Are you a beauty professional who is searching for a modern salon franchise opportunity or a beauty salon franchise in the USA? If so, the number of opportunities abound! You’re on the right track, because beauty is BIG business! It’s an extensive industry, comprised of all kinds of product and service dedicated to helping us look and feel the way we want, whether for personal or professional reasons.[1]

There is a stunning array of services being offered in this space. How do you choose? Savvy entrepreneurs will look for a particular niche that they can excel in, and one popular, growing niche is the specialty salon and spa industry.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how investing in a specialty salon franchise offering lash services is an exciting and appealing niche to invest in. And we’ll introduce you to GIRLKIN Lashes, a premier lash extension brand founded upon exquisite eyelash artistry, exclusive client experiences, and dazzling lash lounges.

GIRLKIN Lashes is offering salon franchise opportunities. With our help, you might be able to see yourself operating one of their luxurious salon franchises dedicated to the fun and glamorous service of lash extensions. Read on!


Today’s modern men and women crave a few hours of solace in a space where they can be pampered and catered to while achieving a look that is uniquely their own.[2] This is why they visit specialty salons and spas, for services above and beyond a general haircut.

Consider this: there is no better way to express oneself than creating glamorous eyes and brows, tailored just to the look you want to achieve. This is provided by a growing niche market called lash extension services, offered by salons that are dedicated to this specialty. So if you’ve looked at salon franchise opportunities, you owe it to yourself to look further into an exciting, glamourous niche being fulfilled by custom lash and brow lounges, such as GIRLKIN Lashes.


Lash extensions have enjoyed growing acceptance among consumers of varying ages to add volume to one’s natural eyelashes. Dramatic, bold or subtle, there is a custom lash look for everyone. Consumers have quickly realized that they can have a transformational impact on one’s appearance.[3]

That is why the global false eyelashes market size, which was valued at $1.1 billion in 2018, is projected to reach a whopping $1.9 billion over the next few years – in product alone. And a large portion of revenue – the services offered by the salon – is not even included in this number. This service category is precisely where a lash salon franchise opportunity can generate some seriously attractive business growth potential.


Recent studies show 50% of women surveyed visit eyelash extension salons regularly.[4] Clearly, eyelashes have become an everyday accessory. In fact, many women feel like it’s the same as going to get your hair done – in other words, a typical appointment that women fit into their everyday lives[5] to look better and feel refreshed. For owners of a salon franchise, such repeat visits and recurring revenues are the life blood of their business.

The most astute entrepreneurs in the lash and brow space will offer a premium experience, paired with the highest quality lash service, making their lash customers look forward to their appointments and to keep coming back. This is exactly the foundation upon which the lush GIRLKIN Lashes salon franchise opportunity is built.


We’ve now looked briefly at the specialty spa and salon industry, and the size and growth of one particular niche: the exciting, growing lash extension business.

As in so many aspects of life, timing is everything when it comes to picking the right niche in an enormous market. You want to select a business that’s on the rise, one that is catching the eye of influencers and trending in fashion and culture. This is precisely where specialty salon franchises really shine, and where a GIRLKIN Lashes franchise stands out.

The GIRLKIN Lashes experience provides an eyelash extension franchise opportunity like no other. You will offer lash extension and lash lift services, with expansion possibilities for even more beauty services. Empower yourself and your future with GIRLKIN Lashes! Together, we can grow your lash artistry business to create an exciting future for you, with all the rewards that come from making others feel beautiful.

And how about YOU? Are you ready to maximize your own potential and take hold of something that is thriving, bringing beauty and confidence to your community? Are you ready to be your own boss, building a team that will pamper customers in a luxurious environment that you (with the help of your GIRLKIN team of professionals) have designed?

If you’re looking for exciting professional fulfilment that comes from providing luxurious lash extension services in a dazzling environment, then our incomparable lash franchise may be just the right choice for you. Take hold of this opportunity to give lash lovers a lavish experience with a GIRLKIN Lashes salon franchise.

Get the facts on a GIRLKIN Lash salon franchise opportunity, and learn how you could bring your leadership and business skills to our team. We might be an ideal match!