Preparing to become a franchise owner can be an exciting time. It’s a transition to a new and different life, and a shift for many people into a leadership role. But it shouldn’t be a solo journey — franchise support from Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill can give owners the kind of backing that will be so crucial to franchise ownership and success.

At Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill, we give our partners support that can make a difference. We’re building a brand in an industry on the rise, and we’ve got an owner-focused business plan to help them grow their customer base and work on building a top bar franchise.

The best bar franchises  are those that are there when owners need them and are ready to lend meaningful assistance when they’re needed. At Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill we target potential trouble areas before they happen, and offer our bar franchise owners a support structure informed by experience.

  • A brand with a plan of action and a history of results
  • A dedication to quality of food, drink and experience
  • A focus on customer service
  • Ongoing support

At Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill, our owners can get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they’re part of a brand built with their best interests at heart.

A Brand with a Plan

The first concern that many potential franchise owners have is an understandable and human one. Does the franchise have a long-term strategy, or experience getting new sites up and operating?

With Hotshots franchise support, we strive to remove uncertainty from the process. We understand the importance of a well-reasoned and time-tested method when building a brand, and we created a step-by-step process to help interested inquirers get their own franchise open and serving customers as soon as possible.

We have years of experience in franchising, and it’s helped us refine our system and focus on creating the best bar franchise support structure we can.

Hotshots franchise support means getting key assistance with site selection, store design, construction, and much more. It’s the sort of backing that can let owners concentrate on the things that matter, like building a base of loyal guests, customer service and loyalty.

A Dedication to Quality

What goes into making a top sports bar franchise? One of the hallmarks of an owner-centered franchise like Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill is our insistence on quality every step of the way. It keeps our customers happy, and gives our owners long-term solutions for sustainability and growth.

Hotshots franchise support doesn’t stop at setup assistance — we make ingredient quality a priority, and work to make every meal at our franchise a memorable one.

We make sure we use vendors with quality sourcing, and everything we use in our kitchen has to meet our high standards. It gives our owners the confidence they need to deliver good times, every day.

At Hotshots, franchise support means quality ingredients, delicious meals, and great guest memories. It’s a cornerstone of our business, and a reason our customers return again and again.

The Best Sports Bar Franchises Focus on Service

Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill knows that our owners need more than a foundation to grow their business. The best sports bar franchises recognize the need for well-established operating guidelines as well.

Having a solid game plan can help owners develop long-term strategies, and give them benchmarks and standards to meet in their daily operations. It’s part of the Hotshots franchise support structure, and part of our guiding principles.

Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill works under a strict customer-service standard of 30-2-10. Within thirty seconds of being seated, guests must be greeted and have their drink order taken; two minutes after that, they should have their drinks in hand; and their food should arrive within ten minutes after ordering.

We’re proud of our customer service standards. They’re part of the way we support our franchise owners and help make sure every guest gets the kind of star treatment that makes them eager to return.

Initial and Ongoing Support

A well-designed plan, and a focus on quality and service can help the best sports bar franchise owners get their business started right. And Hotshots franchise support keeps assisting our owners after they open their doors and throughout their time in operation.

When a new owner signs with us, they know that they’re joining a brand that’s ready to back them up whenever the situation calls for it. We offer robust and continuing support to our franchise owners and are prepared to step up and lend a hand.

Our owners can leverage our ongoing marketing and social media campaigns, and get initial and spot training to help ensure that all staff members meet our strict standards for guest management and quality control.

Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill knows that for support to count, it needs to be part of the everyday fabric of the workplace. We mean to provide that support to all our owners, whenever they need it.

The best bar franchise Works for Their Owners

A franchisee needs to support its owners if they want to last. That’s why Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill has built its brand on a foundation of owner assistance.

Giving bar franchise owners a well-designed plan for getting their location built, staffed, trained, and operating is a must. For Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill, the attention to quality and customer service helps them build their guest base, and our ongoing support means they’re never alone.

Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill is ready to grow, and we’re looking for new owners to come along with us. We’ve got a franchise model we’re proud of, and the drive to grow. We cannot wait to share it with you as we work to grow together.

Want to learn more? Contact us today, and start your franchise ownership in style with us!