Parents are always in need of child care. However, when they cannot be with their children, they want to know their babies are in good hands. As more families find both parents must work to meet their obligations, the need for quality child care will only increase.

Furthermore, parents are now learning the benefits of enrolling their child in a kids’ learning franchise. The early childhood educational setting provides young children with the opportunity to socialize and interact with their peers while also being exposed to educational concepts.

Research shows this has a positive effect on the child’s future educational performance throughout the school years. Children who have attended a program of this type tend to score higher on both academic and cognitive achievements.

As these children will grow up to be the country’s leaders, any investment in quality child care is beneficial. For this reason, owning a child education franchise is a wise move. Which franchise is the right opportunity for you?

Choosing a Franchise Company

When parents choose a daycare or education franchise for their children, they look for one that offers quality programming and a strong curriculum. Trends change in education and the franchise company must follow and adapt to these changes.

For example, parents now recognize children need to be exposed to educational opportunities at a very young age. This should be done through play-based learning rather than formal schooling. However, any educational opportunity is of benefit.

Technology remains an important part of today’s world. Parents want to be informed of their child’s progress and any problems that may arise during the hours the children aren’t with them. A facility that uses technology to facilitate this communication will be greatly appreciated.

In addition, children need to be exposed to technology. This doesn’t mean they should sit in front of a television screen or computer all day rather than engaging with others. Nevertheless, children should have the opportunity to explore different types of technology for short periods of time as part of their curriculum.

Protecting the planet for our children and future generations is of importance. When choosing a franchisor to partner with, be sure to ask what sustainability efforts have been put into place. Certain parents will make their decision on child care based on this one factor, so keep this in mind when making your selection.

Safety needs to be a top priority of any child care facility. Workers must undergo background checks, equipment must be well maintained, and age-appropriate items should be available for all children. These are only a few of the things a person should consider when determining which organization to become a franchise of.

Franchisee Support

Another thing to consider when determining which company to partner with for a preschool franchise is the support provided by the franchisor. While every company offering franchise opportunities has a system in place for franchisees, this does not mean the systems are all equal.

Select a franchisor that provides tools and tips for communication, enrollment advice, and analysis of existing curriculum and programs. Training modules and professional development materials should be available for all franchisees and their workers, as consistent information across the brand makes for a better image for the company overall.

Franchisors adopt those practices that are successful while eliminating ones that have failed. The franchisee doesn’t need to worry about going through a learning curve or much trial and error, as others before have already done so to determine what works. Furthermore, the franchisee receives a toolkit with solutions for commonly seen problems. The franchisor works to ensure each tool that is provided will contribute to the success of its business.

The best practices should be based on solid research undertaken in education in both the academic fields and private research. Training needs to take into consideration new trends as well, such as the need for sick care. Parents simply cannot take time off from work every time their child has the sniffles and the education provider needs to recognize this.

Process improvements must be ongoing, however, as things do change when new information is learned. For instance, day-to-day decisions are what make or break a company, and the franchisor and franchisees cannot operate on the assumption that just because something has worked in the past it should continue.

Furthermore, the franchisor should have brand messaging in place that alerts parents to the company’s goals and philosophy. This allows the organization to distinguish itself from others. Advertising support needs to be provided to ensure potential customers are aware of your location and what you have to offer as well.

When these tools are in place, operating a successful business becomes much easier. The owner then has the opportunity to pursue additional career opportunities, expand operations, travel the world, or whatever he or she desires.

The KLA Opportunity

Many entrepreneurs interested in obtaining an education franchise turn to KLA Schools to achieve this goal. A person may invest in this opportunity starting at only $98,500.

The franchise fee makes up the bulk of this investment, as it currently stands at $78,500. The other $20,000 is reserved for the site selection fee. Of this site selection fee, $10,000 must be paid when the franchise contract is signed. The remainder is due when the purchase or lease agreement is finalized. The fee does not include lease payments or the purchase price of the selected site.

Potential franchisees may need assistance in securing the funds for the investment. KLA Schools doesn’t provide financing but works with numerous lenders and can be of assistance in obtaining the needed funds.

What Return Can a Franchisee Expect on His or Her Investment?

A potential franchisee would like to know if he or she will obtain a good return on investment. This is a normal question. However, the size of the school will determine how much a person can make with this opportunity.

To get more information investment requirements and other program details, please contact us today and we will walk through this with you.

Site Selection

Finding an appropriate site on which to locate the school is of concern to many applicants. KLA Schools are ready to assist with this. A team of real estate professionals is on hand to help franchisees find a site that meets all requirements while also providing the desired target audience.

To accomplish this, the team visits the sites identified by the franchisee with regard to where he or she wants to open the school. A full market analysis is completed so all parties gain a better understanding of the area, local demographics, and existing competition. This helps to narrow the choice. However, this is only part of the process.

Understanding the Process of Securing a Franchise

First and foremost, a person wishing to open an education franchise must have a passion for early childhood education. If he or she does, certain franchise qualifications must be met.

It all starts with the candidate contacting the company for more information. A meeting is held in which all parties meet to learn more about each other. Once this has been completed, the KLA Franchise Application is filled out to be shared with the company’s board members. The members review the application and approve or reject it.

A vetting process then starts with the business development call. This call is designed to provide KLA Schools with more information about the candidate’s qualifications and experience. However, the candidate is also given time to ask any questions he or she might have regarding the opportunity.

Upon completion of this call, the Franchise Disclosure Document is provided to the potential franchisee. This document outlines the responsibilities of each party and the candidate has two weeks to review the information. A lawyer may be retained to go over the document with the applicant at the applicant’s expense.

Connecting with other KLA Schools franchisees is an important part of this process. This gives the candidate an inside look at how the schools are run and what one can expect in terms of earnings. Every applicant must take part in these calls before proceeding.

If the applicant wishes to move forward after these calls, the next step is taking part in Discovery Day. The candidate pays a visit to the KLA Schools headquarters based in Miami. He or she meets with the franchise team while visiting schools in the area.

Once an individual has decided this is the right opportunity and the franchise team agrees, it’s time to sign on with the company. The KLA Franchise Agreement seals the deal between the applicant and the company, and the applicant walks away from this meeting an official KLA Franchisee. The site selection process begins right away, so your school can be up and running in the shortest time possible.

KLA has been around since 2008 when Candy and Roberto Arocena opened their first school in Brickell, Florida. Over the years, they opened additional locations before choosing to offer franchise opportunities in 2010. Today, there are franchises across the nation. Yours can be the next. The first step is reaching out to learn more.