So, you’re thinking about owning a local food truck? (We commend those thoughts!) Decisions, decisions. To this point, perhaps you’ve had big food truck ideas, not small food truck ideas.

To begin, before you even think about the truck itself, you’d be wise to consider the advantages of being an owner of a small food truck franchise vs starting a business from scratch, on your own.


We’re gonna get right to the point. We assume you might not have done this before. Fair? That’s where the wisdom and know-how from those who have gone before you can make your dream a much easier reality. Consider some of the benefits of the franchise model:

The franchisor can help you identify the right territory for your business.
Training, training, training. You’ll be taught how to run a franchise business.
Do you have proven recipes that people will love? The franchisor has that too.
Buying power! It’s amazing what money a franchisee can save when it’s all bought in bulk.
Marketing! It’s not just build it – or in this case, drive up and park – and they will come. Becoming a franchise owner has huge benefits when it comes to marketing the brand.
Ongoing support. You’re not in this alone. The franchise company is here to help you learn, grow and be profitable. Learn more about food truck profit margins.


Do you purchase a small food truck when all along you assumed “food truck equals step van”? What will the other trucks think?

Well, not so fast on those FedEx truck conversion plans my friend. Finding a small food truck for sale could very well be your best move on the way to growing a thriving food truck business.

The important thing to consider as you search the web for “small food truck for sale near me” instead of “biggest, baddest, blingiest food truck near me” is how the size of your food truck will allow you to grow your business, and growing this business, like any business, takes capital.

To start, bigger isn’t necessarily better. A smaller truck has some distinct advantages. Size, despite what the culture says, doesn’t always matter.


Both small-food-truck owners just starting out and large-food-truck owners operating established and recognizable brands will agree that capital to run your food truck business is a key ingredient for success.
Save where it matters, beginning with your initial investment, the food truck itself.

Whether you are searching for a small food truck for sale, a mini food truck for sale, or even a small concession trailer, weigh the costs vs the benefits as you settle on the size of your first food truck.

Ask yourself important questions to determine your needs. Will a small food truck interior design plan accommodate my food prep process? Do I need more or less counter space to prepare a lobster roll? Will my team need more or less grill space based on the number of burgers I’ll serve relative to other items on the menu? Do I need a small 3 compartment sink for my small food truck, or will two sinks suffice?

Websites like or are super helpful industry resources, as you “think small” and look for small food truck ideas.

If a small food truck fits your model, you can be reasonably confident that your upfront costs will be lower than if you decide to purchase the big boy (pretty sure you assumed as much). Feel confident that used and small are very often the wise choice.

Maybe size does matter. Just not in the way you were thinking. Franchise food truck


You’ve made a smart decision to go small. You figured out that eight additional feet of counter space weren’t required and the savings you realized on the truck allowed you to purchase the small 3 compartment sink for your food truck. Good decision making!

Now it is time to get excited about the future. Serving the masses! Yes, in addition to all that cash you’ve saved on your new rolling restaurant, your brain should be exploding with small food truck ideas and opportunities.

The local high-school has limited space for the annual “Football, Food Trucks & Fantastic Fans Homecoming Tailgate” held in the parking lot, so food truck alley is limited to just 8 vendors. All trucks must fit between the bouncy house row and the world’s largest PTA cakewalk, because, you know – the headmaster.

Not to worry, you and your truck qualify. Your strategic purchase makes you vendor #4. Kickoff is
at 7 pm, and set up is at 4:30 pm. Don’t be late! These people will be hungry. (And, they’ve yet to try a lobster roll before a football game.)

Your local municipality is hosting “Food Trucks in the Park” this Fall. Steve’s Studly Steaks & Brews purchased a 30-foot food truck, and it doesn’t fit on the city’s event grid. Guess whose food truck does? That’s right.

There will be 2,000 people looking for the best street food they’ve ever tasted, and your cost-per-square-foot
of trucks, space is also way less than big truck guys. You win!

At both of these food truck events, your truck and its well-planned and delicious menu, only require a team of two people. Three people if there’s a line down the street. You know what, there will be, so three … plan on three people.


Just like you, we hope your new company grows into a culinary empire, if that’s what you desire. Who
knows, maybe one day you’ll retrofit a fleet of buses with grills on both sides and a serving line down the middle, cafeteria-style. Your small food truck ideas can certainly grow larger!

And, you might have guessed by now that the Masshole Lobster Truck team knows a little something about running a small food truck franchise.

Here are a few reasons why becoming a Masshole Lobster Truck franchise owner might be just what you were looking for as you enter the food truck space.

The Masshole Lobster Truck franchise provides an opportunity for a low cost of entry when compared to a fixed-location restaurant, and with high net revenue potential.
Money saved on your truck can be used to purchase higher-end kitchen equipment with an efficient small truck interior design plan.
Since Day 1, our founder Adam Bylicki has known that a small food truck makes the operator more flexible as you target events and locations. More events equal more customers.
As you consider the day-to-day operation, a confined space in which to work can lead to productive and efficient decision making about your menu and the steps and resources required to produce the delicious food you’ll be serving.

The more we think about it, the more we conclude that maybe size does matter. It matters in your strategic planning and decision making. Choose well, chef. A small food truck franchise could be your start to a big finish! So, what are you waiting on?

There’s a small food truck for sale out there waiting on you! Continue with your “small food truck for sale near me” search today! And, if you have to drive a few extra miles to get that perfect truck, that’s ok too!

Call Masshole Lobster Truck today to learn more!