift to healthier meals. Some people prefer organic and health-friendly menu items.

Healthy food franchises continue to grow in popularity, partly due to the accelerating pace of life in urban areas and the need for quicker and cheaper meals. The market is likely to be worth more than $690.80 billion in 2022. Additional business comes from online ordering, which is one of the services that UpFresh Kitchen offers. Healthier meal plans can attract a much broader audience and frequency of repeat business.


Healthy food QSR franchises are popping up everywhere as a healthier, convenient dining option. UpFresh Kitchen offers healthy foods that aim to be affordable, convenient, and organic. We want to provide fuel for a healthy lifestyle and dishes that everyone can enjoy.



 The Impact of Technology on Food Behavior and Consumption

Many of today’s customers are prepared to use more technology in their everyday lives. Technology can help healthy QSR franchises reduce operating costs, streamline operations, increase customer loyalty, improve quality, and create more personalized customer experiences.


One emerging trend is the ability to put more control into the hands of the customers. Placing orders digitally can be much easier and more convenient than ordering at the counter.


Researchers have identified a significant increase in food delivery spending. In March 2020, according to a Brick Meets Click survey, 31% of U.S. households (about 39.5 million customers) used an online grocery delivery or pickup service. This is compared to 13% (16.1 million customers) in August 2019.


Online sales through pickup and delivery grew by 233% in the USA from $1.4 billion in August 2019 to  $4.0 billion in March 2020. Today, offering delivery could be more important for growth than ever before. This can be as true for healthy food franchises as any other food option.


 Evaluating a Franchise Opportunity 

Investors who want to open a healthy QSR franchise must consider their investment budget and the franchisor’s support system during the assessment phase.


Here are some criteria to take into account.

  • Franchise Fees and Set-Up Costs – Find out how much you have to invest initially in franchise fees and to set up your operation. Focus realistically on which industries and brands to consider.
  • Growth Potential – When you’re evaluating a business investment, it’s important to know if the opportunity is worth the money. Healthy QSR franchises should respond to the health concerns of their enthusiastic audience and meet market demands.
  • Available Territories – Be sure to check whether your target franchise plans to open a location in your area.


 Buying Healthy QSR Franchises

Owning a franchise can be a great way to invest in you, your financial future, and the health of your community. You could enjoy the advantages of being your own boss and providing delicious food that your customers love.


UpFresh Kitchen offers franchises for your needs and those of your community. Enjoy an established QSR franchise and the benefits of managing your own operation. Healthy food franchises can be worthwhile, especially when you build upon a strong business plan and put in the work to help your revenues grow.


UpFresh Kitchen has a reasonable initial investment, innovative service offerings, and simplified operations. Why not start your entrepreneurship journey with a healthy QSR franchise? Just like with our menu, we aim to provide something for everyone from an entrepreneurial perspective, so you might find an investment option that you love in UpFresh Kitchen.