Are you considering starting a popcorn business? You’re not alone, especially as the popcorn industry overall enjoys an upward sales trend. Though often paired with the theater experience, a growing number of customers are seeking out those fluffy kernels to take home or just to enjoy a delectable and nostalgic treat at any time.

Starting a popcorn business might at first seem intimidating, especially if you’re not sure how to compete with ready-to-eat (RTE) or microwavable options. However, you’re stepping into an industry that already stands out by its nature.

The key is to develop and market your popcorn business in a way that helps it stand out. Here are six useful tips to help you start a popcorn company that thrives.

When Starting a Popcorn Business, Choose an Ideal Location

Once you set your mind to starting a new business venture, a crucial first step is to consider location. You should prepare your popcorn business to sell locally or beyond. Invest in market research and strategy to help you pinpoint a place where your business will catch the eyes of potential customers.

Aim for an area known to be busy, whether it’s the main street in town or a food court at the local mall. Be mindful that setting up shop in some highly desirable locations can get pricey. Try to aim for a spot that’s also realistically within your budget.

Don’t worry if you aren’t sure a physical location will do. You also have the option of launching a popcorn company online. As with a physical store, you still need to invest time and money into a proper marketing and sales ground game.

Feature Popular and Unique Popcorn Flavors

Buttered popcorn is practically a snacking institution unto itself. Therefore, it makes sense to feature this classic favor. That said, your popcorn business should also include less conventional popcorn options for sale—for example, sweet vanilla-flavored popcorn with rainbow colors.

People might not pause for golden yellow, but they might do so for purple or blue-colored kernels. You should also consider mixing in less conventional flavorings, such as dark chocolate or a spicy option.

Speaking of mixes, don’t be afraid to provide customers the option to enjoy a variety of flavors all together in one bag or container.

Host Special Events and Contests

Bring in business with a popcorn sale, or advertise that you’re offering a special event. Consider having monthly or seasonal contests paired with free popcorn or other snacks and even cash prizes.

Additionally, pay attention to local events, as you could participate as a sponsor. Annual events such as city heritage day festivals or the county or state fair provide ample opportunity to familiarize yourself with local tastes while letting the locals get to know you and your business.

Consider a Themed Popcorn Business

It’s entirely possible to stand out as a popcorn company by developing an off-beat theme for your business and its menu.

While you might not take your brand to great extremes, a creative theme could be a good way to differentiate your business among others in the local community.

Before diving headfirst into a theme, it is probably reasonable to test it out by offering samples and surveys. Make sure your idea has staying power. Otherwise, you run the risk of investing in a popcorn business gimmick that goes nowhere.

Offer Seasonal Snacks

Even if you’re not ready to go full out into a popcorn brand built around an off-beat theme, seasonally-themed treats are always a good idea. Many customers are always on the lookout for snacks that get them in the mood for a holiday.

Fill your window with brown caramel and orange cheese-flavored kernels to emphasize the feelings of fall. Decorate a red and green “tree” made of delectable and individually wrapped popcorn balls. Don’t be afraid to use color and flavor to appeal to would-be customers’ seasonal moods and wants.

Join a Thriving Popcorn Business Franchise

Want to learn how to start a popcorn business and give yourself some of the best possible odds for launching one that thrives? Link up with an existing and established franchise. At Del’s Popcorn Franchise Shop, we offer you the chance to invest in a popcorn shop franchise based on a business model that’s been around for multiple decades and generations.

Best of all, our franchise owners get 21 days of training through our College of Popcorn Knowledge. That includes detailed handbooks and the chance to get behind the counter of one of our stores. If you join our franchise system, you’ll also benefit from on-site assistance from a representative during your Grand Opening and on-going support. Before you know it, you’ll have your popcorn business open and operating.

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