You’re interested in becoming a franchise owner. You know that doing your homework, and finding the right industry, menu, and brand, can help you identify a franchise that fits your business approach.

You’ve likely encountered lots of different options during your research. So, what is it about The Red Chickz fried chicken franchise that helps it stand out, and can make it a promising option for many prospective owners?

The Red Chickz owners know that they’re working in an industry expected to grow, they have a cuisine that delivers the heat our customers crave, they offer a concept that’s simple and quality-focused, and they’ve developed a franchise plan designed with our owners in mind. We’re a brand with potential, and we’re looking for owners who can share our vision.

Owning a fried chicken franchise with The Red Chickz can give prospective owners a stake in an exciting brand on the move. We love our customers and cuisine, and we’re ready to spread the word across the country about our red-hot take on a Southern classic.

“Fried Chicken Franchise: An Industry for Today and Tomorrow

Finding a fried chicken store for sale and becoming franchise owner can transform your career. But it’s important to understand what sort of potential the brand might have, and that starts with the industry.

Fried chicken franchises in the USA are part of an industry that has seen consistent growth for years. Tomorrow looks promising for The Red Chickz as well — the fried chicken industry is projected to continue its growth for at least the next five years. That can give our owners the peace of mind that comes from knowing they offer what our customers love, and can expect to grow their base in the years to come.

The Red Chickz has some of the best fried chicken franchises around, and we’re part of an industry that’s ready to continue growing. It’s one reason we’re proud of our brand and can’t wait to share it with customers in your local area.

A Cuisine That’s “Hotter Than You!”

Nashville hot chicken has been part of The Red Chickz from the beginning, and it’s a trend that’s been growing for years. Many of our customers come to our restaurants because they want chicken that’s hotter than a Nashville summer day, and that’s what we aim to deliver.

We serve up six levels of heat at The Red Chickz, all crafted by a flavor specialist to provide a balance of taste and spice. From Cool to Inferno, we’ve got heat levels that are developed to satisfy our guests and keep them coming back.

The Red Chickz fried chicken franchise owners have a menu of chicken classics to offer their guests, and those meals start hot, get hotter, and can provide the fire our customers have come to expect when they visit us. Our motto at The Red Chickz is “Hotter Than You!,” and we work hard to live up to that reputation.

A Streamlined Concept With a Focus on Quality

What do customers want in a fried chicken franchise today? The modern world can be a complex and often overwhelming place, and it can be easy for guests to feel buried in choice.

A franchise with a straightforward approach can provide the options they want, without adding to their already busy lives. And it can let owners focus on ingredients and food quality.

The Red Chickz believes that it’s better to offer a few selections, and do them as well as possible, than to present a crowded menu. Our guests want hot chicken and shrimp, and that’s what we serve them.

We only use the freshest and tastiest ingredients in our dishes, and we make sure they’re sourced responsibly and sustainably. That way, The Red Chickz owners can focus on delivering great meals and good times to every guest who visits.

Our Fried Chicken Franchise in the U.S: A Franchise Built For Our Owners

A fried chicken franchise needs to provide customers with the meals they crave, but it should also be designed to help owners build their business. A franchise model aimed at assisting owner growth, and built to utilize today’s and tomorrow’s technology, can give owners the foundation they need to hit the ground running and keep moving forward.

The Red Chickz has a franchise developed by restaurateur Shawn Lalehzarian, who has spent more than 20 years building and operating franchising projects across North America. He’s used that experience to create a brand that offers both customers and owners what they need.

Owners receive assistance with build-out and startup, training and support when they need it, from before they open their doors and as long as they’re part of The Red Chickz franchise family. We also make sure to take advantage of the latest technology, and keep on top of trends that might benefit our owners.

We want our owners to develop their business, and we are there to help them grow.

Become a FriedChicken Franchise Owner with The Red Chickz

When you’ve worked hard and developed leadership and business skills, it’s natural to want to put them to use, and owning a fried chicken franchise with The Red Chickz can help you do that. We’re in an industry that’s expected to see continued growth, we keep things simple, fresh, and hot, and we’ve got a franchise model designed to help our owners expand their customer base.

The Red Chickz serves up Nashville hot chicken to hungry and happy customers every day. We want to introduce the country to the heat and flavor of our dishes, and we’re ready to grow.

Want to find out more about our fried chicken franchise? Contact us today, and learn what The Red Chickz can do for you. We’re on the move, and we need potential owners to join us!