The history of the Mexican food industry is a complex one, but we dig complexity when it comes to food. The Mayans were constructing their own renditions of flavor bombs back in the 12th century, which included combinations of chili peppers, honey, salt, and chocolate, to complement wild game, turkey, and duck.

By the 16th century, Spain invaded Mexico, and the rest is history. Spanish cuisine added garlic and spices to Mexico’s montage of flavors derived from Portugal, France, West Africa, South America, and the Caribbean. Combined, these gorgeously fragrant and flavorful combinations are what Americans consider to be Mexican inspired cuisine today. We just call it Dank and delicious!


The second most loved food in the U.S. is Mexican food. 86% of Americans love it. We obviously think it’s the Dankest cuisine on the market, and build upon traditional Mexican spices with our own flavor bombastic combos.

Some Mexican food industry numbers to chill on:


We’ve mentioned before that 238 million U.S. households eat Mexican food and use Mexican food ingredients.

At Dank Burrito, we dove into the Mexican food market because first and foremost, we love the food! We also sincerely appreciate the culture, and if we weren’t so Dank, it’d give us a warm and fuzzy feeling all over. We are proud to serve up Mexican-inspired dishes and get crazy excited about building upon all that history with different, exciting foods and flavors.

Our menu is chef inspired and brings a bit of culinary genius to every plate, bowl, or wrap, with fresh to death ingredients prepared Every. Single. Morning. You’ve probably never seen so many avocados in one place! Our Dank-licious ingredients are never frozen, never processed, never canned, reheated, or preheated. Our food is so fresh you can’t mess it up. We’re pretty sure that’s another definition of fresh to death!


We get it, it’s a helluva market, and we have very good news for you. Dank Burrito is opening franchise locations in areas across North and South Carolina, Georgia…and well, where do you want to open one? Let’s talk about it.

The Dank Burrito franchise model has a ton to offer new and experienced franchisees. We put a lot of thought and Dankness into our streamlined systems so that people like you could join the brand, be a part of the popular Mexican food industry, and start livin’ the Dank life.

Check it out. We offer:

  •       A comparatively low initial investment
  •       Experienced, dedicated leadership
  •       A bold, edgy brand loved by oldsters, youngsters, and everyone in between
  •       Chef-level innovation you can rely on—you don’t need to be a chef, we’ve got one!
  •       Multiple revenue streams from varying day parts, gift cards, and awesome merch!
  •       An incredibly thorough training program
  •       Initial and ongoing support

So much Dankness we can hardly contain ourselves.


We’re looking for financially qualified, driven individuals who have a passion for food (not only eating it but sharing the love!). Most importantly, we want people who are excited about our BRAND, who get us, who want to Dank out with us, so they can build a serious business, that serves seriously good food, to seriously committed fans – our Dank Nation.


We’re so thankful for our chef extraordinaire, Clarke Merrell. He’s like a real chef, who went to culinary school and everything. If your curious about him, his story, and why he is so good at coming up with our Dank Burrito flavor bombs, click here and scroll on down. If you are checking out our brand, you should check out our chef!

Now back to being thankful.

If we could go back in time to the 12th and 16th centuries, we’d break some seriously appreciative bread with the Mayans, Spaniards, and Mexicans who all came together to give us the flavors we’re so crazy about. Cheers to culinary history, and the fruits of their labor. We think they must have been pretty Dank in their day.