Miami is much more than a simple tourism destination. There are layers of culture and cuisine within the city that can really make the mouth water. The rich foodie scene and the diverse ethnicities make an ideal setting to offer franchises in Miami.


Miami is known around the world for two things: beaches and nightlife. But it’s also becoming well known for the array of food choices, and people all over are beginning to take notice.

According to WalletHub, Miami is the 3rd ranked “foodie city” in the US. The list compares more than 180 US cities for their “foodie friendliness,” and looks at 29 different indicators, including affordability, accessibility of high-end establishments, and even food festivals.

Given that the cost of food has risen in the last year—restaurant prices are up 6.9 percent from the same month last year, and grocery store prices are 10 percent higher, foodies are looking for affordable fare now more than ever. This is good news for Juici Patties as we expand our offerings to franchises in Miami.


Miami brings so much more than tourism to the table. New businesses in the Miami area are more visible than they typically would be in bigger cities like New York or Chicago. Not to mention, business owners are setting up in a city with friendly tax laws.

But more than that, the diversity of the foodie scene gives new cuisines like Jamaican-based Juici Patties a big shot at inspiring a new food trend. The Juici Patty itself is comparable to the empanada, which sees its roots in Spain and Portugal. It’s beef or chicken seasoned with savory and aromatic Jamaican spices wrapped in a flaky sealed pastry that’s eaten as a handheld food, like sandwiches. The Juici Patties menu will also contain highly prized Jamaican Jerk chicken entrees and coco bread.

Franchise opportunities in Miami are ripe for the taking, particularly when Miami has already embraced Latin American and Caribbean cuisines. Miami is a vibrant city, and its food influences are as sharp on the tongue as the nightlife is a feast for the eyes.

Whether the prime location for a Juici Patties franchise is the artsy neighborhood of Wynwood or giving the Cuban epicenter of Little Havana a run for its money in the flavor department, Miami’s residents and tourists alike embrace unique flavor combinations and cuisines from around the world.

Such easy acceptance of cuisines that neighbor Jamaican food means we’re on the right track by offering Juici Patties franchise opportunity in Miami.


This is an exciting time for investing in Miami’s food culture. While the start of the 2020s was rough on the restaurant industry as a whole, restaurateurs are bouncing back and focusing on bringing customers back to their tables. This is good news for both foodies and restaurant proprietors and creators.

So what would it take for an investor interested in Miami Franchises to become a franchisee of Juici Patties? Our ideal investor is someone who has prior restaurant experience and recognizes that the timing is right to bring a new brand to American shores and introduce the US to one of Jamaica’s staple foods.

Miami is an eclectic town, so we also recognize the size of the restaurant matters. If we’re going to be offering franchises in Miami, we have to be flexible about our restaurant footprint. A small site in an ideal location might be exactly what Miami needs. We offer three format sizes for our franchise owners:

  • The Small Format: around 600 square feet, with an initial investment range between $346,950 and $469,500
  • The Standard Format: around 1,000 to 1,200 feet, with an initial investment range between $567,450 and $692,350
  • The Large Format:  as much as 2,000 square feet, with an initial investment range between $619,450 and $792,550

Liquid capital is critical for every business to flourish in the initial days of opening and operation. The ideal amount of liquid capital for a Juici Patties franchise for sale in Miami, dependent on the restaurant format chosen, ranges between $346,950 and $792,550 and $590,000. These investment numbers include the $30,000 franchise fee.


Juici Patties may be new to the United States, but we aren’t new to franchising. Our franchising development team has guided the franchise owners through the opening of more than 60 locations in all 14 parishes of the Jamaican island. We’ve perfected our franchise model, and now we’re ready to bring it to America.

Our franchise owners will have the support they need. Franchise territories are available all across Florida and in urban centers like Miami. We offer expert advice on site selection and streamlined processes for restaurant build-out for all three restaurant formats, including variations on seating and drive-thru services.

The training we provide not only gives franchise owners everything they need to run their Juici Patties location smoothly, but we infuse the Jamaican spirit into everything we do. In this way, Americans can enjoy a little bit of island life with every visit to Juici Patties.

Our franchise owners will also benefit from our vetting of state-of-the-art software to run data reporting, operations management, scheduling and payroll, accounting, and any other back-office functions that are required to successfully operate a Juici Patties restaurant.

Juici Patties franchise owners who join our franchise restaurant family are never left to fend for themselves. They become part of our culture, and we take care of our own.

If you’re interested in a Juici Patties franchise in Miami, we’ll stand behind you every step of the way. It begins with filling out our contact form. We’re waiting to hear from you!