There’s something soothing about coffee shops. Imagine the communal atmosphere with the scent of freshly roasted coffee wafting through the air… it’s heavenly. Many of the best coffee shop franchise owners are experts at utilizing this incredible experience– and you could join their ranks.

Learn About a Top Coffee shop franchise

Today, we’re looking at one of the best coffee shop franchises in 2022: Just Love Coffee Cafe. We’ll go over several aspects of the franchise to determine if you might be a match made in coffee heaven for this exciting coffee franchise. If you’re considering becoming a franchise owner and have a passion for all things coffee, then you’ve come to the right place!

Just Love Coffee Cafe: The Backstory

Founder and CEO Rob Webb opened the first Just Love Coffee Cafe location in 2011, and three more locations in 2014. The idea behind Just Love Coffee Cafe is, put simply, love. It might sound a little cheesy, but that sentiment Rob had – and still has today – is as true now as then.

On a flight to Ethiopia in 2009 to meet his and his wife’s newly adopted children, Rob realized that their personal adoption journey had become expensive and challenging. He also knew that many other people were going through the same struggles, and he had a “lightbulb” moment: What if he set up a for-profit business that could help out other people in his situation?

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With a personal interest in hand-roasting coffee and years of experience supplying coffee and other workplace essentials to offices around Nashville, Rob was ready to move forward. During first year of existence, Just Love Coffee was an online venture that raised and donated nearly $100,000 for families looking to adopt.

Once Just Love Coffee Cafe moved into its first physical location, the delicious smell of the coffee drew in customers from nearby and miles away! Eventually, it was natural for the business to begin operations as a cafe, serving hand-roasted coffee and tasty food, as well. This led to it becoming one of the best coffee shop franchises around.

Now, the Just Love Coffee Cafe team is ready to spread the word even further and have more franchisees join its franchise family. Could you become an important part of their journey into the future?

Just Love Coffee Cafe: The Philosophy

There’s an important question that you may have been asking yourself about this coffee shop franchise. Are you franchisee material? As you may already know, a huge part of choosing the top coffee shop franchises that could be right for you is matching your philosophy to the franchise. It’s crucial that you believe in the same core values and ideals as a franchisor, to ensure you share the same philosophies in order to work together harmoniously.

Just Love Coffee Cafe is dedicated to serving coffee with a cause. If you’re a community-minded individual with a desire to give back and help others, then you could be the perfect franchisee for Just Love Coffee Cafe. The entire ethos of the coffee shop franchise centers around being much more than just a coffee shop.

Your Just Love Coffee Cafe location could become a community hub. It could host fundraising events like school spirit nights, trivia nights, and other events. Just Love Coffee Cafe franchisees don’t serve coffee to customers and call it a day; they aim to form connections and build up communities through homey atmospheres, specialty coffee, and delicious food.

If this all appeals to your heart and soul, then Just Love Coffee Cafe could be the best coffee shop franchise for you. Just Love Coffee Cafe’s focus on fundraising and coffee with heart can make it truly appealing to potential franchisees. However, the business needs franchisees with similar mindsets to function and truly grow. Franchisees need to be extroverted people who love to interact with customers, as well as being community minded and motivated to become a catalyst for civic development.

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Just Love Coffee Cafe Franchise: The Financials

Of course, there’s a lot more to becoming a franchise owner than determining if you’re a good match for the franchisor in terms of your philosophies. You’ll need to be able to provide the necessary financial requirements to verify that you’re well positioned to set up and operate your own location. Common costs include build-out expenses and the initial franchise fee, both of which are included in your initial investment with Just Love Coffee Cafe.

Let’s look at the figures. To become a Just Love Coffee Cafe franchisee, you’ll need:

  • An initial investment of $333,500—$563,000.
  • $100,000 minimum liquid capital.

These requirements are designed to be beneficial to you and your Just Love Coffee Cafe location. Your initial investment covers a large range of fees and costs, such as marketing, training, rent, and more.

Furthermore, Just Love Coffee Cafe is a low-cost franchise investment opportunity, you’ll be able to start a Just Love Coffee Cafe franchise with less capital while still maintaining the possibility of potential returns.

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Final Thoughts on Choosing on the Best Coffee Shop Franchises

It’s important that you follow your heart and that the culture of the company you set out to invest in aligns with the trajectory you envision for your franchise. That’s why we believe that Just Love Coffee Cafe is one of the best coffee shop franchises: it’s coffee with a cause, where every cozy cup of joe that you pour could make a real change in someone’s life.