Are you looking to become a kid gym franchise owner? Not only is this an excellent opportunity for you to make a potential living, but it helps parents with getting their kids to move.

As many as 75 percent of American children aren’t getting enough exercise. A lack of exercise can create bad habits as the kids grow older and can lead to childhood obesity. One way to get kids to move more is to make working out fun.

As a Flippo’s kids’ gym franchise owner, here are some ways you’ll help kids get moving.

A Fun Indoor Playground

A playground is an excellent way to get a child moving. With fun colors, plenty of areas to jump and climb, and a great place to socialize, the playground is a staple of any generation. However, outdoor playgrounds are weather-dependent. Having an indoor jungle gym means all-year fun for a child, rain or shine.

Each Flippo’s kid gym franchise comes with a big indoor playground with plenty of room to explore. A child will be entertained for hours when they visit us!

A Laser Maze

Of course, an indoor jungle gym is typical. However, what sets Flippo’s kid gym franchise apart is our indoor laser maze.

The maze has lasers everywhere, and kids need to be acrobatic to make it across without tripping over them. A child will feel like they’re in a spy movie as they navigate to the end. This laser maze is so fun that even adults will want to do it.

The appeal of a laser made is that it gets kids not only moving but thinking. Of course, they’ll need to make it across without getting hit, and sometimes, this requires some tricky navigation.

As a Flippo’s kid gym franchise owner, you’ll have a fun laser maze at your disposal to entice guests and build business.

Something for the Toddlers, Too

Flippo’s jungle gym is for young children to early adolescents. However, what if someone has a toddler? Flippo’s franchise kids gym has a toddler’s section for those under three years old, meaning you can provide options to families with children of many different ages.

The first few years are vital for a child’s development.  Our children’s gym franchise has toys to get toddlers moving and let their imagination run wild. We carefully select our toys for both body and mind development. Our goal is to have something for children of all ages in our kid gym franchise, including the youngest of the young, and to have multiple ways to impact the business’ bottom line.

We Have a Sports Court

More kids are not getting into sports. We believe sports can teach children teamwork, healthy competition, athleticism, and above all, fun!

Our sports court has several sports children can try, and they can try them out at their own pace. In a children gym franchise, children are free to play at a pace that makes them comfortable. By giving them a judgment-free place to practice sports, we believe they’ll love it and they’ll keep coming back.

Our Franchise Kids Gym Has The Ball Blaster

As a kid gym franchise owner, you’ll own our Ball Blaster, too. This machine adds a new twist to dodgeball. Children run through a maze while one child controls the ball blaster. The blaster sends balls flying everywhere, and kids must avoid them.

This game lets kids be active while requiring strategy on all sides. It’s so fun that you’ll wish you were a kid again so you could play it. It’s another reason to check out this exciting kid gym franchise opportunity.

Time Freak: The Game of Reflexes

Another game we have is Time Freak. Children can play Time Freak solo or with a friend, and their goal is to hit the most buttons the light up. Because they will be moving their arms around quite a bit, this game will get kids moving. Not only that, but it’s a mentally stimulating game, requiring children to think fast. Time Freak is just another way Flippos helps kids move.

A Cafe That Bakes, Never Fries

After a long day of playing, children are going to be hungry. However, feeding them fried, unhealthy foods can lessen the benefits of working out. At Flippo’s, we understand this. Our kid gym franchise menu includes favorites like hot dogs and healthier options like vegetarian pizza.

We always bake and never fry our food. Our cooking method means is that a child will eat fewer empty calories. With that said, we don’t sacrifice taste. When you franchise kids’ gym Flippo’s, you obtain another revenue source, such as the food court, while also serving kids healthier foods they will love.

 An Arcade to Unwind With

At Flippo’s, we believe that video games aren’t the problem. In fact, in moderation, games can have many benefits for kids. After a day of play, there’s nothing wrong with a child unwinding in our arcade. They can play games, win tickets for prizes, and enjoy the rest of their time. For a kid gym franchise owner, this means that you have another revenue source to leverage. Our arcade is also the perfect place for a birthday party.

We’re Looking for Franchise Owners

At Flippo’s, we’re looking to expand our business and need franchise owners like you to help us. We have franchise opportunities for those looking to leave the daily grind and surround themselves with something more fun.

Because Flippo’s has many potential revenue sources, it’s an excellent place for a franchise owner to grow a business. By becoming a Flippo’s franchise owner, you have an establishedkid gym franchise at your fingertips, and we believe that you can help us make Flippo’s even more magical than it already is. If you’re interested in learning more about this kid gym franchise, then a great way to do so is becoming a franchisee for Flippos, and bring more and more fun to every kid that comes walking through the door.

Interested in learning more?  For more information about Flippo’s as a franchise, visit our franchising page. Also, don’t be afraid to ask us any questions you may have.