Considering opening a franchise bar and grill? We have a few tips for you.

Perhaps it’s because the neighborhood bar is such a fixture in movies and television. Or perhaps it’s because Americans simply love to drink and socialize. The widespread popularity of craft and microbrew beers has also contributed to the growth of the bar and grill segment. Whatever the reason, the bar, grill, and pub segment have plenty of opportunities available.

While the popularity of these businesses means lots of choices for you, it also means lots of choices for consumers. In other words, lots of competition. It can be difficult to stand out unless your brand differentiates itself well. But that doesn’t mean you should avoid the franchise bar and grill segment. Competition is a normal part of business, after all.

But you should choose carefully, making sure that the personality of the brand you choose is a good match for your market.

Secret #1 – Pick Your Personality

Find a  business that matches your personality. Do you want the atmosphere to be an action-filled bar and grill or a quieter, family-friendly pub? There are plenty of options ranging from the hometown joint to upscale beer and wine bars. What’s your pleasure? Wings, drinks, action? You could have it all with the right opportunity. Loosen up and let those libations flow.

Secret #2 – Create Your Signature Atmosphere

You’ve chosen your brand personality, and you’ve decided that you want your franchise bar and grill to be a neighborhood joint that’s homey, comfortable, but also has an element of fun for everyone. Your atmosphere should reflect that personality, from the music and the fixtures on the wall to the cooking and serving style, down to even the fragrance your customers experience when you enter.

This is where an Edley’s Bar-B-Que bar and grill franchise really stands out. Everything is done with intention, from the food to the service to the music.

Hometown, homey atmosphere: At Edley’s Bar-B-Que we treat everyone who walks through the door like an old family friend, giving them a warm welcome. Our atmosphere is one of Southern hospitality.

Style: Our style is “All things Southern,” with a rustic twist. Drinks are served in mason jars. Food is served on tin plates.

Music: Inspired by the sounds of Memphis, Nashville, and Muscle Shoals – Nashville Style reflects the musical greats of Southern rhythm and blues. Each Edley’s Bar-B-Que franchise bar and grill location are encouraged to develop their own vibe, with a hand-selected playlist.

Fragrance: We’re a BBQ joint, and we smell like one – heavenly. From the first step on the parking lot all the way to the entrance, customers are treated to the tantalizing smell of smoked meat, smoked low and slow over our special wood blend, and prepared fresh daily. It’s downright irresistible!

Secret #3 – Be Outstanding

Now that you’ve found a way to stand out, be outstanding. For instance, what will make people keep coming back for more? What kind of customer experience will your franchise bar and grill offer?

Edley’s Bar-B-Que franchise bar and grill stands out in this area as well. We have taken great care in defining the customer experience. For instance:

  • We pride ourselves on not taking any shortcuts in the kitchen. As we’d noted earlier, our meats are smoked low and slow. Our sides are made from scratch daily with the same amount of attention to quality.
  • We strive to serve the best food we can make and prove ourselves a worthy host—one plate at a time. And we’ve done well, as demonstrated by the fact that we’ve been featured in numerous magazines, and have even been featured on CBS News’ The Dish. We’ve also been voted Winner of Best in Bar-B-Que in multiple publications.

Secret #4 – Appeal to a Wide Audience for Stellar Revenues

Certainly, you want your franchise bar and grill to attract a following of dedicated, repeat customers. But if the audience you attract is too limited, it won’t matter how often they visit – your revenues will be limited, too.

What if your place appealed to the lunch crowd, the after-work crowd, the bar crowd, families, group celebrations, take-out folks, tourists, and special event catering? That sounds like a pretty big audience to serve, right?

That’s exactly what Edley’s Bar-B-Que has done. And we’re proud to say that our average gross sales for franchises are nearly $3 million, which is twice the industry average for investment-to-sales ratios. That’s what a wide audience appeal does for you!

Secret #5 – Deliver Some Stellar Signature Food and Beverages

At Edley’s Bar-B-Que, our signature food is Nashville-style barbeque: a combination of authentic southern goodness, fragrant smoked meats, and Nashville hot,  sassy, good old-fashioned fun.

We offer signature dishes like our famous Tuck’s Special, and our smoked wings have become our most popular order. Of course, we offer “Meat Plus Three,” a Southern staple, and our simply delicious sides. In fact, our down-home Southern atmosphere and signature food make us a “must visit” for tourists.

Our exciting bar environments have a refreshing collection of cocktails, beer, and wine and a relaxing setting to enjoy them, including big-screen TVs and our great custom-curated music. Our signature drink, “The Bushwacker,” has also become a big draw for tourists.

Secret #6 – Consider Edley’s Bar-B-Que in Your Search For a Franchise Bar and Grill

If you’re looking for a niche franchise bar and grill business, one that stands out from the rest, by now it should be clear to you that a “Nashville Style” BBQ bar and grill franchise with Edley’s Bar-B-Que is the ticket.

With an Edley’s Bar-B-Que business, you have the added advantage of offering niche products in an appealing setting that will make your business stand out among the competitors while helping you realize your dream of owning your own bar and grill business. Ready to make a stellar move? Click here now: