it? Well, not exactly, but sorta. It’s good to have a few other items on the menu. And, how about you get to serve customers from a food truck? No brick and mortar details to worry about. With fabulous burgers of course. Keep reading.

So, you’re saying the right seafood franchise for me would serve lobster as well as hamburgers?

We’ll let you decide if Masshole Lobster Truck is the right seafood franchise opportunity for you. We can only tell you what we know from our own experience and the successes that we’ve had.

We’re offering our lobster food truck seafood franchise for sale because we know there’s a demand for what we do. You see, Masshole lobster rolls are off-the-charts delicious!

We’ve seen the faces of thousands of satisfied customers, and we’d love to help the right seafood franchise owners start their new businesses across the country!

Why should I purchase a lobster truck franchise instead of a traditional seafood restaurant?

Great question. Here are six good reasons why owning a seafood food truck is a better choice than opening a traditional brick and mortar restaurant location.

Food trucks require a significantly lower upfront investment than traditional restaurants.
Owning a food truck requires less prior experience than owning a brick and mortar restaurant.
The need for highly specialized personnel like a chef and a large kitchen staff is eliminated by choosing the food truck business model.
Owning a food truck provides more flexibility for those who are looking for a less rigid work schedule.
Being limited is a good thing! Offing a limited, easy-to-execute menu has distinct advantages over a traditional restaurant menu.
With a food truck, ongoing operational costs are lower, with fewer moving pieces and parts. Though, there will be plenty of movement. It’s a food truck. Sorry, couldn’t resist!

Is a rolling seafood franchise really cheaper than a small, brick and mortar restaurant?

The total footprint (not including the parking lot) of a “small restaurant” in the United States is almost 1500 square feet. A quick search for some of the more popular seafood franchise restaurants will reveal that their stores can require anywhere from 3,000 to 4,000 square feet of space.

That space requires a custom buildout. And rent. And cleaning. And heating. And cooling.

Now picture this! Giant refrigerators, walk-in freezers, multiple ovens, a cooktop for 3 people to stand at, the tables, the chairs, the dishes, and of course – All. Those. People. – to build the space and staff the place.

Looking, nothing against a sit-down restaurant, who doesn’t love a well-run spot to dine? We’re talking about the ownership part though. Even without running the actual numbers, it’s pretty easy to see that the cost of retrofitting a food truck, one that serves fresh, amazing lobster rolls, dripping in just the right amount of butter, is way, way less than a big, box buildout.

Will people show up if my seafood franchise offers a limited menu?

Now, would we be offering our seafood franchise for sale if we had any doubt about the fans you’re going to make owning a Masshole Lobster Truck? No, we wouldn’t!

Limited is such a great concept!! Here’s what we mean.

First, your space. As the owner of this tiny rolling kitchen, your physical space will be limited! Perfect, who wants to clean a huge kitchen when you can clean a smaller one at day’s end? Nobody.

Because you have limited space, you will be unable to store unlimited amounts of food. As a result, you’ll be required to limit your menu.

And, with a limited menu – one that we’ve been working on at Masshole Lobster Truck since our founder started the business – you will find that in your customer’s eyes, your menu will be perceived as specialized, offering the perfect amount of options.

Your customer will not think you are limited in any way, rather they will become loyal lovers of lobster rolls and amazing, juicy burgers because you’re giving them exactly what they’re looking for!

They’re not looking for double-sided menus with a long list of appetizers, sides, desserts, and those three things nobody ever orders, all those things that it takes a full staff to deliver. They want something simple and delicious. Just what you’re offering. Simply delicious!

Limited vs Unlimited

To sum it all up, a seafood franchise opportunity like Masshole Lobster Truck offers both limited and unlimited opportunities.

Where you’ll be “limited”

Upfront costs. Easy to see, not that of a traditional restaurant.
The cost of the rent. Sure you’ll pay a few event fees to park your food truck, but hey, you do the math.
Kitchen space. Perfect, because you have a highly-focused, proven menu requiring very little space to prepare, by a very small and multi-talented staff.

Now the “unlimited” part

The support that you’ll receive from Masshole Lobster Truck seafood franchise team. We’re here to train you and help you build a successful business.
Locations and fans. We’re not saying you can truly just park wherever you want. There are a few rules your city will want you to follow, right? But, your ability to provide great food and build your fanbase is virtually unlimited with a food truck.
Success. Commit to working hard. That goes for any business. Learn from our seafood franchise team. Teach your small team and support them well! You got this!

We look forward to talking with you if you’re interested in taking the next step to becoming the next Masshole Lobster Truck owner. Contact us here (link to to get a free industry outlook and to be connected with one of our team members. No limits on the questions they’d love to answer for you!