During your time spent working and building up clout, experience, and drive, you might have looked over the prepared meal franchise landscape a few times to find a business that speaks to you. That’s a natural instinct — it took you a long time to accumulate your know-how and expertise, so it makes sense to take the time to identify a franchise, develop a meal prep business plan, and join a brand that has that special something you’re looking for.

When setting out to find a meal plan business with the tools for growth and a vision for the future that their customers love, it’s important to take a methodical and thorough approach. Doing the legwork upfront can make it easier for potential owners to find the right franchise for them.

Here’s what future franchise owners should plan to do when using a step-by-step method to help them create a meal prep business plan with a brand like UpFresh Kitchen:

  • Research the industry
  • Connect with a brand
  • Meet with franchise leadership
  • Open your meal-prep franchise

A meal prep business model should start on a solid foundation, and a well-reasoned and systematic plan can help prospective owners build theirs.

Research the Industry

Every journey begins with the first step, and when preparing to build a meal prep business plan, that first step should be to take a big-picture look at the industry.

It’s worth the time to review the industry’s history and the expectations for its future before moving forward. What sort of growth has it seen in the past, and are the elements in place that can aid growth in the coming years?

UpFresh Kitchen is part of the meal kit delivery service industry, which has seen sustained past growth and is expected to continue expanding in the years to come. That could make us a great fit for future owners looking to create a meal delivery business plan aimed at long-term development and expansion.

The meal-kit industry’s potential for growth can make it a smart option for prospective owners, and a business with the tools for the future.

Connect with a Brand

After identifying an industry that is expected to continue growing, the next step for future franchise owners is to connect with the right brand for them to move forward with their meal prep business plan. Every owner has their own take on business, and it’s essential to make sure that the franchise they select matches their approach.

Future owners should take a close look at the food-prep industry, and see which brand speaks to them and might work with their meal kit business plan. It’s a common-sense tactic that can narrow a search in a hurry.

Folks with a meal prep business plan that calls for flexibility, an insistence on quality, and an “anywhere, anytime” take on prepared meals have often found UpFresh Kitchen to be a brand that has the sort of forward-looking strategy they hope to be a part of.

We’ve designed our business model to meet modern needs, and to serve up meals that taste great, are heart-smart and meet dietary demands, and are sourced sustainably and responsibly. It’s why we’re a franchise to watch, and can be a smart choice for many potential owners.

Learn About, and Meet with, the Franchise Leadership

After finding a brand that matches the vision laid out in their meal prep business plan, prospective franchise owners should next start the legwork that ultimately results in them signing on with the business that works for them.

This is a critical time and one that can set a course for the new owner’s life, so it requires careful consideration and forethought.

Potential owners now need to look at the business they’ve chosen with a magnifying glass to get a good and complete overall picture of the way they operate. They should review the brand’s Franchise Disclosure Document as all public records, and determine how the franchise fits with their meal prep business plan template.

Next, future owners should plan on getting to know the brand personally. On UpFresh Kitchen’s Discovery Day, prospective franchise owners meet with senior leadership to find out first-hand whether all parties are a good fit and could work together.

Open Your Meal Prep Franchise

This is the moment potential owners have been working toward since they decided to put their experience and knowledge to good use. Opening the doors and starting to serve the public is often the culmination of the first phase of getting a business plan for a meal prep business underway, and it’s one of the key points at which franchise leadership can streamline the experience.

Preparing to open the franchise means finding and securing the right real estate, building out the site, hiring and training staff, and planning and launching marketing and social media campaigns. All of that requires guidance from an experienced hand, and that’s what UpFresh Kitchen provides our owners.

We help our owners from the moment they contact us, and work hard behind the scenes to make their journey to franchise ownership a smooth one. We’re there to lend a hand getting their franchise up and operating, and we’ll be there to give an assist when they need it.

Having a steady hand available to help out can give owners peace of mind, and let them focus on serving customers and expanding the brand.

Start Your Meal Prep Business Plan Off Right with UpFresh Kitchen

Preparing to move into a leadership role and becoming part of a franchise can be an exciting time, but it’s crucial to take a careful, methodical approach.

Finding a brand that’s part of a growing industry, does business the way you like, and is there to help you open your doors and start feeding the public, can help you start off right. It’s why at UpFresh Kitchen, we’re ready for the future and are excited to share our new take on quick service dining with potential owners.

Want to learn more? Contact UpFresh Kitchen today, and find out for yourself the potential of a motivated, modern brand with a plan.