Dogs may be furry and four-legged, but that doesn’t mean they’re not family to their owners. Americans are more conscientious of their pets’ health than ever before.

They’re more interested in finding the best foods, the most captivating toys, and the safest grooming services. With as many as 85 million, or 67% of the households in the US having dogs in 2021, this could be a promising moment to own a Pet Evolution dog franchise.


First, let’s look at some statistics:

  • US spending on pets has reached $99 billion, which is up a whopping $9 billion from just two years ago.
  • Dog owners spend, on average, $1,380 per year on their dogs, with food and treats taking up the largest portion of expenses, followed by veterinary care.
  • Younger dog owners are the most generous to their dogs, frequently buying them toys and even pet clothing once a month.

The fact that Americans are doting on their dogs this much is not surprising.

Pet owners report improved mental health because their dogs are part of their families. In return for companionship, unconditional love, and the quality of life dogs bring to their households, dog owners pamper their pooches with everything they need to thrive. This is why Pet Evolution can be the right choice for potential investors interested in the dog franchise business.


A dog franchise opportunity with Pet Evolution revolves around giving dog owners access to the best nutrition, grooming, and enrichment for their animals’ happiness. Giving dogs the healthiest pet food can mean dog owners enjoy more years with their beloved companions.

These health-focused food options can also save pet owners money due to fewer trips to the vet for chronic ear infections, skin infections, and food allergies. Because of this, Americans are spending higher amounts per bag of dog food to ensure their animals stay as healthy as possible.

Pet Evolution’s commitment to sourcing the healthiest foods for dogs is one reason why customers return time and again. This conscientious attention to detail has helped us cultivate an extremely loyal following of pet owners who rely on these foods to keep their dogs fit and active.

All Pet Evolution foods are free of corn, wheat, soy, animal byproducts, and artificial ingredients. A Pet Evolution franchise also offers choices for dogs on limited-ingredient diets.

But it’s not only about food. A dog franchise can offer haircuts, nail trims, and baths too just like humans, and pet owners want experienced, trusted grooming professionals to give their furry family members the best possible experience. A dog store franchise with Pet Evolution includes a full-service grooming salon where safety-certified groomers give dogs the royal treatment.

What’s more, by offering a self-serve dog wash, Pet Evolution can make it easy for dog owners to bathe their dogs with ergonomically comfortable pet washing stations. Pet owners are also provided with natural shampoos, clean and soft towels, and professional-grade dryers. This attention to detail helps keep dog owners coming back for the pampering and cleaning of their animals, which can bring in an additional stream of revenue for the dog franchise owner.

Pet Evolution also offers dog franchise owners grooming services right at home with mobile nail trimming. For many dog owners, trimming their dog’s nails can be fraught with nervousness, difficulty, and discomfort, and that’s just for the humans! The fear of accidentally trimming a nail too close or otherwise hurting their dog makes many dog owners grateful to leave this particular task to the professionals.

Pet Evolution’s mobile nail trimming service comes to the dog’s home environment, so the family dog’s nails are kept to a healthy length with a minimum of fuss and stress on the pup …and the owner. Happy paws make for happy dogs and their families.


Pet Evolution arose from the love the founders had for their family dogs. They wanted to offer other pet owners access to the same high-quality products and services they want for their own beloved animals.

Owning a Pet Evolution dog franchise is an opportunity to share your devotion to dogs with other dog lovers. This care shows in everything Pet Evolution stands for—proper nutrition, engaging toys, and gentle and safe grooming services.

Working with dogs for a living can be one of the most rewarding career paths available. Not only can spending the day with happy, thriving animals seem like a dream for animal lovers, but giving dog owners the education and products they need to enrich their dogs’ lives can serve as a reward unto itself.

With Pet Evolution, our experienced executive staff make regular visits to our dog franchise owners to keep them up-to-date on the latest industry studies, dog grooming techniques, and provide an understanding of our products and ingredients. This helps owners provide their customers with the answers they need to keep their dogs in the best health for as long as possible.

For example, at Pet Evolution, we’ve made it our mission to improve animal wellness through educating our customers on the science behind better pet nutrition. Many American families with dogs don’t realize that most commercially available dog food can be about as poor for dogs’ diets as fast food is for humans.

By providing our dog franchise owners with valuable dog nutrition information as well as only sourcing brands that meet our highest standards for pet nutrition, we help ensure that Pet Evolution customers feed their furry family members healthier, better quality pet food. Changing the pet food industry might seem like an ambitious goal, but we think our pets are worth it.


If you’re passionate about pets, love the idea of giving customers education and information on the healthiest products and services, and wish to own a business with good growth potential and rewards, a Pet Evolution franchise may be the right choice.

With our extensive training on the products and services, store operations, marketing, and sales programs, and day-to-day business support, we aim to give you everything you need for your dog franchise to grow and thrive, just like your customers’ beloved pets.