America loves burgers, and the popularity of the casual dining market is growing, meaning now could be the time to consider investing in a Barrel House burger franchise.

Joining a franchise opportunity can be a great way to enter the casual dining industry without having to go it alone. Many entrepreneurs love having an established business model to guide them as they build their restaurants. 

Owning a franchise with Barrel House could help new owners balance the risks and rewards of opening a restaurant by providing a framework of good practices. That may mean less trial and error and more time to focus on potential revenue building.

If you’re interested in becoming an owner and are considering a burger restaurant franchise, read on to discover if a Barrel House franchise might be right for you.

Burger Franchises Serve One of America’s Favorite Foods

Burgers are a quintessential American food, and we eat them at an amazing rate. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Americans eat about 50 billion burgers every year, or 2.4 burgers each per day.

The American love affair with burgers has been going strong since 1904, when the hamburger made its national debut at the St. Louis Louisiana Purchase Exposition. Today Americans enjoy burgers at backyard barbecues, ball games, fast food restaurants, and casual dining establishments such as Barrel House.

At Barrel House, customers can choose between a variety of signature burgers. Each of our burger restaurant franchises feature favorite flavors, from the classic Barrel Burger and timeless mushroom and Swiss cheese to a tasty vegetarian black bean burger. There’s something for almost every palate, and every burger can be customized to include gluten-free and keto-friendly options.

Casual Dining Is On the Rise

While the appetite for burgers remains steady, Americans are changing where they eat. Some traditional fast-food restaurants are losing market share, and consumers report the lowest satisfaction from the largest fast food chains.

Casual dining burger restaurants can give customers another option. Many consumers increasingly care about the quality of the food they eat and are willing to pay more for scratch-made menus and fresh produce. 

Barrel House burger franchises aim to reflect this ethos. Our mouthwatering Angus burgers are made with discerning customers in mind, who want the taste they love from a restaurant they trust.

The full-service restaurant franchise industry has grown year-over-year since 2013, and was worth a staggering $80.4 billion in 2020. The market is expected to continue to grow and experience a compound annual growth rate of 4.7% through 2027. Casual dining restaurants like Barrel House are anticipated to outperform other segments with a 5% CAGR.

Barrel House Burger Franchises — Where Quality Meets Convenience

Full-service casual dining restaurants like Barrel House can tap into key demands from the consumer market. Many customers want a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere where they can enjoy good food and drinks, and that’s just what Barrel House provides.

It isn’t only burgers that steal the show at Barrel House. A versatile menu of sports bar favorites helps keep most appetites satisfied. No tavern would be complete without local beer on tap, and we’ve also added dynamic signature cocktails that celebrate the seasons.

A rotating week of daily specials helps encourage repeat business, while the modern menu was made to be delivery and catering friendly. Barrel House is a franchise designed for the times, with the potential for multiple revenue streams and maximum customer retention.

Explore the We Care Culture™ of Barrel House Burger Franchises 

Ever since Barrel House founder Jimmy Holt opened the first location in 2011, the We Care Culture has underpinned everything we do. Each Barrel House location enjoys our commitment to supporting our franchise owners, staff, and customers, and welcoming them into the Barrel House family.

From day one, our experienced, accessible leadership team helps to support new franchise owners. Our tavern franchise provides guidance on establishing your Barrel House franchise, including advice on site-selection and build-outs. 

We also offer training on managing your business, from inventory and technology to marketing. We don’t just say We Care, we live it. When you join Barrel  House, we’ve got your back.

An Investment in a Barrel House Burger Franchise Could Be an Investment in Your Future

We’ve created Barrel House to meet the demands of the current top trends in the casual dining industry. Our warm, comforting atmosphere and strong menu of tried and tested favorites help make Barrel House a great franchise restaurant opportunity.

Barrel House burger restaurant franchises tap into not one, but three of the National Restaurant Association’s top 10 trends for the industry.

  • Comfort foods

There’s a reason burger franchises are often classic restaurant choices. We crave foods that make us feel good, and comfort foods are enjoying a major renaissance, as two-thirds of Americans are chowing down on their favorite meals. Burger consumption is up almost 50%, and that trend is set to continue.

Barrel House aims to feed this craving with a menu packed full of comforting classics. In addition to our line of signature burgers, customers can enjoy wings, nachos, pretzels and more.

  • Revamped classic cocktails

Being “old fashioned” is back in style. Along with seeking out comforting favorites to eat, many Americans are also rediscovering classic cocktails with exciting new flavor combinations.

At Barrel House, we’ve developed a range of classic cocktails with a modern twist, featuring premium spirits and fresh, fruity flavors. Our selection of seasonal specials can let the good times flow all year round with uplifting options to delight and intrigue.

  • Speciality burger blends

Burgers are at the heart of Barrel House burger franchises, and we’ve gone all-out to create a menu that puts the humble patty front and center. Classic combinations get a modern makeover with high quality ingredients, fresh — never frozen — Angus beef, and tons of toppings.

Good Food. Good People. Great Opportunity.

Barrel House could represent a great burger restaurant franchise opportunity that allows you to join a brand that’s growing in popularity. 

With a business model based on providing a comforting, welcoming atmosphere to enjoy good food, local beer, and fun cocktails, Barrel House can tap into key trends in the casual dining restaurant industry. We’re barreling ahead as we expand into key locations across the Midwest!

If you think that a Barrel House burger franchise could be the right opportunity for you, contact us today to take the next step.