Fah (yes, fah) be it from us, a pop-u-lah lob-stuh franchise (ok, lobster franchise) to tell you what to do with your kuh-ree-uh (figure it out). What? Yeah, we know how to spell. So, why-aah we talking like this? Keep readin’ you’ll un-duh-stand in a minute.

Ok, we’ll tone it down and speak normally, but if you’d rather be a lobsterman than own a lobster food truck franchise, you’re going to have to learn to speak a bit differently. (Gonna hav-tuh talk like you know what yor doin’). Last time, we promise. Oh, and you’re going to have to move to Maine.

Why are we discussing being a lobsterman vs becoming a lobster truck franchise owner?

Honestly, our young lobster franchise has become so popular that we’ve actually received calls to find out how we can help people explore a career working on a lobster boat.

While we confess we’re not experts in how to harvest Homarus americanus from the ocean depths (Homarus americanus = a lobster. That sounded pretty expert didn’t it?!), we know enough to compare the day in the life of a lobsterman to that of a lobster roll franchise owner.

We’ll have a little fun here, but our purpose is clear. If you’re considering owning a lobster truck franchise, but sorta want to consider spending every single day of your life on a lobster boat, we are unapologetic about our desire to push you towards the former.

Lobsterman vs Lobster Food Truck Franchise Owner – Relocation

Ok lobsterman, first things first. You’re packing up and moving to Maine. Sure, they have lobsters off the Carolina coast all the way south to Florida.

But, to suggest you move anywhere other than Maine would be like suggesting you open a Masshole Lobster Truck lobster franchise at the North Pole. Shouldn’t happen. Not gonna happen.

Naturally, when you move to Maine, you’ll need to learn a new language. Umm, it’s sorta English they speak
up there in lobster country. Sorta. You’ll at least have to learn to understand the vernacular because the boat captain and the sternman will be barking all kinds of orders at you as you learn your new craft.

Convinced you should be the captain of a lobster truck franchise and maybe not the lobsterman? Not yet?

More lobster-industry fun facts to compare

We should point out that at Masshole Lobster Truck we LOVE the lobsterman, the sternman, the guy who repairs the boat, and the guy who weighs the lobsters. Without them we’re just Masshole Truck, and what does that even mean?

We’re just looking out for you and your future. Especially your financial future. We realize you probably don’t come from a long line of family lobstermen, and to own a lobster franchise, something we know a ton about and can help you learn too even if you have no prior lobster truck franchise experience will be a little easier.

How about a little practical career comparison?

Business Startup:

Lobsterman – two-year apprenticeship then you wait five to seven years for an older lobsterman to retire his boat.
Lobster roll franchise owner – after you’ve signed your franchise agreement, the Masshole Lobster Truck team shares their experience by thoroughly training you and your team. You’re making money serving lobster rolls in just a few months.

Overall Job Stress:

Lobster food truck franchise owner – normal job stress, pay your bills, take your profit, feed your family.
Lobsterman – an entire small town in Maine is relying on your daily catch for their livelihood. The whole town. Uh, no pressure?

Early Mornings:

Lobsterman – calling your crew at 3am after you’ve checked the weather 12 miles off the coast. Not going back to sleep.
Lobster franchise owner – If you do wake up at 3am you realize your first appointment is the gym workout at 7:30 am. Ah, four more hours.

Job Hazards:

Lobster franchise owner – as long as your food truck has good brakes and your parents trained you not to touch hot things on the stove, you should be good.
Lobsterman – make sure you don’t step on the ropes and lines connected to the lobster traps so as not to be thrown overboard.

Rules and Regulation:

Lobsterman – Maine law limits you to 800 lobster traps.
Lobster franchise owner – if you can sell 800 or more lobster rolls in a day, go for it!! There are big events that you’ll cater, don’t think it can’t happen!


Lobster franchise owner – just about any seafood franchise territory you can name. The demand for food trucks continues to grow!
Lobsterman – remember, if you live in Dallas, Milwaukee or Chicago, it’s time to start packing.

Have we convinced you not to be a lobsterman yet?

To be honest it feels like we have. And, if by some small chance we haven’t convinced you that starting your own lobster food truck franchise is the way to go, a conversation with a Masshole Lobster Truck team member might be just what you need, we can arrange that.

As we’ve tried to prepare you for what it would be like to actually catch the lobsters as opposed to serving delicious lobster rolls, we can also prepare you for that phone call with our lobster franchise team.

Be prepared to hear that you can be your own boss, earn a fabulous living, receive amazing training on how to prepare the most succulent lobster roll you’ve ever tasted, learn how to both operate and market your lobster truck business, and get to live just about anywhere you can imagine.

Give us a call at Masshole Lobster Truck and let us tell you more about this amazing lobster food truck franchise opportunity!

And, hats off to lobstermen everywhere! We love you and your lob-stuhs! Sorry, couldn’t resist.