If you’ve been looking for a promising coffee shop for sale in Austin or another Texas city recently, then you’ve come to the right place. A coffee franchise in Texas could be the perfect next step for your career if you’re ready to step into the bean-brewing life, taking care of coffee-loving customers every day.

But it can be difficult to find the best coffee shop franchise in Texas for you. What do you need to look out for? How can you tell if a franchise opportunity is worth investigating, or if you should keep looking?

Luckily, there are several signs that can help you learn about coffee franchises in Texas – and we’re going to go through them all here. Get ready to find out whether you’re right for a coffee shop franchise in Texas, and whether that coffee shop for sale in Austin you’re researching might be right for you!

Sign 1: Are You Right for A Coffee Franchise in Texas?

Many of the elements we examine focus on the franchisor and what they can offer you as a business owner. But it can be helpful to take a step back and consider if you’re the right fit for a franchise. For example, Just Love Coffee Cafe is looking for franchise owners who want to give back to their communities with fundraisers and charitable events, as well as simply allowing their coffee shop to contribute to their communities. Are you someone who would love to create a friendly community hub, serving hand-roasted coffee, and delicious food to both new and familiar faces?

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If so, you and Just Love Coffee Cafe might be a great fit. Individuals with a drive to put into their community, a love for interacting with others, whether they’re employees (the Bean Team!) or customers, have qualities that might make them effective franchise owners.

There are also the financial requirements to consider, It is recommended that you have $135,000 available in liquid capital; this number will vary from franchise to franchise, but it’s important to take note of the figure. You’ll also need to pay a franchise fee of $39,000, included in an estimated total initial investment range of $333,500 to $563,000. This initial investment should set you up for your first few months of franchise ownership with Just Love Coffee Cafe – but remember that these amounts can vary for different coffee franchises in Texas.

Sign 2: Is This an Industry You’d Like to Enter?

As well as considering whether you’re right for an individual coffee franchise in Texas, such as Just Love Coffee Cafe, you should also check whether the coffee shop industry is right for you. The coffee shop market in the United States was worth $36 billion in 2020, making it a sector worth investigating. If you’re ready to enter a bustling market, then investing in a coffee franchise in Texas could be the right move for you.

You could also be serving lots of coffee-lovers every day, as 63% of Americans drank coffee daily in 2019. Potential franchise owners with belief in community might be ideal fits for Just Love Coffee Cafe, where franchise owners often work on the frontlines with their Bean Team to deliver delicious coffee with a cause to smiling customers.

If you seem like a good fit for the industry and for franchise ownership, then we can move on to other important aspects of a good coffee franchise in Texas.

Sign 3: What Are the Franchisor’s Values?

Often, the best franchisors are those that have personality and individuality and who encourage their franchise owners to have the same qualities.

Check out the story behind the franchisor. Look for the central figures who run the franchise, and see what information is available about them.

A good example is Just Love Coffee Cafe, originally established by CEO and founder, Rob Webb, as a roaster with an all e-commerce platform, that was socially minded, and focused on helping adoptive families. Rob’s first coffee shop opened in 2011, and Just Love Coffee Cafe has been expanding ever since! Just Love Coffee Cafe has now began a “Cause Coffee Program” that is a layered model of giving back, both on a national and local level.

Knowing who the founder of a franchise is and what values they have can help you to determine which coffee shop franchise in Texas is right for you.

Sign 4: How Supportive Is the Franchisor?

It’s crucial for an owner to know they’ve got their franchise system to back them. Check out the level of support that the franchisor offers to their franchise owners. This can range from initial and supplemental training plus ongoing coaching and support.

Just Love Coffee Cafe has a detailed support process for franchise owners, where you’ll be led through the initial start-up process (site selection, build-out, etc.) right up to your grand opening. You’ll even receive support with ongoing local store marketing, as well as ongoing operational, financial and managerial guidance.

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Final Thoughts

Just Love Coffee Cafe is on a mission to become one of the best coffee franchises in Texas. If you’re outgoing, hardworking, and positive, and you meet the financial requirements, then contact Just Love Coffee Cafe today to learn more about our franchise model.