When most people think of a career working with animals, their first thought is a veterinarian or a veterinary technician. There are, however, a plethora of professionals in the pet industry that work outside the vet’s office. If you’ve decided to work with animals, you may be trying to decide between a pet store franchise and a pet boarding franchise opportunity.

Both franchise types help pet owners give their pets the best life. Understanding what these pet franchises can do may help you decide which is right for you.


Americans spend upwards of $95 billion on their pets every year. Pet food and treats are the recipients of the biggest portion of that spend. Veterinary care also takes quite a bite out of this slice of pie. Pet boarding franchise opportunities represent an $8.5 billion piece of the overall pet industry pie. For pet supply franchises, the market is around $50 billion.

Stores like Pet Evolution offer a large selection of pet products that fall into the foods and treats categories. According to Franchise Direct, there are about 9,750 pet stores in the US, including single location stores and multi-location companies, both franchised and independent. It’s not a saturated market by any means.


Dog boarding franchise is the business in charge of caring for dogs while their owners are attending any commitment. Pet boarding Franchises provide a safe and fun environment for pet owners when they are away.


First, let’s consider the advantages of the pet boarding franchise opportunity:

1. Working with Animals Every Day

People who open a pet franchise are often animal lovers, and opening a boarding business is one way to ensure being around four-legged friends all the time. Who wouldn’t want to play with happy pets all day?

2. Vetted and Potentially Profitable Business Model

Pet owners take vacations and go on business trips just like non-pet owners, and they need somewhere for their furry family members to stay while they’re gone. That need will likely never become obsolete.

Providing a safe place for animals to socialize, play, snooze, and just be themselves while their owners are away is a satisfying service. Not to mention, pet owners become loyal to those who keep their animals safe while they’re away from home.

3. Access to the Franchise Brand

A pet boarding franchise opportunity gives the franchisee access to branded marketing materials and taps into an already existing client base. It’s not starting from scratch. Building a business that already has a solid reputation and a thriving business model can help franchise owners avoid common start-up pitfalls that can plague new businesses.

4. Positive Impact on the Pet

Many pets, particularly dogs, thrive on structure and predictability. Pet boarding franchise opportunities give regular customers a way to provide that stability to their animals even while they’re at work or away on vacation. For dogs that go to daycare facilities every day, the pet boarding staff can become like a second family.


Every advantage to be found in a pet boarding franchise opportunity also exists in a pet store franchise. With a Pet Evolution pet store franchise, there are a few different benefits compared with a pet boarding franchise.

1. Smaller Footprint

A pet store’s space requirements are different than those of a pet boarding franchise opportunity. While there are animals present in the pet store, they are usually leashed or being groomed by certified pet groomers rather than running, playing, or sleeping.

2. Routine Hours

Pet stores often set the same number of hours each day of the week, so work is predictable while still being fulfilling. A pet boarding franchise gives franchise owners 24/7 access to pets, which can be a bonus. For some pet lovers, though, working within a routine number of hours is appealing for a happy work-life balance.

3. Positive Impact on the Pet

Just like with a pet boarding franchise, pet store franchises offer their staff a chance to positively impact the lives of their customers’ pets. By recommending top-quality foods (even those for specific diets) and engaging toys, pet store franchise owners can help animals feel energetic and happy. It’s especially gratifying to help a pet that’s struggling with allergies, skin rashes, or other digestive concerns improve their condition by recommending a food that can resolve those issues.

Add in enriching toys, interactive products that keep pets energetic, and grooming services, and the positive impact on the pet is both complete and comparable to what they’d experience from a pet boarding franchise opportunity.

4. A Career Working with Animals

Both a pet store franchise and a pet boarding franchise give owners and staff a chance to work with animals every day. For investors who have a passion for animal well-being and a desire to interact with pets every day, either franchise is a good choice.

A Pet Evolution franchise owner has a different type of interaction with animals every day, from the grooming salon to the dog washing stations to the products aisles. While each encounter is shorter, they can be as playful as what staff at a pet boarding franchise experiences.


If opening a pet store franchise sounds like the choice for you when compared with a pet boarding franchise opportunity, then Pet Evolution may have exactly what you’re looking for in an investment.

To own a Pet Evolution pet store franchise, investors can expect an initial investment estimate between $424,500 and $598,550. This range includes the $49,000 franchise fee for a single unit. Multi-unit licenses are available for $10,000 per license with a minimum of six units in the multi-unit franchise agreement.

If you have a passion for working with animals and want to have a fulfilling, positive impact on their lives (and the lives of their families), then contact us today to learn how you can become a Pet Evolution franchise owner. You can download our ebook for more information, or fill out the form on this page to begin a conversation with a franchise development team member for Pet Evolution.